Becoming: Part Five
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"Let me die."

Becoming: Part Five

He aches. She aches. For days unending they ache. Every ounce of their blood cries out to each other. Yet, she doesn't come. Every breath a song sung unto each other. Still, she denies him. He cries her name, screams her name. Despite the horrible pain, she resists his call.

Difficult it must be. For a succubus who awakens to a mortal craves him in a maddening sense. Their desire can kill. Difficult for the mortal it must be. For a mortal who becomes ensnared by a succubus craves this manner of death, and is willing to die over and over again.

He wishes to sacrifice himself on her altar. A communion of flesh on flesh, and it angers him as much as it fuels his desire. He remembers a time when these things did not matter to him. When he could look a beautiful woman in the eye and walk away with no regret.

He had given himself heart, mind, body and soul to the Scouting Legion and that was enough. The needs and desires of ordinary men unattainable to him. He even preferred it that way.

The door to his cell swings open and he sighs in disappointment. It's not you. It's the angry black haired devil.

"Let me die." She stares at him coldly. "Oh you will die, puppet. But not yet." She unlocks his chains, and he looks at her with guarded surprise.

"There's nowhere for you to run. Follow."

His first steps send him reeling to the ground, and she makes no effort to help him up. She chuckles disdainfully as he regains his footing. Grasping the slime covered walls for support, he slowly makes his way up the stairs behind her.

'If I wasn't so weak I would snap your neck, bitch', he thinks and feels a little bit of hope at the strength returning to him.

She chuckles. "Cherish what little strength you have. You will not have it for long, mortal." 'fuck'. This one reads minds.

After what seems like an hour, they come to a lavish room filled with chained and naked men. He can't tell if the sounds coming out of their mouths are pleasure or pain at this point. Probably both.

"Both. But it will be over for them soon, though I'm not so sure it will be for you."

The small flicker of hope he felt, sputters. There's too many, I couldn't possibly fight my way out. And then he thinks of Naamah, and the desire comes flooding back. It makes him feel weak again.

'I want to see her face' "You shall."

They have come to a door. Gold embossed creatures writhe and dance around the edges. Lilith opens the door and shoves him roughly inside. He gains his footing almost before crashing into the woman inside.

Naamah. Her shock and anger is evident as she strides past his extended arms to face her sister. "What have you done?" She growls.

"Take care of your slave, sister. He gets you with child, or he dies by my hand. I have finished playing." With that, Lilith strides from the bedroom and shuts the door behind her. The bang of the door sounds of doom sealed.

"Naamah." She turns to him, eyes filled with pain and lust barely held in check.

"Why don't you want me?" He asks, and the plaintiveness in his voice frustrates him. What has happened to me? Who is this man? Surely not Captain Levi?

He's flung to the bed with such force, he's quite sure she might have broken something. He doesn't care. She's on top of him now, and that's all that matters.

"I want you", she's growling at him with fangs extended. "I want to rip you apart, feast on your entrails, I want to fuck the strength from you; all to feed my desire!" Her hand encircling his throat feels like a blessing.

"Then do it!" He growls back. "I've lost everything I cared about! You are the only heaven in this hell, and if I must die then let it be you that ends me!"

The pleasure is maddening, and unending. As minutes stretch into hours, he can feel his strength slowly ebbing away. He lies strengthless beneath her, unable to move anymore. As he gets colder and colder, his eyes flutter shut.

'Is this peace? At last?'

Watching the life force leave him, she struggles for some small vestige of control; but she's consumed by this just as he is, control lost to the desire that remains.

She feels the sudden spark of creation inside her, and extending her fangs once again she latches onto his neck. Feasting on what little life he has left.

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