Deadly Desires Pt. 13: Abstain
Deadly Desires Pt. 13: Abstain aot stories

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"Armin is more a thinker than a fighter...yet even he seems to be excelling at this." He says.

Deadly Desires Pt. 13: Abstain

"Kamae-to!" The cadets stand rigidly at attention. Eyeing their stances, Kelley walks slowly around the group.

"Haku!" Extending their right legs, they sweep forward, turning their ankle as they go.

"Kikku!" "Turning slightly, they lift their left legs and twist bringing their bodies around and completing the movement."

"Excuse me, Kelley?" Looking quickly over at Levi and Erwin, she makes her way over to where they are standing. "Mada!" The cadets stand frozen midkick as Kelley walks over to greet her visitors.

"Impressive", Erwin states looking over the immobile soldiers. "How long can they maintain this position?"

"Until they falter, or I say otherwise." Walking back to the cadets, she gives Eren a solid kick in the thigh. His position holds. Making her way down the line, even Armin holds his position.

"Not bad..." Erwin says, and Levi nods in agreement. She comes to Reiner, and giving him a kick he wavers and loses his position.

"Strength does not promise balance", she says, giving him a friendly clap on the back. "Again." He performs the maneuver again, and holds position.

"What is the language you are speaking to them in?" Erwin asks. She stops and eyes thoughtful, she tilts her head deep in thought. She frowns.

"I sometimes wonder if the MP's used unnecessary and extreme force when they brought me here. It seems I can't recollect anything prior to waking up in a cell...."

Heart aching at the thought of her being mistreated, but determined to not allow any feeling whatsoever, Levi looks away. "With you and Levi leaving tomorrow, who should cover their training I wonder?"

"They can practice the stances and throws I've taught them pretty much on their own. I'll put Mikasa in charge of it. She's quite adept, and I'm impressed with her progress." She pauses to look over at the cadets. "Practice your throws and counters!" The cadets immediately pair up smaller against larger. Levi watches this questioningly for a moment.

"Armin is more a thinker than a fighter...yet even he seems to be excelling at this." He says. "Yes. This is one of the fighting styles I'm teaching, and it is specifically designed to teach smaller opponents to take down larger." "One of the styles? What do the others teach?"

"One is for agility and speed. Acrobatic in nature, it's designed to get in fast and do a lot of damage while getting out before your opponent can react. The other, is all about breaking bones and executing killing moves." Erwin and Levi glance at each other, eyebrows raised and turn back to the practice.

"Inform Mikasa. She can get with Miche. He will take over their general training, and she can work on this. Calling to Mikasa, they discuss the situation for a moment before Kelley rejoins the pair.

"I would like you and Levi to get together and work out a route and plan for tomorrow. that will be all." With that, Erwin walks away. "Aren't you going to miss him?" Levi asks sarcastically.

"Well, he's certainly the more pleasant of the two of you..." Frustrated, Levi turns and heads towards the barracks with Kelley following close behind. 'give me an opponent I can fight, not these stupid ass feelings....'

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