A Collision of Worlds Pt 7: A Lull in the Argument
A Collision of Worlds Pt 7: A Lull in the Argument aot stories

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I may have been joking about the situation, but to be honest I don't like this one bit. What kind of experiments Hanji?

A Collision of Worlds Pt 7: A Lull in the Argument

Distracted, Levi drums his fingers on Erwin's desk impatiently. 'come on and let's get this stupid meeting over with...I need to find out what hanji wants with her, I don't trust this. What are they talking about? Oh god, what is she telling Hanji? If she tells hanji about my stupid behavior these past couple days....and

what happened last night i'm ruined....me and my stupid pride...so determined to be in control, acting like a douche just to get the better of her....' "Levi?" he shakes his head and turns his attention back to Erwin, who has been apparently trying to get his attention for some time now.

"I'm sorry?" "Is something wrong, Levi? You are very distracted today....are you writing in your journal? Are you even listening to me?" "No, it's good. What were you saying?" "I was asking you how this Heather is acclimating to our

world...is she settling in?" "Not you, too. She's not from another world, that's ridiculous. And to answer your question, she's a bitch and I hate her." "Well you're going to be disappointed then, because I need you to get close to her. Find out everything there is to

know about her." "Her name is Heather. She is a bitch. Done." Erwin sighs, leaning forward and looking at Levi earnestly. "She appears out of nowhere, with titan killing technology I don't think even Hanji has ever dreamed of...there's more to know, find it out." Rolling his

eyes Levi heads for the door. "Oh, and one more thing Levi...do TRY to be charming..." Sighing Levi closes the door and heads back to his quarters.. Hanji is just exiting, and Levi pulls back around the corner, not wanting to be seen. 'the hell is she so excited about?', he thinks making his way to the

door. "Hey! What did Hanji want?", he asks entering. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" Why is she ignoring me? He comes around the couch to face me, reaching out to grab me roughly. 'oh right, I'm supposed to be "charming" ', he thinks and

instead sits on the couch next to me. 'what's wrong with her? why is she shaking like that? she looks like she's about to-' the thought is interrupted as I turn to him and grab him by the shirt. "Hanji wants to experiment on me!" "What????"

We stare at each other for a moment and then I burst into gales of laughter. After a moment, he's surprised to find himself joining in. Looking at each other, we seem to realize what just passed between us and the laughter dries up. We move to other sides of the couch, looking away awkwardly.

Clearing his throat, he looks at me cautiously. "What kind of experiments, exactly?" I curl up on the couch, keeping space between us. "Not entirely sure...I've got plenty of books she can read that will answer her questions.

She wants blood samples and things like that...", I giggle "I think she thinks I'm some other species of human!" Giggling again, I continue. "I don't know what else she's got in store..." "I'd like to see you in a test tube..." Levi says mischievously.

Eyes and mouth wide, I burst into laughter again kicking him playfully. "He jokes!" "Who said I was joking..." "Levi!!" I kick him again, and he grabs my ankle yanking me towards him.

"We can put you in a cage...." He leans in closer. "Oh you would like that, wouldn't you?!", I say poking his nose with my forefinger; which he grabs. "Immensely.", he says chuckling again. A moment later he turns serious and sits back up. "I don't like this..." I quickly follow suit.

"What's not to like about me being slowly tortured, Levi?" At a loss, Levi doesn't know how to answer. 'yeah levi, why DO you care', he thinks to himself. "I'm going to go talk to her." He starts to get up, but I pull him back down.

He looks at the hand holding onto him for a moment. "What, Heather." "It's okay, I'm going to let her have the harmless stuff. I'll even help her with the analysis...once she sees I'm a regular human being just like everyone else, she'll back off." "I don't like this..."

"Levi, I'm fairly certain this body in it's entirety belongs to me, not you. It's okay, i'll do it. I've had blood drawn before it's nothing." "Okay, but sleep on it. Give it some more thought. I'm going to bed." With that, he heads to his bedroom. 'damn, i forgot all about getting info...ah well, plenty of time for that'.

Levi's Journal: I may have been joking about the situation, but to be honest I don't like this one bit. What kind of experiments Hanji? What is wrong with everyone around here. "She's not from our world, she's different." I try to argue and I'M the one who's looked at like I grew a second head! Seriously, what is she going to do to her??? Whatever she does she better not hurt her or even

Erwin won't be able to stop me from breaking that four-eyed face! I just reread what I wrote earlier, and honestly why do I care if the dumb bitch gets hurt or not?? And she's right, Hanji will see she's nothing special, and move on to some other ridiculous experiment!

I can't believe we were sitting there laughing together over this. More to the point, why did I get so carried away? I don't want her touching me at all! And I certainly don't want to touch her! What the hell possessed me?! Also, why did she let me? Caught in the moment? Surely that's all it is...

Heathers Journal: I don't know what happened tonight, but it was weird. Way too much friendly, you hate him REMEMBER?? Did we actually kind of get along? I'm sure this won't last very long but it was kind of a relief to be able to talk to him without wanting to kick his balls into his throat. And the biggest shock of all? He DOES have a sense of humor. The

only thing is it takes the possibility of me being tortured to bring it out. His laugh is kind of cute....ew, why did I say that?

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