Deadly Desires Author's Note 2:
Deadly Desires Author's Note 2: aot stories

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Deadly Desires Author's Note 2:

So this is as far as I am right now. Working out what comes next and how everything is resolved is next on the agenda. Between work and school, I hope to be able to get something posted soon.

Some may remember me talking in the past about how sometimes characters write their own story. This became especially true with Erwin. That was something I never intended, but it happened all the same.

I tried to look for ways to nip it in the bud quickly, but still he persisted. I even toyed with deleting these chapters, and starting over. So Levi clocked him one. Hard. Did he deserve it? Certainly. And despite the popular idea that Levi would never hit Erwin, here is my reasoning:

Levi has never in his life really had anything that was truly his. Everything he is, everything he has, has been devoted to Erwin and the Survey Corps. Now he does have something that is his. This girl. I don't feel like he would be any different than any other guy in this

situation. He finally has something that is his, and his only. Why would he step back? Of course, they would both be torn up about the situation afterwards but, there you have it.

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