Deadly desires Pt. 23: Triangle
Deadly desires Pt. 23: Triangle aot stories

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"You're missing something about this, Erwin. Levi never acted like you're acting now. If there was an aggressor, it was always me...."

Deadly desires Pt. 23: Triangle

"Kelley, I was hoping I would find you out here." She turns around quickly, knocking over the gardening trowel she was using and takes a step back to put more space between them. "Hello Erwin, can I help you?"

He smiles. "Trying to save this old garden? I don't think there is any hope left for it." He steps closer. "You look tired, perhaps you should have gotten to sleep earlier last night."

"I got plenty of sleep." She says confused and again backing away.

"Not from what I and probably everyone else here could hear coming from the bedroom..." He places his hand on her reddening cheek. "I honestly don't know who was louder, you or Levi....Do you think there would have ever been a chance for us?"

The question takes her off guard and she tries frantically to think of a response. "Erwin please don't do this." "I have to know." "I-I don't know...."

"That's your answer? What if I was cold like Levi? If I threatened like Levi? What if I treated you like Levi did in the beginning? Is that the key? Was I too much of a gentleman? Am I still?"

His voice rises with every question, becoming sarcastic and bitter. "It's funny Kelley, you remove that chip in your shoulder and you seem less confident; less threatening and meek. Just an ordinary girl. Do you think Levi will remain in love with you like this? It's the killer he fell in love with..."

Again he steps forward and again she steps back. She swings and connects with his jaw. He laughs, rubbing the spot. "Maybe you do still have some of that fire, although the Kelley I knew wouldn't be backing away like a scared little girl."

Before she can respond his lips are on hers and unable to break his grasp, she tries desperately to turn her head away. Pressing her against the gardening shed, he pulls back holding her arms against her sides.

"You're missing something about this, Erwin. Levi never acted like you're acting now. If there was an aggressor, it was always me...." With that, she breaks his hold, shoves him back and turns to walk away. "...and I'm still a killer. Don't ever forget it."

He watches her walk away with a scowl. ' should have been hanged.' He stops in thought for a moment, and sighs feeling utterly defeated.

'No, she's right. This isn't like me at all. I should be happy for Levi, and I need to apologize for all of this.' Feeling embarrassed by his behavior, Erwin heads back to his quarters.

He can't stop thinking about it, though......

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