Deadly Desires Pt. 18: Explain
Deadly Desires Pt. 18: Explain aot stories

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"What changed?" Levi leans forward, staring at her intensely.
"I fell in love." She looks down at the floor, unwilling to meet his gaze.

Deadly Desires Pt. 18: Explain

"This" She says, tossing the mangled piece of metal on Erwin's desk "Is designed to awaken a covert operatives mission to them at approximately the right time."

"So when you have me at my most vulnerable?" Levi comments sarcastically. Looking at him earnestly, She holds out her journal for him to see.

"No, the four bells at the beginning of this passage. THAT was the catalyst." Taking a deep breath, she continues. "The fact that I was with you matters to the catalyst, the fact that we were..."

She shakes her head. "We could have been walking down the street instead, I would have still attacked you." Erwin clears his throat, indicating his wish to speak.

"So, explain how and why you came to be here." "I am part of an assassination squad from Marley. We..." "Marley?" Levi asks, sharing a quick look of doubt with Erwin.

"Across the ocean. Did you really think your's was the only civilization?" She sighs. "I can see that you do..." "You were saying?" Erwin prompts.

"Right. You have operatives inside the city. Had them in the city for years in fact. I do not know them directly, only the information they funnel back to us. One bit of information that was funneled back to us was a list of priorities. These priorities were people that Marley wants out of the way."

"Like me, for instance." "Yes, Levi like you." "So that's where you come in...."

"We are given our directive via hypnosis and subliminal codes. The chip is implanted and designed to set off at the predetermined time, and we complete our objectives....except this time."

"What changed?" Levi leans forward, staring at her intensely. "I fell in love." She looks down at the floor, unwilling to meet his gaze. An awkward silence fills the room, broken only by the sound of Erwin's steadily tapping pen.

He clears his throat. "I can see the benefits of this. If captured, like you were...questioning would be fruitless because you essentially have no memory of your purpose or intentions....clever."

He looks out the window a moment before continuing. "Levi, see her to her quarters. I wish to speak to you alone."

He stiffens, and shoots her a hard look. "Erwin, how do we know she won't escape? And don't even suggest a guard...who honestly is going to keep her in check?"

"Erwin, there is still one assassin out there...he needs to be found." They both look at her for a moment, silently gauging their next steps.

"We could definately use your assistance with that, but unfortunately I have to agree with Levi's assessment of your trustworthiness at the moment....Levi?"

"We can keep her in the interrogation cells at the old scouting headquarters while we search. I'd love her help too, but how do we know she doesn't have another of those 'chips' somewhere?"

"Do you want to search me, Levi?" She shoots back at him, glaring and wanting to wipe the smirk off his face. Growing red at the thought of the impending strip search, he shakes his head.

"No. No need for that. Erwin, what do you want to do?" "We'll leave immediately. Get some good bows, Cadet Braus among them. I don't feel there is much even she can do with a dozen trained bows on her."

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