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'I have to say I'm interested. I bet Erwin would be, too. Sounds like Scouts material to me. Think I'll see for myself.'

About Damn Time: Finding that Girl

*note* I don't use y/n l/n, f/n l/n a lot in here, and it's 3rd person written but it IS a reader ship story. Keep in mind as you read.

"What's the situation?" Levi strides briskly over to Captain Kitz, giving him an impatient look. "All clear on our front. Mitabi's second-in-command managed to outshine him as usual." "I don't believe I'm familiar with this soldier?"

"Probably not. Keeps to herself even more than you do. Probably even sleeps less." He gives a sigh, bending down to arrange the body of a fallen soldier respectfully.

"She kept her head better than anyone else, and managed 3 solos, 8 assists. I honestly feel her talents are wasted in the Garrison, not that we'd want to lose her of course."

"Interesting. Where can I find this soldier?" "Probably drinking with the rest of them. A rare thing to be sure, but given today's success..."

Nodding, Levi walks off towards the Garrison Barracks. 'I have to say I'm interested. I bet Erwin would be, too. Sounds like Scouts material to me. Think I'll see for myself.'

He's met with loud raucous laughter and the sound of clinking glasses. Standing in the doorway, he contents himself with observing the room for the time being.

It appears Oruo has found his way down here tonight, and is making a complete ass of himself as usual. Levi Sighs. 'Well fuck, don't let me stop you.' He thinks and watches from the entrance.

"Oh come on beautiful, say yes. You won't regret it." She turns her unimpressed gaze on the man and Levi is momentarily stunned. He's normally not impressed with looks, but he's not a blind idiot either.

'Fuck, she's a beauty.' Annoyed at the distraction, he instead turns his attention to their interaction instead.

"Back off Grandpa, I'm not interested." Loud laughter erupts from the listening soldiers, and even Levi finds a smirk on his face.

"Everyone needs to stop calling me Grandpa! I'm fucking 19!" This is met with even more laughter, and the almost fascinated gaze of the pretty lady he's trying to impress.

"You're 19? What the fuck happened?" "Last chance to hang with one of the finest on the Levi Squad."

'Oh fuck, Oruo.' Levi rolls his eyes.

She slams her drink down, eyeing Oruo humorously. "The Levi Squad, you say?" "That's right." He says, puffing out his chest.

"Well shit, my panties sure are wet now!" The room again erupts in gales of laughter. "And one of the finest?" She says with a lift of her well sculpted brow.

He nods. "Who fucking cares." She goes back to her drink.

Oruo storms off amidst a chorus of laughter. Chuckling briefly, Levi continues to gauge this soldier. It seems he's forgotten what initially brought him here.

"Wow. Must be super special to be on the LEVI squad." She snorts laughter. " And you must have to be Super Special to get on the LEVI squad!" Her comrade giggles.

Irritated, Levi does his best to ignore this. That is, until the next drunken comment flies. "So, 3 solos today L/N?"

'THAT'S HER????' Looking at her with renewed appreciation, he steps into the room. "I-" She begins.

Everyone quiets down, and she turns to look at the man that has just walked in. "That's Captain Levi." Her friend whispers in her ear, still loud enough for him to hear.

She gives him a very appreciative look, which causes his face to flame up. "He should be in charge of the Super Secret Naked Squad. I'd gladly sign up..."

And he's done. He can't even fathom trying to talk to her now. Turning on his heel, he walks away with their voices following him. Embarrassed, he heads back to his own barracks. He can't help but to grin, though.

"There's a naked squad?" "There is now....."

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