Deadly Desires Pt. 21: Dreamless Night
Deadly Desires Pt. 21: Dreamless Night aot stories

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Distraught, Kelley gets up from her chair and sits next to Erwin on the bed. "Let me see that wound..."

Deadly Desires Pt. 21: Dreamless Night

"You're everything okay?" She asks wrapping him in a hug. "Yes, and I'm exhausted." He says hugging her back. They walk back to the bed together and lying down he pulls her close.

"What are you doing?" She asks, thoroughly surprised. "What does it look like? Stop babbling and go to sleep." "Do you forgive me?"

"No." He says, and closing his eyes drifts off to sleep. He awakens sometime later, with annoying sunshine glaring in his eyes. He groans grabbing a pillow and slapping it over his eyes. Giggling sounds from the other side of the cell.

"What the hell? What time is it? Why didn't you wake me?" Kelley is on the other side of the cell reading. "You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to wake you." "What time is it?"

"It's seven Levi, don't worry if anyone really needed you they'd have come and gotten you." "I should have been up hours ago!"

"No, you should get a decent night's rest like the rest of humanity. And you did...a fucking blessing to be sure."

He looks up and gives her a sharp look. 'smart-ass...and why did i sleep that heavy? I've been more exhausted in the past, and still couldn't manage more than 2 hours...also, no nightmares?', he thinks genuinely curious as to what changed. "Come here."

Kelley looks up questioningly, but gets up without a word and sits next to him. "Did I talk at all in my sleep? Wake up at all? Did I disturb you?"

"No. You slept like an absolute baby. The only thing missing was your thumb in your mouth. Although, you ARE a bit of a blanket hog, AND your feet are freezing!"

"Oh? Freezing are they? Well let's see if you can warm them up!" he teases, grabbing her and putting his foot on her back.

"Levi!....AHHH!" Giggling hysterically she tries to get away from him, but he rolls over on top of her chuckling. "Are you just going to lie there staring at me all day Levi?"

"If I can help it, yes." He says, leaning in to kiss her. The door at the top of the stairs bursts open just then, ruining the moment. He sighs and sits up.

"Captain Levi! Erwin is awake, and he wishes to see both you and Kelley in his room!" "See Levi? You're not the only one sleeping in..."

"Ah Levi, Kelley...please have a seat." "How are you feeling?" "Bruised but alive, can we-"

"Wait, what happened?! Levi, you didn't tell me anything!" "I was attacked. between Levi and Cadet Braus I'm alive."

Distraught, Kelley gets up from her chair and sits next to Erwin on the bed. "Let me see that wound..." Levi and Erwin share a quick meaningful glance and Levi clears his throat. "Kelley, he's fine. Come here please."

"No he's not! That head injury needs better than the half ass care it's gotten!"

Reaching up Erwin pulls her hand away from him and gives it a quick squeeze before dropping it awkwardly. "I'm fine. Please have a seat." She gets up and sits next to Levi sulking.

"This note was in the assassin's pocket. I have yet to read it, and wanted to wait until we were all together."

"Well, go one then." Mark: Commander Erwin, Scouting Regiment Several others to various locations/targets 3rd night moonhigh 26w18n claws outstretched Z. P.S: The Cat is lost to us

"Okay....what does any of that mean?" Levi says, tossing the note down in disgust.

"This assassin was sent specifically for you, Erwin. There are several other targets with individual assassins assigned to each one."

"And the rest?" "3rd night of the full moon, 26w18n is a coordinate to a meeting place most likely and I'm guessing claws outstretched is a passcode."

"Alright Kelley, What's that last part then?"

"It's me." Kelley says, blushing slightly at the admission. Levi and Erwin just stare at her dumbfounded.

"The Cat...that's me...that's what they...stop looking at me like that!" She slaps Levi on the shoulder. "Do you want to find out why?"

Grinning, Levi just shakes his head. "Not really, no....maybe..." "Alright you two, we need to decide what to do about this and fast."

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