Deadly Desires Pt. 25: Confrontations
Deadly Desires Pt. 25: Confrontations aot stories

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'What the fuck, Erwin? I've given you everything I could possibly give! Can't I just have this one thing??'

Deadly Desires Pt. 25: Confrontations

"Ride with me?" Turning from the horse she was brushing, Kelley eyes Erwin with surprise. "But Levi should be back at any time."

"Levi can meet us up ahead. I've left word. We'll only be going up over the ridge. I want to get a good idea of where we'll be heading."

Kelley sighs, and heading to the back of the stable to grab a saddle off the tack post. "I really think we should take soldiers with....we're supposed to be with a group at all times."

"Am I the Commander, or is Levi?" He shoots back irritably. Throwing the saddle on her horse, she follows him out reluctantly.

Stopping at the crest of the hill, Erwin dismounts and walks over to Kelley. She swings her leg over her horse and is about to lower herself to the ground, when she feels strong arms encircling her waist, assisting her. He pulls her up against him tightly.

"Erwin! Stop!" She shoves his hands away and turns to face him. Unfortunately, her horse is blocking any chance of escape. Countering the hands that are persistently trying to encircle her, she glances left and right; seeking escape.

"What's the harm in one kiss, Kelley?" He's moving closer, clearly determined. "Stop!" "I won't give up that easy." "Stop!"

"No! Back off, Erwin! For fuck sake, what's wrong with you?" Finally disengaging, she takes off leaving her horse behind.

15 minutes later: "Kelley!" Looking up, the relief evident on her face, Kelley runs to Levi, who is just sliding down off his horse. Wrapping him in a hug, she kisses him fiercely.

"Don't you EVER leave me behind again! Ever!" She buries her face in his neck, taking in his scent and trying to kiss him everywhere at once.

"What happened? What are you doing out here alone?" Just as he says this, Erwin rides up, Kelley's horse being led behind.

Feeling sick with rage, Levi strides towards Erwin. 'What the fuck, Erwin? I've given you everything I could possibly give! Can't I just have this one thing??' He thinks, rage boiling over helplessly.

His fist connecting with Erwin's chin, Levi watches him stagger back. They stare each other down for what feels like ages, Kelley standing off to the side with a pained look.

Rubbing his chin, Erwin looks at Levi with disdain. "If you're done acting like a child that got his favorite toy taken away, maybe we can discuss this impending expedition." He turns and walks away, not bothering with the horses.

Standing in the middle of the courtyard, oblivious to everything; including Kelley, Levi has never felt more miserable in his life.

Erwin's Office: A soft knock on the door. Looking up from his work, Erwin bids his visitor to enter, and continues to scribble down notes in his log. Levi shuts the door and leans against it, arms folded.

"Well? Are you going to sit? Or would you like to take another hit at me?" "Do you not think you deserved it?"

"Oh, I deserved it all right....please sit, Levi." Erwin lets the silence between them unfold before continuing. "I do want you to be happy, Levi. I do...but why? Why the woman I wanted?"

"How was I to...." Sighing, Levi sits back in his chair, arms folded. "Is this going to turn in to some childish 'I saw her first bullshit', or can we get to the matter at hand?"

"You're right, I-" A knock on the door interrupts them. "Sir! Kelley is gone!"

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