Deadly Desires Pt. 24: Behind The Walls
Deadly Desires Pt. 24: Behind The Walls aot stories

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"They are called moonflowers. They remind me of you, in a way." She backs away, uncomfortable again.

Deadly Desires Pt. 24: Behind The Walls

"Captain Levi!" Turning, Levi sees Nile running towards him with a rather alarmed look. "Nile, what's the problem?"

"We've had an attack while you were gone. Two nobles, and known to highly support yours and Commander Erwin's expeditions."

"And?", Levi asks already knowing the answer. "Dead." "The assailants?" "Also dead."

Frustrated Levi turns on his heels and walks towards the barracks. "We need one alive, damn it!" Nile runs to catch up.

"They didn't give us a choice, Levi." "There was an assassination attempt on Erwin, Nile. I want one alive."

Nile stops, shocked by the news. "he's alright?" "For now. I'm taking a few soldiers outside the walls with me. We found information that's worth investigating." With that he departs from Nile and heads into the barracks.

'I don't want to be gone longer than I have to. Anything can happen'. The thought of Erwin taking advantage of his absence leaves his stomach cold.

Rounding up everyone he had chosen, he briefs them quickly and sends them to their rooms to rest up. They will leave just before dawn.

"Kelley?" She turns, eyeing Erwin uncomfortably. "this used to be my favorite part of the garden, it's so grown over and choked with weeds now...."

"These flowers here I don't feel will ever make a comeback." She says, indicating the climbing and wilted flowers crawling up the wall. He smiles.

"You've never seen these before?" "No, what are they?" "Watch...." Is all he says indicating the sky above them. Dusk is slowly turning to night, and Kelley gasps with delight.

"They bloom at night! Lovely!" He picks one and hands it to her. "They are called moonflowers. They remind me of you, in a way."

Pulling her up against him, he wraps his arms around her and rests his cheek against hers. "What does he have that I don't?" "He has my heart."

"I don't see him giving you everything a woman needs, Kelley.", he leaves light kisses down her neck, and pulls her tighter. "I'm low maintenance. I don't need anymore than what he's offered."

His hands run up to cup her breasts. She breaks away and turns to face him, uncomfortable again. "Erwin....."

"No." He stops her before she can finish. "You don't have to say anything." He reaches out and strokes her hair back from her face with a gentle hand.

"All I ask is that you consider me." With that, he turns and walks away. Lost in thought, Kelley sits twirling the flower between her thumb and forefinger and staring at the moon.

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