Deadly Desire Pt 1: A New Soldier
Deadly Desire Pt 1: A New Soldier aot stories

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Another Levi fanfic. I guess you'll see alot of these. Still in progress.

Deadly Desire Pt 1: A New Soldier

"We have a transition coming into our ranks, and by all reports she'll be a perfect addition." "Yeah? Tch, may I see that?" Erwin hands over the file and Levi peruses it quickly. "Don't know her."

Erwin chuckles. "Neither do I, but based on what I've heard that is not in that report...she aught to give you a run for your money." Levi rolls his eyes and says nothing.

"I'm putting her under your command..." "Oh come on..." Levi interrupts, getting up and moving to the window; not meeting his Commander's gaze. "I'm putting her under your command, as I see this as the best fit." "I'm not inclined to agree."

"Be that as it may, it's done. I've already had the paperwork approved. She's all yours." Again, he's greeted with a sarcastic eye roll. 'sometimes I'd like to knock those rolling eyes out of his head', he chuckles and shakes his head at the thought.

"Levi, do you remember that group of people that were found roaming outside the walls? They were questioned, but had no apparent recollection of how they happened to get here?" Levi's attention snaps back to Erwin.

"They were held for awhile in the prison, were they not? What became of them?" "Eventually they were inducted into the Military Police. Performed admirably. From what I understand there are a lot of pissed off upper ranks that are very unhappy to lose this Kelley to us."

Eyebrow raised, Levi sits back down. "So she was one of them? The outsiders?" "You would know that if you actually read the report I just showed you." "Let me see that again..."

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