Deadly Desires Pt. 11: Envy
Deadly Desires Pt. 11: Envy aot stories

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"This is terrible tea."
"Of course it's terrible. It's tea."
"I could shit in a cup and it would taste better."

Deadly Desires Pt. 11: Envy

Hitting the wall, Levi slides down and sits on the floor. 'what is the matter with you? Did you think you had some monopoly on her time? My own damn heart has betrayed me....and i need to make sure she has time for no one else.'

Absolutely fuming, and especially angry at his own reaction to the situation Levi sits lost in thought. A knock sounds on the door a while later, and knowing it's her he slowly stands up.

"Coming!" 'screw this feeling.', he thinks as he opens the door. He sits at his desk and indicates to her to pour out. He takes a sip, and grimaces.

"This is terrible tea." "Of course it's terrible. It's tea." "I could shit in a cup and it would taste better." "Oooh, give me the recipe!", she shoots back at him, glaring.

"I'm sorry Kelley, am I getting on your nerves?" She smiles suddenly, walking over to his desk. She leans over to look him directly in the eyes. 'I kind of want to bite her lip right stupid is that?'

"Levi", she says with deliberate sweetness; "did you know that the female genitalia has over 8,000 bundles of nerves?" Shocked and embarrassed, Levi pulls back and stutters. "W-why are you t-telling me this?"

"Oh, I just figured if you REALLY wanted to get on my nerves, next time you can try one of least I'll walk out of here smiling...and NOT wanting to kill you." With that she turns and walks out.

'WHAT did she just say to me?!!!!' Slamming his fist on his desk, he shoves back his chair back and goes to the window. Allowing himself the imagery for a moment he thinks, 'oh she is nothing but trouble'.

Later that night: 'maybe you can get on one of THOSE nerves', he thinks sarcastically, tossing over onto his side.

'At least I'll leave smiling', tossing again. 'why did she have to say something like that?' (Toss)

'How would she like it if i took her up on her shitty ass comment?' He laughs outright at that, and sits up in bed. 'well I'm not getting any sleep at all tonight.' getting up and grabbing a cup of tea, he sits at his desk lost in thought.

'perhaps a walk to shake loose these annoying thoughts'. Finishing his tea, he heads out the door. Crossing the courtyard, he heads for a narrow walkway through a poorly kept garden at the side of the barracks.

Intending to sit at one of the benches surrounding a small water fountain, he continues forward until he hears voices. "The commander is out here...but who's that wi-" Seeing them sitting together wrapped in their conversation, he just sighs; and feeling utterly defeated, goes back.

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