A Collision of Worlds Pt 9: Gossip and Distractions
A Collision of Worlds Pt 9: Gossip and Distractions aot stories

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A Collision of Worlds Pt 9: Gossip and Distractions

Levi storms into the mess hall, and grabbing a tray heads to the nearest empty table. Hearing the conversation at the table behind him, he quickly realizes that the topic is him and 'dammit' Heather. "Hanji's tests concluded that she's human..." Eren says. "Well, no shit, does she look any different than the rest of

us?" Jean shoots back. "Well, she's from another world, and that might mean that there are physiological differences..." "PHYSIOLOGICAL DIFFERENCES? God, Eren, just because you're Hanji's pet lab rat doesn't make you a scientific expert all of a sudden!"

"Shut up, horse-face! I'm only repeating what Hanji said." "Don't call me..." "Eren", Mikasa interrupts calmly, "Tell them what Hanji tried to do." Bursting into hysterics, and damn near choking on his food, Eren continues.

"Hanji's suggestion was to find out if women from her world could mate with men from our world...and....and" "Come on Eren, out with it. What!?" Snorting laughter, Eren takes a deep breath. "Captain Levi was there and..."

He couldn't finish his sentence through all his laughter, but everyone understood where he was going. Dead silence enveloped the table for a moment, before everyone started laughing uproariously. "Is Hanji still alive?" Connie asks, wiping tears from his face.

Sasha took that moment to steal a potato from his plate and cramming it in her mouth, asks "So how did they react?" "Neither one seemed too keen on the idea." "He'd be a moron to say no to that, I'll gladly take his place..." Jean says mischievously.

Everyone bursts out into laughter, and Reiner shoots milk out his nose onto a very unfortunate Armin. Grabbing a napkin, he tries to help clean it up. "Sorry, man..." Armin just shrugs it off. "OH FOR FUCKS SAKE! IF I HEAR ONE MORE WORD OUT OF THIS TABLE, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WILL BE UP TO YOUR ELBOWS IN

HORSESHIT FOR THE REST OF YOUR MISERABLE LIVES!!! AM I CLEAR?" Finally noticing the Captain sitting behind them, the table goes dead silent. Irritated, Levi shoves his untouched food away and exits the mess hall. 'damn it, am I going to get crap about this from everybody??' Heading back to his quarters reluctantly, he hears Erwin

calling his name from down the hall. 'dammit' "Yes, Erwin, what do you need?" "Have you gotten anywhere with miss Heather?" Levi inwardly groans. "No...but didn't you want to ask about our mating success? Apparently that topic is AAAALL the rage!"

"Whaaaat? I said be charming, not-" "NOTHING HAPPENED! God, I can't take this anymore! I'm done! Have Hanji question her!" Turning on his heel he storms back in the other direction, leaving a very confused Erwin behind. He hears loud music blaring from his quarters, and entering is greeted with a singing, dancing

Heather. 'oh I do NOT need this right now...fuck.' "I put a spell on youuuu becauuuse you're miiine..." I'm singing along and swaying suggestively to the music while dusting his quarters. He's watching intently, and transfixed by the sway of my hips. When the song is over, he realizes with a start he was

standing there gawking the whole time. 'you just can't help yourself can you, bitch?' He walks over and turns my music off. I stop, startled and turn around to look at him. "No more noise. I need to work. And stop that ridiculous dancing, you look like you're trying to earn pay."

"Excuse me?" "You heard me." "I'm sorry, find it distracting do you?" "No", he says simultaneously thinking 'yes.' I turn my back, and putting my headphones in instead, continue to dance anyway.

'damn her...tease'. He sits at his desk and starts looking through the numerous reports. Unfortunately, the reports don't hold as much interest as the spectacle he's watching instead. Red-faced, Levi tries to loosen the death grip he has on his pen. He forces himself to look at the paperwork on his desk.

"but you think that it's just me teasing you...you got a reaction", I'm singing again. He looks up and finds me glaring over my shoulder at him. 'why do you have to fuck with me like this, just once I'd like to get a reaction out of you, you bitch.'

Levi's Journal: Fuck, does EVERYONE know about the Heather experiment? Fucking cadets are going to get the shit kicked out of them...especially Jean. "I'll gladly take his place"???? Like hell you will you little shit. There I go again. Why do I even care? She seems to like horses, maybe the two of them would be perfect for each other. Save me some agony.

If I catch him so much as looking at her....

And then I come home to this. How the hell am I supposed to get anything done with her wiggling around like that? I've been working on the same damn report for a half hour because of her distracting 'dancing'. I should be halfway done with this pile! Sometimes I wonder if she's doing this on purpose. Some way to fuck with my head. Well,

if that's the case it's working. Unfortunately well. Heathers Journal: Everytime I turn around, he's staring at me. What the heck, do your damn paperwork so I don't have to deal with your crabby ass at two in the morning. All I was doing was listening to my music and cleaning. 'Stop that heather, I've got a giant stick up my ass and I've grown quite

attached to it' 'quit dancing like that heather you look like you're trying to earn pay' wow he was so close to getting punched. 'I'm levi and I hate fun'. How'd I get stuck with him of all people? Is this hell?

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