Deadly Desires Pt 5: Fascination
Deadly Desires Pt 5: Fascination aot stories

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"She's definitely got battle skills..found that out for myself."

Deadly Desires Pt 5: Fascination

"You wanted to see me?" "Yes, thank you Levi...tea?" "Of course." Erwin pours out, and then sits behind his desk. "How is Kelley settling in?"

'is this what this is about?' Levi sighs and takes a sip of tea. "Every moment the thorn buries itself a little deeper in my ass." Chuckling, Erwin asks "Aside from that?" "She's definitely got battle skills..found that out for myself."

Erwin looks closer, noting the light swelling of Levi's lower lip and the bruise forming on his collarbone. "Made her presence known, I see..." "Tch, she did at that. And a lot of what she did show me today, I've not seen before."

"Did you ask her where she learned these tactics?" "No time. She was still in the process of 'making her presence known' when Hanji informed me you wished to see me." "Find out. In the meantime, maybe she could assist in training the Cadets in her tactics...could prove to be beneficial."

"Fine. Am I dismissed?" "You are. And Levi? Take this report with you. If you want to put some personal interest into it, be my guest. The MP's are investigating, but only half-heartedly."

Levi exits Erwin's office, and looking out a nearby window realizes it's well past dark. 'she's probably asleep right now, so interrogating her on her tactics will have to wait for the morning.' Heading to his own room, he stops and listens for a moment at Kelley's door.

As he expected, he hears nothing. Nodding to himself, he continues on his way. He settles in to read this new report, but finds himself distracted. (she launches herself up and wrapping her leg around his neck...) 'why am I thinking about this now?'

(most people save that behavior for the privacy of the bedroom) 'damn it!' (most guys would be happy to find themselves in that position) 'stop thinking about this!' (her legs around his neck...) "Fuck!" he says outloud, startling himself.

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