Deadly Desires Pt. 17: Conflict
Deadly Desires Pt. 17: Conflict aot stories

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'This is useless...I'm trying to defend against four swords at the same time'.

Deadly Desires Pt. 17: Conflict

Staying to the shadows, Levi searches the streets for any indication of where Kelley, or the other potential assailants may be. 'I have to find her before the MP's find her, or even worse she finds her allies'.

Seeing sudden movement in the warehouse up ahead, Levi makes his way ahead as quickly as possible. Entering the warehouse, Levi focuses on the whispers and flickers of shadow up ahead.

'Should of grabbed my ODM gear, well there's nothing for it now'. Clutching his knife, he steps forward... a shadowy figure drops down on him from above and the impact dislodges the knife from his grasp. 'shit!'

Bringing his fists up he punches his assailant in the temples, and sends a knee to the groin. Getting up quickly, he takes a quick assessment of his situation. Three figures fan out around him. Dressed in leathers similar to Y/N's and a face covering that makes distinguishing individual features next to impossible, they brandish their swords.

Other than back the way he came, which is currently blocked, the only way out is a window about six feet away. Sighing he brings his knife up. 'Let's get this over with'. Two of the assailants rush him, and ducking quickly he slashes in an arc towards the closest.

Pulling back, the assailant brings his sword down in an arc. Levi turns and rolls back, but not before feeling a stinging pain along his back and the slow trickle of blood. 'This is useless...I'm trying to defend against four swords at the same time'.

A crash resounds throughout the room as another shadowy figure comes through the window; executing a frontwards roll and coming up between the first two assailants. 'shit, here's number four...'

Only seconds later his shock becomes surprise as this new addition to the battle stabs the men on either side, blades sliding through the back of their heads. As they slump to the ground, the figure grabs Levi and all but throws him out the window. "GO!", and rolling down the roof he drops in a heap to the ground.

Making his way back towards the barracks Levi is surprised by a hand that grabs the back of his shirt. Stumbling backwards into the abandoned building, he turns and brings his knife up defensively. She removes her face covering, and eye to eye neither of them budge. Kelley....

"Levi....." "Don't. Whatever you have to say, I don't want to hear." 'But is that true? Really?', he thinks preparing himself for an attack.

"Levi, I need you to cut me." He pulls back shocked, and doesn't move. 'well that wasn't what I expected...'

"Behind my shoulder blade... there is a lump with a scar over the top of it. I need you to cut into it." She walks closer, and turns enough so he can see what she's talking about.

'how did i not notice this? I touched her, I could have swore her body was engraved in my mind....'.

"Levi!" He shakes the thought away, and takes the knife from her. Giving her one more questioning look, he begins to cut. Grimacing, but otherwise making no sound she watches over her shoulder as he cuts open along the scar.

"Alright,'s done." He lets out a shaky breath. Reaching back she digs her fingers into the cut, and pulls out a small metal object about a half inch in diameter. It's blinking.

Throwing it to the ground in disgust, she stomps on it repeatedly until the blinking stops. Leaping forward, she grabs Levi frantically and peppers him with kisses.

"I'm so sorry, Levi I really am. I wish that-" "Explain." Removing her hands from his face, he steps back and lets go. "I should probably tell this to Erwin, too."

"Fine. Move." As she falls into step with him, he stops and looks at her coldly. "Stay ahead of me. I want to keep an eye on you." "Did you encounter anyone before the three in the warehouse?"

"No." "Then there's still an assassin out there, Levi." "Is that what this was? An assassination attempt?" "Yes, and I'm sorry." "That whole time, you intended to kill me."

"I didn't know....not at first. Do you really believe I came into this planning to off you? I love you!" "Just keep walking Kelley." Feeling gut punched, Levi leads her back to the garrison.

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