A Collision of Worlds Pt. 29: Decision
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 29: Decision aot stories

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"Levi! Look! I think another portal is opening!"

'no! not now!' he thinks, panic gripping him.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 29: Decision

Six Months Later.... Resting his back against mine, Levi looks up at the slow moving clouds. "This is perfect. Like really good tea, perfect."

"Cool mountain breeze on my face, perfect." He looks back at me. "Being with you, perfect."

"Neck kisses perfect." "Seriously Heather? That was the best you could come up with?" "Hey! You said tea. And besides, neck kisses are very nice..."

"Well why haven't I got any? I gave YOU neck kisses..." Laughing, I shove him away. "You assaulted me, dimwit!"

"You assaulted me back woman, so that negates any implied assault on my part." Grabbing me by the waist, he scoops me into his arms. "Levi", I squeal trying to wriggle away."Stop tickling me!!" Relaxing together, I sigh. "This is perfect, though. Like being in the arms of the man I love, perfect."

He looks at me in mock surprise. "Oh...oh my, this is embarrassing. What am I doing here? Allow me to go get Dennis for you..." He starts to sit up, and laughing; I pull him back down. "Very funny Levi." I say, kissing his neck.

"You keep that up woman, the day is going to get much more perfect..." "Oh really...." leaving small kisses down his neck. Grinning, he scoops me closer, throwing the blanket over top of us...

A couple hours later: "Hey Levi, that cloud looks like two rings intertwined." Smiling, he thinks to himself, 'If I believed in omens, I'd say this is one..." Reaching into his pocket, his hand grips a small box with identical rings nestled inside.....

Lightning in the distance. Loud booming thunder. "Levi! Look! I think another portal is opening!" 'no! not now!' he thinks, panic gripping him.

"It looks like it's over the old garrison, come on!" I head down towards where we left Nugget, but stop once I realize he's not following. "Levi?" Staring at the flashes of light off in the distance, Levi feels frozen. 'is she leaving me? this isn't happening...'

'no, levi; you told her you wanted her to be happy no matter what that means, i just hoped that meant with me...' sighing, and feeling the hot sting of tears behind his eyes he slowly makes his way towards her.

Arriving, they're greeted with several armored cars, the driver's of which are standing at attention facing a very displeased Hanji. "Captain...." I greet the soldier in the forefront.

"Sergeant...I apologize for the delay. Tracking you was no easy feat." Levi steps forward and takes my hand. The Captain, gives him a dismissive glance and continues to address me.

'this guy is massive, even bigger than reiner I think, and he's just covered in tattoos, Heather has a few, but this guy is covered.' looking from one to the other Levi gets a sinking feeling in his stomach.

'there's more than a professional relationship here...or was, at one time.' feeling disheartened by this revelation, Levi turns his attention back to the conversation. "This can only go one of two ways Heather, you know this."

"I know." I turn to Levi, and squeeze his hand for a moment before letting go. I walk slowly towards the line of cars, my heart thudding with every step. Clutching tightly to the rings in his pocket like life support, Levi watches me walk away. 'no...heather, please...I just fucking found you...'

'why can't I say any of this out loud? I feel like i'm paralyzed...she's leaving....'

'wait...what's happening?'

Standing before my old comrades, I feel the weight of the decision I'm about to make. I'm giving up something that I thought was so important to me. Reaching out with a trembling hand, I place my keys in my former Captain's hand.

"Are you sure?" "I am." "And he's worth this?"

"He is." The Captain turns away without another word, signalling his soldiers to follow. Getting into what was my car, he looks at me one last time.

"Last chance." I shake my head. He sighs, starts my car and heads for the portal. I turn and walk back to Levi. Saying nothing, I wrap my arms around him. Stunned by the turn of events, Levi wraps his arms around me as well, and we stay that way for a very long time......

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