Deadly Desire Pt. 29 Battle
Deadly Desire Pt. 29 Battle aot stories

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"Kelley slipped me a note in camp. If not for that, we'd all of been dead before we reached this place. They had archers posted everywhere."

Deadly Desire Pt. 29 Battle

A moment later, Levi's bonds are cut thanks to a grim faced Sasha. He and Erwin stand up, and grab weapons off the soldiers lying next to them.

"Kelley slipped me a note in camp. If not for that, we'd all of been dead before we reached this place. They had archers posted everywhere."

"I thought that might be the case", Erwin says eyeing the battle. The archers Sasha brought had thinned the herd, but they were not out of the woods yet. "At any rate I-"

"Pardon me Sir, but I'm scared out of my wits. Can we get this over with?" Sasha interrupts, eyes darting nervously around. More enemies have come bursting through the trees.

"Right." Erwin and Levi break in opposite directions, leaving Sasha to pick off incoming soldiers. An enemy charges in at Levi recklessly, and rolling his eyes Levi brings the mace he's holding in sidearm; crushing his opponents skull.

"I hate blunt weapons", he mumbles to himself and leans down to pick the swords off the corpse in front of him. "Much better." Turning to parry the next opponent, he kicks him in the stomach and slices his throat. He has a moment to scan the battle, and it appears

to be under their control for the time being. No sign of Kelley though. "Where is that bitch?" he thinks, and locks into battle with another soldier. This one is a little more formidable, and Levi's being pushed back from his position at an alarming rate.

'Fuck' Parrying frantically, he looks for an opening. Finally finding one, moves in for the kill. A split second before he can execute the kill, his opponent drops and his sword meets the stomach of the person standing in his place. Kelley.

'no.' Her eyes widen and she coughs up a gout of blood. 'No.' She slowly drops to the ground, grabbing his shirt and tearing it as she goes.

'NO!' Catching her, Levi finally snaps out of his daze and eases her to the ground.

"ERWIN!....ERWIN!!" He has no idea who's screaming right now, is it him? Someone else? Doesn't matter. It doesn't register. The only thing that matters is the pain on her face. And the blood. So much blood.

Erwin grabs her, and drags her off the field before yanking Levi to his feet. "You have to keep fighting Levi, we're not out of this yet." Getting shakily to his feet, Levi takes one final pained look at her before he rejoins the fray.

Twenty minutes later, Levi slumps to the ground wounded in several places. In the course of the battle, one of the various campfires was disturbed and fire rages through the camp.

'who fucking cares' he thinks, staring numbly at the ground. The last thing he remembers is Erwin dragging him out of the camp, and everything turns black.

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