About Damn Time: Relief
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"Please keep your clothes on. I want the privilege of undressing you myself."

About Damn Time: Relief

This poor man is a mess. A straight up mess. Even after his success the other night. Hell, that only made him want it worse. He's been an absolute time bomb since.

It was bad enough that his whole fucking squad got annihilated, add this constant urge to the fucking mess; well, not good.

Erwin wants to discuss the mission immediately, so he heads quickly to his quarters to drop off his gear. He'd rather be seeking out a certain soldier, but of course; never mind what he....

She's lying on his bed, a mischievous grin on her face. How the fuck did she... never mind. Who fucking cares.

Anyone else snuck into his room, he'd royally fuck them up. Her however, she's just getting fucked. He walks in with what feels like an extremely dopey grin on his face, and then stops.

Fuck. Meeting. Of course. He rolls his eyes.

"I have a meeting. Do NOT go anywhere." He gives her a disappointingly quick kiss and leaves the room, only to poke his head in a moment later.

"Please keep your clothes on. I want the privilege of undressing you myself." He peeks back in again, makes as if to turn away, opens his mouth to speak, then just gives a groan of frustration while heading out the door.

She can't help but giggle.

Strategy Room: Fuck this meeting is taking forever. And Erwin just drags on and on....and on. Blah blah, titan capture project...fail. Blah blah Annie. An MP? Nah, that's crazy. Are we really taking this Armin kid seriously?

I guess he could be right, after all sitting right here is a titan shifter. Eren. Who's to say that there might not be... fuck, I just want to get out of here! I-

"Dismissed." He jumps up before anybody else and just about reaches the door when Erwin calls him back. I'm going to fucking deck this man!

"My condolences on Petra and the rest of the squad." Levi merely nods, heartsick and a little impatient to leave.

"I want you to keep your eyes on everybody around Eren. If there's more than Annie involved, I don't think they would be as close as Armin and Mikasa, but they'd be in his circle one way or the other."

"If this capture mission goes the way you expect it too, we should have our answers."

"Yes, and before you go... you may have already seen the little 'gift' I left for you, make sure she returns my key." A surprised grin growing on his face, he simply nods and heads out the door.

He's standing in the doorway, a heady mixture of fear, excitement, and anticipation running through his veins like wine.

"Are you going to undress me or not, Captain?" She asks teasingly. He walks towards the bed, unbuttoning his shirt as he goes.

About damn time.

The End

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