A Collision of Worlds Pt 4: Levi's Plan
A Collision of Worlds Pt 4: Levi's Plan aot stories

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"You're so cute when you're mad, Heather...." He smirks again, and reaches out to stroke my face.

A Collision of Worlds Pt 4: Levi's Plan

"I should get some work done." levi mutters to himself. This is the fifth time he's gotten up since going to bed, and he's no longer really tired. "Better be quiet, heaven forbid I wake the princess..." Chuckling to himself, he exits his bedroom and immediately sees I'm not on the couch. No light coming from the bathroom either. 'shit, where is she?'

Glancing over at the table, he sees I still havent touched my food. Rolling his eyes he thinks, 'mess hall?...I'm going to kill her.' Exiting his quarters, he heads downstairs muttering to himself. 'ungrateful, rude, intolerable, pretty..' He shakes his head at the thought,'...pretty annoying, I mean....' Poking his head inside the mess hall, he sees no one. 'Huh.' he checks the kitchen, not there either.

not there either. 'What if she took her car and left?' Feeling a bit panicked at the thought, he rushes out of the mess hall. He stops halfway to Hanji's loading area when he hears the sound of muffled kicks and punches in the opposite direction.

'the training room....sounds like she might need another sparring match...' Grinning to himself, he walks briskly down the hall, anticipating wrapping his hands around my neck. 'Just give me a reason you bitch, just...no. Wait.' He takes a moment to think, watching me unload on the punching bag. 'Maybe I just need to change my tactics....If she hates me

as bad as I think she does, maybe if I act like I don't hate her...QUITE the opposite....maybe she'll be too disgusted to do anything other than fall in line'. His plan formulating, he walks up behind me, grabs my arm and yanks me backwards. "What are you doing down here?" He gives me a very unreadable smile.

I give a yelp of surprise and jump back from him. He takes a step towards me, and I again move away. "I said, what are you doing down here?" He reaches for my arm again, which I promptly pull away. "Isn't it obvious? I'm pretending this punching bag is you!" He smirks, and steps closer.

"You're so cute when you're mad, Heather...." He smirks again, and reaches out to stroke my face. "What? What did you say?" I stammer, looking panicked and for some god awful reason unable to move. Inwardly dancing with glee, Levi moves even closer. "I said you're cute when you're mad...that thing that happens

with your eyes...adorable." His gentle caress makes me shudder. "Get away from me..." "What's the matter? Are you afraid I'm going to do something to you?" Closer. Looking pointedly down at my chest, his smile widens. "I said get away!" "Or what?"

Moving lightning quick, he scoops me up and throws me over his shoulder. "Levi, you better put me down!" "Ain't happening." He carries me struggling all the way back to his quarters and tosses me onto the couch. He sits next to me, and I try to move away but he just moves with me.

Grabbing my chin, he forces me to look at him. He leans in close, breath tickling my ear. "If I can't trust you to stay where you're supposed to, what do you think we should do to remedy that?" "Let me stay somewhere else!" "Hmmmm, no....Erwin's orders were very clear...He pretends

to think for a moment, and then smiles. "Wait, I KNOW, seeing I can't take my eyes off you for a moment maybe I should just have you sleep WITH me. That way I'll know if you're causing trouble...do you like that idea? Princess?" He can tell by the horrified look on my face that I most definitely do NOT like that idea, and it takes all his willpower to not laugh and ruin everything.

'finally got the upper hand with her, but please don't call my bluff...last thing I want is YOU in my bed.' He thinks to himself, and then out loud; "So what's it going to be? Will you behave? Or do we snuggle?" 'gross! Oh you ASSHOLE!' I think and then jumping off the couch away from him, I recover my sass. "Great! then I can smother your dumb ass with a pillow!"

"What will that accomplish if the only pillow you have is me..." He gets up, flings me over his shoulder and starts walking to his bedroom. "No! Let me go! God, this is so gross! I'll stay on the stupid couch, just put me DOWN!" He lets go of me and I fall to the floor. "Good.", Is all he says as he walks without looking back to his bedroom.

Levi's Journal: I figure if I play with her obvious disgust in me, maybe I can scare her into listening. Threats sure as hell don't work, but tell her she just might be getting a little closer to my 'tiny dick', well finally Levi scores a point. About damn time! The look of absolute horror on her face when she realized I was serious, I'm going to be playing that back in my head all night.

Of course, if she slips up I'll have to carry through with my little ruse but it will be worth it. For the first time in weeks I actually feel pretty good. Heathers Journal: Okay first the princess thing, and now this? Ew, you're so cute when you're mad, heather? Ugh did he have to say that? He's creeping me out. I'd rather jump out his window straight into a titan's mouth than 'snuggle' with him! And Levi hands in unauthorized places! Yuck!

hands in unauthorized places! Yuck!

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