Deadly Desires Pt. 28 Caught
Deadly Desires Pt. 28 Caught aot stories

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"Kelley is quite the actress, I can only imagine the hoops she had you jumping through?

Deadly Desires Pt. 28 Caught

After an hour of walking, they enter a large clearing. Several soldiers dressed identically to Kelley, mill about attending to various camp duties. Their arrival snaps everybody to attention, and two soldiers walk over binding their hands and kick them to their knees.

"I hope you know what the fuck you're doing, Kelley." Levi spits out, rage barely in check. Ignoring him, she walks across the clearing and cozies herself into the lap of an impossibly huge man who is eyeing them with amusement.

"Ah Kelley", he rumbles in a voice as deep as the woods they're in. "It seems I've underestimated your loyalty. And look what you've brought me... Erwin AND Levi, truly remarkable."

He kisses her and grins at the two of them. "Kelley is quite the actress, I can only imagine the hoops she had you jumping through? Did she seduce you both? Play your emotions against each other? Oh I do so love that gambit. She does it well....but on that note Kelley and I are retiring to our tent for

a little reacquainting. No hard feelings I hope." He chuckles, scoops Kelley up and disappears into his tent. The soldiers in the clearing chuckle knowingly.

Only moments later, a loud growl of pain emanates from the tent, and two soldiers slowly creep forward to investigate. Their progress halts at the sound of arrows thunking into flesh and the groans of Levi and Erwin's guards slumping to the ground.

Turning in surprise they make to call out, but are caught mid-warning and decapitated; heads flying in opposite directions amidst a rain of blood. Kelley. The remaining soldiers rush her, and she begins her whirling dance of death.

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