About Damn Time: Almost.....
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He was sure he was ready for this, and now the opportunity presents itself and he's what? Stepping back from her? Why am I so damn pathetic, he thinks to himself unable to respond to her comment.

About Damn Time: Almost.....

He can see her, in the next formation over. She's laughing and joking with another soldier, and he has to admit he doesn't much care for it. He's aware that he doesn't really have any claim to her, but the envy is there regardless.

He's never spoken to her about forming a relationship, so if her needs aren't being met doesn't she have a right to look elsewhere? No, fuck that. He's finally going to get close to her. Erwin be damned. His own stupid fear be damned.

Feeling like this constantly, like he's going to burst out of his skin with need is over. She glances over at him at that moment, and blows him a kiss.He grins and turns back to the path ahead of him. Things are certainly looking up.

Of all the stupid bullshit, Erwin has Y/N training and learning long distance formation with the cadets. They've been here for three days and haven't seen each other for more than two seconds.

He also has her rooming with two other soldiers, so that hasn't been helpful. He could of at least put her with Petra, then at least a message to meet each other could of been sent. She's reliable, and can keep quiet.

Of course, Erwin knows that just as well as he does, so the crafty fucker probably arranged things like this deliberately.

But now, lucky him; he's found her alone for a change and he's been looking for a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a situation like this. And this.....

This is more than perfect. Checking to ensure no one is around he walks quietly into the room. She's leaning over the desk, arms propping her up as she peruses the formation diagram before her.

His eyes are drawn immediately to her ass sticking out temptingly, and he walks up behind her with a grin. Grabbing her hips, he presses himself up against her suggestively.

"Hey beautiful, what are you doing?" She looks back at him and winks. "I've been standing here hoping you would come take advantage of me. About time."

Why did her comment have to make him feel suddenly nervous? He was sure he was ready for this, and now the opportunity presents itself and he's what? Stepping back from her? Why am I so damn pathetic, he thinks to himself unable to respond to her comment.

"Come here, I want to show you something." She says, keeping her eyes on the blueprint. "What, your tits?" Please, for fuck sake let it be your tits, he thinks and steps forward again to stand beside her.

"You wish!" "It's completely true. Now what is it?" He slings his arm companionably around her waist and turns his attention to her pointing finger.

"I still don't get what all the colors are! There's so much to remember! Like, what's the purple flare for?" "That's for emergencies. What else?" He asks, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck. She looks at him in surprise, then grins.

"Yellow?" "We don't use this one quite as often as the others, but mission complete. Are any of the others confusing you?"

"Just those, but there is one more thing you can help me with." She turns and wraps her arms around him, smiling mischievously. "What would that be, Y/N?"

"All this damn sexual tension." She kisses him then, and he wastes no time kissing her back. Nervous as fuck but raring to go, they fumble with the buttons on each other's shirts; hands frantically seeking flesh.

Footsteps. Coming down the hall. Good fucking grief. Pulling back, they hurriedly redress and turn back to the schematics in front of them.

"So, yellow for a completed mission, and purple for emergencies?" She manages this with barely a tremor in her voice.

"Yes. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask." He turns and walks away. "Thank you, Captain."

"You're welcome." He looks up and nods at their intruder as he passes. "Erwin." "Levi." Erwin replies back.

Of all the fucking shit! Can't he even get a moment? Fucking Erwin just has to show up right at the least desirable time?

And to top it off, the rest of his day is going to be taken up supervising four-eyes experiments. Is he ever going to catch a break? It's looking pretty fucking bleak.

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