Becoming major character death stories

whatyoudontknow Community member
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There are trigger warnings that must come before the story! Read the intro!


Introduction: This story is partly inspired by a song call The Eternal, by Joy Division. It is further inspired by a request for something a bit darker.

Major characters WILL die. I had a hard time with another trigger in this story. Succubi enthrall their victims, as do Incubi. So, if they are so enthralled, would it be considered rape? Instead, I went with non-consensual as a tag.

This is a rather dark story, compared to what I usually post. I promise, I'm working on several lovey-dovey stories as we speak to make up for this one. I could have went darker, way darker in fact. the light writing I usually post is actually less

common for me as a writer. Will i coax the tears from your little eyes? Maybe. Will you hate me a little? Possibly. But a promise is a promise, and I will make it up to you in the next story. Happy reading.......

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