Deadly Desires Pt. 14:Clandestine
Deadly Desires Pt. 14:Clandestine aot stories

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"Who are you? Why did you attack us?"
Grinning crazily, the soldier laughs. "You're all going to die...demons!" He says, and before Levi can react he slits his own throat.

Deadly Desires Pt. 14:Clandestine

They head out before dawn, taking a discreet route. Kelley is especially grumpy, as Levi insisted they take only one horse.

"This is stupid. If we have to fight, what good am I? I certainly won't be able to fire this second rate bow you gave me..."

"Shut up and be thankful I gave you a weapon at all." They ride in silence for half the day, stopping to break only once. "We should be able to reach the outpost in an hour." Levi says, slowing down his horse.

"Maybe we should leave the horse here, and continue on foot. They might have lookouts." "You're right Kelley, let's make for-" an arrow zips past his face. Rolling off the back of the horse, Kelley pops back up a second later firing off a smooth shot and taking out one of the soldiers in the distance.

'that was beautiful', Levi has time to think before he's in the air and heading for a small group of soldiers. Latching himself to one of the soldiers, he moves in, slicing the throats of the two to either side of the unfortunate gentleman, before releasing and moving away.

Kelley fires off several more smooth shots as Levi brings down the last guy. 'I want this fucker alive.' "Who are you? Why did you attack us?" Grinning crazily, the soldier laughs. "You're all going to die...demons!" He says, and before Levi can react he slits his own throat.

"Fuck." He hears behind him, and turning sees Kelley walk up. "I don't know what that was about, but come look at this Kelley." She comes closer, noting a red armband with a star emblazoned on it.

Reaching out, Levi cuts it off the gentleman's uniform. Finding nothing else useful on the body, they search the other corpses with similar success. "That armband, I feel like...." "Like what, Kelley?" Levi says, immediately interested. "I know I've seen it before...."

He rolls his eyes, frustrated. "You having memory for shit is the most unhelpful thing right now." She rounds on him, fists clenched and furious. "FUCK YOU!" With that, she storms into the trees.

'Oh hell Levi, you asshole...' he thinks following her. He finds her moments later, her back to him. Shoulders shaking, and quietly sobbing she doesn't react to his approach.

He stops, with a look of horror on his face. 'she's tearing me up right now, and I don't know what to do', on the heels of this he thinks, 'stop over analyzing the situation and just do something, asshole...this is your fault'.

He drops to his knees behind her, and unsure if it's the right thing or not slowly reaches out to place a gentle hand on her back.

"Kelley" She turns towards him at the sound of his voice, and surprising him; wraps her arms around him tightly and they fall to the ground. Feeling her tears running down his neck, he pulls her tightly to him.

He says nothing, just lets her cry. 'just when i think i have a grip on my emotions, you prove me wrong.' Closing his eyes, he just lets the moment be what it is.

An hour later, they creep up on the outpost looking for signs of occupation. "I think we might of lucked out and wiped them all out." "Hold up a minute", Kelley says moving back from their position.

"Kelley! Psst!" He watches her climb up the nearest tree efficiently and is soon lost within the branches. 'Kelley, where did you learn all this shit?'

He spots her moments later, dropping into a neat roll and creeping towards a seemingly abandoned building. Another soldier comes out and quietly stepping behind him, she smoothly slices his throat before moving on.

She creeps in to the building slowly, only to come out a moment later. She spends several more moments investigating before she stands up and motions to Levi. "It's clear!", she calls and he walks up to her and looks around.

Grabbing his hand, she pulls him into the nearest building. "Come see this." Opening up a trap door, she disappears from view. He follows her into the darkness, and is momentarily stunned by a lantern flaring. "Over here.", she whispers. Numerous weapons are strewn about, and a note.

"Infiltrate and wait for the tolling of the bells....."

"What does this mean, I wonder?" He looks over at Kelley. "Hey, Kelley...." She seems lost in thought, and not knowing what else to do he comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her. She seems to come to at that moment and rests her head on his shoulder.

"We should probably rest up, and head back at dawn." She says, moving away. "Hey Kelley?...Come here a moment."

"What did you find?" Pointing into the corner of the room, he walks up and picks up a handful of purple flowers. "Monkshood....." tracing the petals with her finger, she looks down noticing another note.

"target the whores. get their attention"

"Levi.... we can't wait until tomorrow. They're already in the city." "Take as many weapons as we can." Gathering up as much as possible, they head back to the horse and head out for the walls.

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