Deadly Desires Pt. 16: Duplicity
Deadly Desires Pt. 16: Duplicity aot stories

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"What's the meaning of this? What happened?"
"Kelley tried to kill me."
"What?! Why? Explain this."

Deadly Desires Pt. 16: Duplicity

Moving his head at the last second, the blade sinks into his pillow. Shoving her off of him, she falls to the floor, and Levi rolls off the bed to stand on the other side. He's trying to look everywhere at once. 'where the fuck did she go?'

She slides out from under the bed, blade slashing as she goes. He moves aside as quickly as possible narrowly escaping a deep cut to his hamstring. Rolling to her feet, she backs him into a corner, blade slashing relentlessly.

"Kelley!" "Kelley!" He gets a punch in, and as he is about to grab her, everything about her demeanor changes. She looks around in wide eyed panic. Dropping the blade to the floor with a look of despair, she turns and heads straight for the window.

She leaps through with a crash. 'shit!' running to the broken window, he looks everywhere but can find no trace of her. Sighing; he grabs his clothes, dresses and heads out the door. Curious faces greet him in the hallway as he heads for Erwin's office.

"Close your windows, lock your doors!" he orders, not breaking stride. Erwin rushes up to him. "What's the meaning of this? What happened?" "Kelley tried to kill me." "What?! Why? Explain this."

Levi shrugs. "She attacked me, and fled." Suddenly he stops, and eyes wide he turns back and runs to his room. Busting in the door, he races to his bedroom and tears open his closet door....the chest is open, and empty. Empty except for one thing:

I'm so sorry.... A Note.

"SHIT!" He yells, punching the wall. Erwin stands in the doorway, surveying everything. Taking in the broken glass, and the empty chest he walks over and puts a hand on Levi's shoulder.

"What was she doing in your bedroom in the first place?" Levi just stares at him, unwilling to answer. "I see....what about the chest? What is so important about it?"

"She had weapons and an indecipherable journal when the military police brought her in. Everything was in that chest." "Why didn't you tell me any of this?"

"....I don't know...." Shaking his head, Levi moves out of the room. "We should stay away from windows, I've seen what she can do with a standard bow and I can only imagine how deadly she can be with hers."

"Levi, I suggest you stay in Hanji's's the only place she will have difficulty accessing." "I need to find her..." "Levi, no. If you are her target then you need to keep your head down. I will inform the MP's of what we are dealing with. Go."

Feeling miserable, Levi heads to Hanji's lab. 'I should have let her kill me...this feels worse than death. I think I might of loved her, and that she may have felt the, I did love her. What's sad, is I don't think that's changed....'.

Locking the door behind him, he tries to lie down and rest but sleep won't come. 'There were four others with her, and they all became members of the MP's...shit! They're out there right now....'. grabbing Hanji's cloak off the back of a chair, he heads out in the night.

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