About Damn Time: Bewitched and Bothered
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I'd love to pair up, he thinks although not in the way she's implying. As far as the other part of her comment goes, she can blow something that's for sure.

About Damn Time: Bewitched and Bothered

He has been doing nothing for the past ten minutes but pace his quarters, aggressively clenching and unclenching his fists in an effort to keep control. It's not the situation so much as it is the relentless thought of her.

Y/N. HIS Y/N, and it's with irritation that he whips open the door a moment later. The persistent knocking is thudding in his head like a drum.

"What." He responds flatly. Poor Petra jumps, and his gaze softens. "What?" He asks again, a little calmer. "Everyone is waiting for you, Captain."

With a sigh, he heads downstairs and to the training grounds. He's hyper aware of the gazes being thrown at him, and his irritation is coming back ten-fold.

"The fuck is everyone staring at? Hand to hand! Pair up, dumbasses!" Everyone scurries to find a partner, shooting glances at him anxiously. He rolls his eyes at their simpering bullshit and turns away to ready his medkit.

She's standing before him with that beautiful cocky grin. Ness' squad has joined them on the field. "You look like you could blow off some steam, Captain. Pair up?"

I'd love to pair up, he thinks although not in the way she's implying. As far as the other part of her comment goes, she can blow something that's for sure.

Shaking his head as if to clear it, he turns his reddening face from her and walks into the training circle. Trying his best for a nonchalant attitude, he shrugs and speaks over his shoulder.

"Coming?" Fuck, if that wasn't the wrong choice of words! "Not yet, Captain but I'm close." Me too, you beautiful bitch. Finally turning his gaze on her, he beckons her into the circle.

"If you're going to talk to me like that, best you just call me Levi." "Very well, Levi. But do be gentle, I'd hate to blow out my knee again just before an expedition."

It's so hard to focus when the same desire you feel is reflecting back at you in the eyes of another. Not only this, but it appears everyone else is more interested in what is happening between the two of them as opposed to their own training.

"I don't see any fucking training going on." He growls out at the onlookers, not taking his gaze off of Y/N. "Would everyone rather do extra cleaning today? Is that it?"

Again, everybody hurriedly gets on with their own training. And now, here he is with a prime opportunity, to get this woman beneath him, wrap her up in his arms and pin her to the ground. He can-

She swings at him. He dodges easily, and counters to hit to her upper arm that causes her to turn and stumble towards a tree about a foot away.

Planting her hands on the tree for support she is about to push off and renew her attack, but he grabs her around the waist and pushes his hips up against her bottom.

"Rough enough for you?" She grins back at him. "Harder."

She reaches back locking her hands behind his neck, and using his weight she throws him over her and to the ground. He gets up slowly. "You're so easily distracted, Levi." She teases.

"And you got me dirty. You're definitely getting punished now." He says, brushing his pants off and lunging at her. "Yes please."

They roll together, both seeking an advantage which lucky Levi, appears to win. Pinning her hands above her, he presses his hips into her tightly and grins when she wraps her legs around his waist.

"You look hot as fuck from this angle." He growls playfully. "I'm not minding the view either." She says, and breaking his grip she grasps the back of his neck; pulling herself firmly into his lap.Their faces are a mere inch apart and they stare needily into each others eyes.

"Levi." Of course, someone had to throw a leash back on his pent up desire, and of course it just had to be Erwin. Who else?

And now he's being dragged off to another meeting, one that might possibly of went just fine without him. Probably for the best, of course. "Fraternization" is "frowned upon".

He knows damn well there are a few pots Erwin has been dipping in himself over the years, so his sanctimonious bullshit is pointless. He also knows Erwin knows he knows. So why the bullshit? As if reading his mind, he turns to Levi and admonishes him quietly.

"The difference between you and I Levi, is my penis isn't busting at the damn gate like a horse trying to escape a barn fire. Get a hold of yourself, you were damn near panting at that little opportunity and everyone could see how undone you were."

He's not entirely wrong, and he knows it. It's nice to be able to feel, after years of thinking he couldn't. After years of telling himself he had to be above the experiences that everyone else enjoys.

He's not going to deny himself anymore, but he's not going to make a fool of himself again either. Finally someone has come along with enough presence to shake him out of his miserable existance. Shaking his head with a low chuckle, he changes the subject.

"Where are we going anyway?" "To the jail. That Eren kid is someone I DO want on your squad. It will be beneficial to question him, don't you think?" "Indeed."

Beating the crap out of that kid in the courthouse, was surprisingly satisfactory and manages to appease the rage that sits constantly under the surface.

Not that beating the crap out of everyone he sees is a good solution to his issues, of course. There's much more pleasurable ways to deal with his frustration, and the next two weeks of expedition preparation should give him a prime opportunity for this.

They will be at the old scouting garrison so Hanji can "experiment" on the new brat, and of course; Ness' squad will be there as well. Convenient.

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