Becoming: Part Two
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"Why am I still alive?"

Becoming: Part Two

"Are you thirsty?" The voice stirs him, and is as refreshing to him as the cool drink she offers. He lets out a croak and nothing more, gulping eagerly at the flask she has put to his lips.

"Slowly", she pulls the flask away. "You'll make yourself sick." "Name." He asks in a dry and cracked whisper. "Your name."

"I can't stay any longer. I'm sorry." "Please don't leave..." The door to his cell slams behind her.

He remembers the sound of Hanji's screaming, and the unearthly chuckle that follows. "She was weak. She could not contain me."

"We will find a womb to match your strength brother, and our children will rise to wreak chaos upon this earth." "Find me another." Comes his lustful growl. "Yes brother."

"I have brought you food. You must eat." "No. I want answers." He turns his head away from the beautiful voice, though it pains him to do so.

"Please Levi, you must eat."

"And how do you know who I am? When I don't know jack shit about you?" Despite his refusal, he finds himself slurping at the broth she has brought before his lips. So good.

"Hanji is dead isn't she?" It's more a statement than a question, really. He already knows.

"Yes. She has been for quite some time, I'm sorry." He honestly believes her sorrow, and finds this surprising. Taking another spoonful of broth, he poses his next question.

"What about Erwin and Miche? I heard them here with me, but not for many days."

"The sniffing one followed not too long after your Hanji. The one you call Erwin held out a little longer, but died nonetheless."

"Why am I still alive?"

She places a trembling hand on his bare chest, but pulls back quickly after as if burned. The feeling of her flesh against his evokes feelings he's never thought possible in himself.

They are frightening in their strength, as they hit him with an animalistic lust that he fears won't be sated. "Because I wish it." She says, and leaves him once again alone.

"Come back!" No answer.

"Please don't leave!" His screams fall on deaf ears, and he throws himself back against the wall; maddened with pain. Why does it feel like I'm being torn apart when she's gone?

Whole when she's here? This is madness! Who are you? He thinks to himself, and grits his teeth in anger. Hanji, dead. Erwin, dead. Miche, dead. The sorrow saps his strength, and he succumbs to sleep.

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