Becoming: Part Six
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"What have you done to me?"

Becoming: Part Six

He opens his eyes in confusion. She's lying beneath him, eyes lidded with pleasure as he feeds on her. Wait.

'what am I doing?' The metallic taste of blood on his tongue leaves him craving more. He pulls back in horror regardless.

"What have you done to me?" "I gave you life. A new life, one eternal." "Am I like you?" He looks at his hands, so pale and with panic jumps back from her.

"No. A vampire, not a demon. Mortal, but not. I have conceived a child as my sister demanded, but I will be damned if I'm losing you."

His glowing eyes snap to hers. "A child?" "Yes." "Our child", he whispers. "I'm hungry." "Come, Levi. We shall feast together this night."

He takes her hand and she leads him up another winding staircase to what is presumably a banquet hall. Slaves stand chained at every seat; wrists held out in offering.

"What is this?" Lilith stands from her seat, eyes flying wide in rage. With a nod to Levi, Naamah sits. He quickly follows suit.

"You demanded a child, you got one. I, darling sister have a mate."

Lilith strides threateningly towards the pair. With a growl, Levi stands as well; ready to protect his love. The strength that courses through his veins in undeath is amazing to him, but he's not quite sure he can take this one. He doesn't care.

"Sit, sister." A coldly amused voice orders. "Your little sister has bested you. Get over it."

Samael always did have a soft spot for his youngest sibling. "It will be nice to have another man around the house." He chuckles and goes back to his feasting.

"This isn't over." Lilith hisses, as her other sisters look on with amusement.

"IT IS!" Samael yells, rage barely held in check. It is gone in an instant. "Honestly sister, such rage is unbefitting a Prince, please do not evoke another such display from me."

"Yes, brother." Lilith whispers in fear.

"Continue to breed, you two. Another child, what wonder!" Samael laughs. "I am to be an Uncle! What joy! Our armies shall swell, and the destruction of all mankind will be ours! Hail Levi!"

"Hail Levi!" Comes the chorus of gleeful devils around the table. Hail Levi.....

'Everything I spent my life trying to preserve, will now come to an end. At my hand...'

He is damned. Eternally.

"My view stretches out from the fence to the wall, No words could explain, no actions determine, Just watching the trees and the leaves as they fall." The Eternal, Joy Division

The End

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