Deadly Desires Pt. 10: Preoccupation
Deadly Desires Pt. 10: Preoccupation aot stories

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"You still haven't given me a list of duties...unless my duty is to just walk around looking pretty?"
'well there's one duty she performs admirably....' He thinks.

Deadly Desires Pt. 10: Preoccupation

Watching the cadets train the next morning, Levi is surprised by a sudden shift on the bench he is sitting on. Looking over, Kelley lies on her back, and stretches.

"Morning Levi." Rolling his eyes he thinks 'would you just call me captain for fucks sake?' He shifts over a bit to give more space.

"What do you want?" "You still haven't given me a list of duties...unless my duty is to just walk around looking pretty?" 'well there's one duty she performs admirably....' He thinks.

"Show the cadets a little bit of the fighting style you use." She rolls onto her stomach, and resting her chin in her hands looks up at him. "Seriously?"

"No. I just like hearing the sound of my own voice." "I knew it...." "Don't you have something else you should be doing?" "Yeah, but I'm enjoying watching you terrorize the cadets."

"I think I kind of hate you, Kelley." She laughs heartily at this. "It warms my heart to know that you feel the same way." Still laughing, she sits up. Levi rolls his eyes and gets up from the bench.

"Oi! I said run, not jog! Get your pathetic asses moving NOW!" Kelley giggles, "Beautiful..." "Are you two busy at the moment?" Looking up, Kelley smiles brightly.

"Good morning, Commander, and no not really...just doing what I was born to do and annoying Levi." 'what the fuck?', Levi thinks,'she addresses HIM respectfully....!'

Chuckling, Erwin turns and walks away. "Then I need to see both of you in my office in a half an hour." 30 minutes later........

Erwin stands at the window, his back to them. After a couple minutes, Levi starts getting irritated and restless. What annoys him further, is the casualty with which Kelley sits observing her surroundings. 'let's get this over', he thinks.

"I like the new that a Calathea?" Erwin turns and smiles. "Ah, you noticed. Yes, I purchased it this morning." "Your maidenhair fern is looking a bit limp though, have you tried spritzing the fronds with water everyday?"

"This will help?" "Absolutely." 'What the hell?', Levi thinks 'How much time does she spend with Erwin?! I didn't think they were that chummy!' He's surprised by the sick ball of fire in the pit of his stomach, and realizes he's clenching his fists.

Ignoring the dull thud of his chest, he forces himself to relax. 'never wanted to relax less in my life....' "Ahhh, as much as it pains me to change such a pleasant topic, I feel Levi is getting rather impatient." Kelley turns to see him glaring at her. She looks at him

questioningly for a moment, then shrugs and turns her attention to Erwin. "Outside the walls, lies an old outpost that is no longer inhabited. At least, it was. Reports have it that armed men have taken up here, and i would like the two of you to investigate."

"What's the concern?" Levi asks, thankful that the meeting has finally started. "I'd feel better knowing who they are, and what they're about. You leave in three days time." Dismissing them, Erwin goes back to his desk.

"Make sure you spray that plant!" Kelley calls. Erwin gives a friendly wave, and continues writing as they leave. As soon as the door snicks shut, Levi turns on her.

"Are you sure that you don't want to stay and keep Erwin company?" "What is WRONG with you?"

He stands there looking frustrated, unsure how to respond. 'yes, what IS wrong with you? Why do you even care? Let them sit and talk about plants and whatever else they do.....' feeling sick to his stomach, he turns around and storms off.

"Bring some tea up in a half hour." Kelley has never been so confused in her life.....

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