Deadly Desires Pt 4: Intrigue
Deadly Desires Pt 4: Intrigue aot stories

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'Where did she receive her martial training, that's what I'd like to know...a lot of what I'm seeing isn't taught here that's for sure'.

Deadly Desires Pt 4: Intrigue

After ensuring the delivery of Kelley's mystery chest, Levi spends several minutes trying; with no success, to find her. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, he checks the sign. 'damn it, where is she?' She's also not in the mess hall.

Hearing soldiers out on the training field, he heads outside spotting her immediately. Breathing a sigh of relief, he watches her intently. She's squaring off against Eren, and as he watches is neatly flipping him to the ground.

'nice move', he thinks paying closer attention. 'Where did she receive her martial training, that's what I'd like to know...a lot of what I'm seeing isn't taught here that's for sure'. She has moved on to Connie now, and the poor kid is clearly outmatched.

Walking up to the two, he grabs her wrist and yanks her back. "Enough.", he says and is surprised as she turns to run. He pulls her back, baited by her ploy. She goes with the momentum, using it to lend force to her own.

Back thudding against his chest, she grabs his wrist, tucks her shoulder and brings him over the top of her. Stepping back several paces, she eyes him warily as he gets to his feet. "Well," he says, "are you going to make a move or what?"

Grinning, she retorts "Don't you ever make the first move?" Seeing the red-faced, grinning cadets Levi understands the suggestiveness of her comment.

Feeling slightly angered by this but also...what?....intrigued?....he walks slowly towards her. "If that's your wish." She grins at his comment, and watches him closely. He throws a punch at her and the cadets gasp. Leaning back, she uses her opposing arm to sweep his fist

in an arc past her face, heel of her other hand slamming into his chest. Turning behind her in one fluid motion his elbow slams into her back, and it's his turn to throw an off-balance Kelley to the ground. She rolls to her feet, and the two spend several moments countering each other and landing blows, but with neither gaining any advantage.

She kicks out, aiming for his ribs and grasping her leg he pulls her in. Again, using his momentum and body as leverage, she launches herself up and wrapping her leg around his neck she twists her body sending them both to the ground. 'are you kidding me?', he thinks trying to dislodge himself from her grip.

"You know, most people save that behavior for the privacy of the bedroom..." Looking up, as best he can considering having his head trapped between this annoying shit's legs, he sees a grinning Hanji standing over them. Kelley loosens her grip, and Levi stands up kicking her hard in the stomach.

"Most guys would be happy to find themselves in that position, Levi." "What the hell do you want, Hanji?" "Erwin wants you in his office." "Fine." He starts walking away.

"What would you like me to do while you're gone, Captain?" Kelley says, slightly doubled over from the blow to the stomach. "Jump off wall rose." he says, not bothering to look back. Kelley's laughter follows him.

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