Becoming: Part Three
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She's back, her scent surrounds him like a wreath. Her warm breath and her mouth on him. There's so much pleasure it makes him cry.

Becoming: Part Three

"We need to find more hosts. Not a one of us bear child, and our brother's attempt at impregnating the female was a failure as well!" Growling in anger, the succubus grabs her slave by the throat; crushing it with barely any effort.

"Calm yourself, Lilith. Young Naamah has felt the awakening and though she fights it, it is inevitable. She will birth a child from this Levi."

"A pity he has to die, Eisheth. The more kin we produce, the stronger we are."

"Never before have any of us succumbed to an awakening. She couldn't possibly continue to deny it. Perhaps she needs more of a nudge than has been given."

The sisters turn to the cold voiced woman who has entered their chambers.

"Speak, Agrat bat Mahlat. We would hear your words." She merely grins, displaying long wicked fangs. "I will visit him tonight...."

He's back on the battlefield, lying broken and bleeding. The strange, yet lovely woman is eyeing him with undisguised fear. "I... I'm dying, aren't I?" He coughs up a jet of blood.

"No! I will not let you die, I will get you off this battlefield! You can't stay!" The urgency in her voice is alarming, and he finds the strength to reach out and grab her wrist.

"My comrades...." She doesn't answer, but picks him up and is about to fly off the field when a cold male voice stops her.

"Sister. Where are you going with this prize?" Before she can answer, he presses his finger against her lips. "Shush child." He turns then to Levi. "I will save three of your choosing, if you submit and come with us willingly."

It's not even a debate. He doesn't care what any of this means, only that he can save the lives of three of his friends. He opens his mouth, and whispers their names. The girl's red eyes fly wide in horror.

"Samael, no!" He chuckles fondly and takes Levi from her grasp.

"I felt your awakening. Hiding him away will do you no good. Find your sisters and bring the three." He disappears in flames and smoke.

'And now here I am. Without my comrades, I might add. I'm so sorry Erwin.' He thinks to himself, resigning himself to whatever hell this is he has found.

But it's not all hell. She's back, her scent surrounds him like a wreath. Her warm breath and her mouth on him. There's so much pleasure it makes him cry.

"P-p-please! Make it end!" He begs, but it doesn't stop and just when he thinks he will go mad she pulls away. 'No! Come back! I need more!' His traitor brain screams.

She chuckles and moves towards the door. He can tell by the sound she's leaving him again. "Your name. Please." "Naamah. This is your power over me."

She's gone. Upon leaving his cell, Agrat bat Mahlat reverts back to her own form; a calculating and satisfied smile on her wicked lips.

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