Deadly Desires Pt. 20: Plans
Deadly Desires Pt. 20: Plans aot stories

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Erwin fixes him with a steady gaze. "You love her?"
"Yes. Despite everything that's happened, yes."

Deadly Desires Pt. 20: Plans

"I'm curious about the whole misdirect with the murder. I feel like that's important." Erwin says, sitting at the dining room table across from Levi.

"I could ask her.... " "No, I want to question her myself. I need you to set up a perimeter guard in the event that this fourth assassin shows up." Erwin gets up and leaving Levi to inform the troops, he heads downstairs.

"Hello Erwin." Kelley says, sitting up. He nods in return. "Kelley. Are you comfortable?" "As much as to be expected, yes."

"Can I get you anything?" "Out of here would be nice...."

Erwin chuckles and shakes his head. "That's the one thing I can't do." He sits deep in thought for a moment before speaking again. "What was the deal with the prostitute? Why go to the trouble?"

"Marley has plenty of information. Don't you think it would be effective to use that information to draw a target in?"

"Of course, but why mislead the situation?" "To slowly awaken the operative." "So, lure the Captain, and prepare you?" "Absolutely."

"What else does Marley have on us?" "I'd be more inclined to share if I wasn't locked in a cell..." " you really love Levi?" Erwin doesn't meet her gaze but looks away instead, face pale. "Yes"

"Then answer my questions. We can't keep him safe stumbling around in the dark." An hour later, Levi heads downstairs to see her and she's unchained sitting on her bed reading.

"Erwin took your chains off?" Looking up, she smiles in delight. "Levi! There you are! Yes, although I'd rather be out there than here..."

"What did you talk about?" "Didn't he tell you?" She asks, frowning up at him. "I didn't see him." "Levi, I don't like this."

"Neither do I...stay here." He turns to leave, but she gets up and stops him. "Please be careful." She kisses him softly and he leaves.

Levi enters the courtyard and prepares to ride out in search of Erwin, only to stop halfway to the stables. There it is again...a soft rustling sound in the bushes to the right.

Backing around the side of the stables and moving quietly towards the noise, Levi hopes that whoever is out there hasn't already caught wind of his presence.

Closer...there, a flash of black leather. Feeling the blood drain from his face he moves closer still.

Up on the roof Cadet Braus can see Levi and curious, follows his gaze to the figure which is barely discernable in the bushes. Training her bow on it, she narrows her focus and waits.

Another step closer and a stray twig betrays his presence with a loud snap. 'Fuck' Levi thinks as the figure turns around, knife ready. An arrow zips past his face and pierces into the figure's shoulder, causing the assailant to drop the knife.

Saying a quick thank you to whoever watches over short, cranky, tired assholes like himself he launches himself at the figure and grapples him to the ground.

After five minutes of struggle, his assailant manages to get a hold of his knife once again and is attempting to break Levi's hold in order to bring said knife in a sweeping arc.

The injury to his shoulder isn't helping any, and Levi is slowly pushing his arm back to the ground. He head butts Levi, and twists from his grasp. Both get up quickly and begin to circle each other warily.

The assailant lunges forward knife hand leading and drops a second later, with an arrow between the eyes. Levi looks back and seeing a very shaken and pale Braus, gives a quick nod of thanks before reaching to search the body in front of him.

Finding a letter, but nothing else of seeming importance he turns to leave but stops at the sound of a groan about a foot farther into the bushes. Erwin.

Bringing a near unconcious Erwin back inside, he calls for a nearby cadet for assistance. Between the two of them they get Erwin to his room and lying down. Thoroughly exhausted with this entire day, Levi turns to leave but is stopped by a weak cough coming from the bed.

"Where are you going?" "Down to be with Kelley. I'm tired." Erwin fixes him with a steady gaze. "You love her?"

"Yes. Despite everthing that's happened, yes." Erwin sighs. "I thought that would be my role to play at one time. I guess that's not to be."

Levi thinks back to the night he saw them in the garden together and realization sets in. He closes his eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath before speaking. "I'm sorry." Erwin says nothing in response, and Levi shuts the door behind him.

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