Deadly Desires Pt 30: Farewell
Deadly Desires Pt 30: Farewell aot stories

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Deadly Desires Pt 30: Farewell

One Week Later: Levi stands at the window, looking out over the city. Somewhere out there, is a burned out forest and a body he was never able to recover. He sighs, and turns away as a knock sounds on the door. Taking the letter from the soldier, he begins to read:

Levi, I'm not that easy to kill, handsome. I'm leaving for Marley. I will take down the shitbags that started this mess once and for all. I won't be coming back, so I want you to know that I love you, I always did, and I always will. Someday, Kelley

Smiling, he folds the letter and places it on his desk. Looking out into the night one more time, he whispers; "I love you, too" The End

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