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whatyoudontknow Community member
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Quick introduction, then on to the story!

About Damn Time

Introduction: Yeah, another short one. I'm not sure if I'm completely satisfied with this particular story, but I will let y'all be the judge.

Levi has so many facets to explore, and I will get to the others in short order. For now, his sexual frustration is the focus. Isayama himself, stated that Levi is in fact the most sexually frustrated character in the SNK universe.

No shit. Imagine being his age and having never gotten a single bit of play. The very thought is cringy as fuck, poor guy. Is anybody else thinking of the movie 40yr old Virgin? Lmao, Levi we need to get you laid.

But first, let's make it very hard for you, Levi. (The pun there was unapologetically intended)

And lets give you a little honey who's not afraid to throw down, and unabashedly throws you in a turmoil.

Keep in mind, this is not a lemon. I like to keep my writing somewhat clean, so if you were looking for some steamy, descriptive frick frack scenes I apologize.

It's not that it makes me uncomfortable, because honestly I do enjoy a steamy descriptive frick frack scene, but I do have family that reads my stuff and well, and I would like for them to enjoy my writing as much as anyone else. At any rate, enjoy!

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