Deadly Desire Pt 2: Introductions
Deadly Desire Pt 2: Introductions aot stories

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'god, that voice..he opens his mouth and drips hot sex all over me...this is going to be a rather enjoyable and inconvenient situation.',

Deadly Desire Pt 2: Introductions

"From what I understand you have an uncanny knack for 3dm gear. This will come in handy, as with Levi's squad you will be out on the front meeting the titan threat head on."

"I am aware, and look forward to it." Walking toward the Scouting Garrison, Erwin greets a group of soldiers before returning to the conversation. "Extremely skilled in hand to hand as well I hear. Well, at any rate, I'm glad to have you in the ranks."

"I was only in the military police because I was given no option, and to be honest only to keep an eye on me. At least, that's my opinion." "I'm afraid I have to agree with that assessment. Do you know of Captain Levi?", Erwin changes the subject. She smirks. "Who doesn't?"

Erwin chuckles. "Well you will be meeting him soon enough." They make their way through the barracks to exit behind the mess hall. A large training area, with exercise equipment, a track, and hand to hand training stations lays out in a large semi-circle.

"This right here is my speed" She says, observing the training soldiers and eyeing the set up. "Yes, you will spend a lot of time here. There's Captain Levi over there." She looks over to see a short, dark haired man barking orders at a few unfortunate cadets. She chuckles, keeping her eyes on the man. "My kind of man..."

"Indeed?" "I only mean that in listening to how serious he is taking their training."

"I see...Levi!" He turns, and noticing them, his eyes widen slightly. This is only a momentary slip, as a mask covers his expression only a moment later.

As he walks towards them she observes a man who seems rather confident, piercing eyes, and undeniably handsome with a touch of arrogance. 'he looks familiar to me somehow...', she thinks to herself watching him intently.

"Can I help you, Commander?" His voice is deep and buttery smooth. 'god, that voice..he opens his mouth and drips hot sex all over me...this is going to be a rather enjoyable and inconvenient situation.', she thinks keeping her gaze firmly on the man. '...what is it about him that is so damn familiar?'

It's not much different on his end. Keeping his eyes on hers, he wills her to be the one that flinches. Realizing this is a vain wish, he turns to Erwin, taking his gaze from her slowly and forcing down the strange sensation currently residing in the pit of his stomach.

"Levi, if you can give Kelley a tour, and show her to her quarters that would be appreciated." "Tch, fine." she laughs at his sarcasm and elicits a surprised response. "Find something amusing?" "Indeed." She says with a smirk. 'oh great", he thinks 'a smart ass'.

"Follow me." Walking around the training grounds, he points out a few key areas before moving on to the barracks themselves. "This is the library, and it's open to all soldiers any time of the day." Staring admiringly, she continues to follow him.

"Excellent..." "If reading is your speed, maybe I can convince Erwin to relocate you to Hanji." "No chance handsome."

He stops abruptly, shocked by the comment. Recovering, he shoots her a glare. "Whatever, follow me." She laughs and he finds himself irritated by her amusement. 'the fuck's so funny....' he thinks.

"Here are your quarters...mine are just down the case you need anything." He turns and walks towards his room without another word. "Captain?" "Yes?"

"There were certain personal items I had upon my arrival, never returned to me by the military police...." Curious, and looking forward to the idea of getting a chance to view these items before handing them over, he nods and continues towards his quarters.

Stopping at his door, he looks over and is alarmed to find her watching him intently. Staring back just as intently, he opens his door and disappears from view.

Levi's quarters: 'she is going to be an absolute pain in my ass...', he thinks stripping down and getting in the shower. 'Definately has an attitude, I can tell that already. Tch, she's got Erwin eating out of her hands already so I guess I'm alone in my opinion....but she definately makes me uncomfortable...I don't like it.'

Stepping out moments later, he dresses and grabbing a cup of tea, sits down to tackle the ridiculous pile of paperwork on his desk. A soft knock five minutes later draws his attention, "Enter." Crap, it's her. "Already?"

"Excuse the fuck out of me, Captain." "Tell me what you want before I drag you back to your room by your god damn hair." "such attitude,'s adorable really."

"What do you want, Kelley?" Head tilted, and eyebrow raised, she grins and walks over to his desk. Voice dripping deliberately with sweetness, she leans closer staring him directly in the eyes.

"Gosh, I'm sorry to bother you when you clearly are so overwhelmed in managing to do your job. It's rather cold in my room...I guess they don't treat the survey corps quite as well as the military police...forgive me."

'oh hell no....' he thinks. "If you're so much of a lightweight that a little cold is going to be a problem, grab an extra blanket from downstairs. Tomorrow we can discuss with Erwin your inability to handle your assigned post."

She surprises him by bursting out in laughter. "Oh heck, is that all you can do to help me out?...Well, I guess I'm not all that surprised. You don't seem the type to mix business with pleasure. How boring." As she walks out, he looks up suddenly aware of the implications of her comment.

Red-faced, he slams his fist into his desk and starts walking to his door. He is determined to get the last word, but realizing in time how it would look he forces himself to sit. 'this is unreal', he thinks and then is shocked at the small chuckle that escapes his lips. 'Erwin was right, I definitely met my match.' Fuck.

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