A Collision of Worlds Pt. 28: Time for Us
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 28: Time for Us aot stories

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"Wasn't too hard, I just told him how I feel about you...." Before I can respond, he kisses me deeply. As he rolls over on top of me, I wrap my arms around him, kissing him back.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 28: Time for Us

"You were a merchant in the undergound, that's how we met." "Okay..."

"We had re-acquainted after the fall of wall rose, and I brought you up here with the intention of purchasing full-time citizenship. You then decided you wished to join Hanji's engineering squad, where you and Hanji came up with a plan for a new mechanized anti-titan weapon."

"But Levi, what if guards are questioned? What if they say they never saw us exit the underground together?" "Don't worry about that. Just remember what we discussed, and you will do fine." At that moment, Hanji and Erwin walk up, carrying large stacks of papers.

"Hi! Alright, I have my blueprints of your car, and Erwin has your paperwork inducting you into our ranks. We should be set." "Are you guys sure about this?"

Erwin glances at Levi, smiles and nods. "We are ready." "My Lord", a puffed out gentleman in ridiculously fancy clothes announced, "Presenting Commander Erwin, Captain Levi and Section Commander Hanji."

"Step forward and state your business." Erwin nods to Levi, and he steps forward. Motioning to me, I step beside him.

"My Lord, I am petitioning for full-time citizenship for my Lady, Heather." I lower my gaze respectfully, and Levi continues. "I confess, that she has been living with me since the fall of wall rose, and am willing to pay whatever fine is due to me for not utilizing the proper channels sooner."

"For what reason are you now requesting citizenship?" The gentlemen in the audience chambers chuckle knowingly. Levi takes a moment to look each in the eyes before continuing.

"Any 'gentlemen' in the crowd right now who might be insinuating anything improper regarding my lady friend, can meet me outside at the conclusion of this meeting. I will be happy to teach you some manners.

As to your question; My Lord, since bringing her to the surface, Heather has come up with many useful suggestions for improving our scouting methods. One which, is outlined in these notes presented by Section Commander Hanji."

At that moment Hanji steps forward and presents her blueprints to the court. They take a moment to read through them, and then look to me. "What exactly, my lady are we looking at?" I look at Levi, and he nods encouragingly.

"My lords, what we have here is an armored titan killing weapon, able to travel distances faster and farther than horseback. These armored weapons are able to house up to 5 ODM troops onto the battlefield, and have weaponry of their own to combat titans."

"Pixis likes", comes a call from the crowd and laughter and scattered applause follows. When the uproar dies down the conversation continues. "And how does this machine operate?"

"A concoction developed by Section Commander Hanji and I, and operable by a trained soldier." "And what soldiers would be trained to operate such machinery?" "As of now, we have one prototype. I am it's driver, and only me."

"You are not within the ranks of the scouting legion." "Be that as it may, I am the only one who operates this machinery. If more were to be made I would be happy to train any willing." Erwin clears his throat.

"My Lord, if I may...?" "Proceed." "Heather has officially been inducted into our ranks, and assigned; by me, to Section Commander Hanji's engineers.. Her forward thinking and creativity would be a great boon to the survey corps."

Stepping forward he presents all the necessary documents. "So this 'prototype' has already been tested?" "Yes, and successfully." "We will recess for 15 minutes. leave us to our deliberations."

Exiting the throne room, I breathe a huge sigh of relief. "I'm so nervous! Gods!" Crossing my arms and rubbing away the gooseflesh that has formed there, I turn to Levi. "Well? What do you think?" Placing his hand on the small of my back, he leads me to a nearby bench to sit.

"You did well. Don't worry. even if they deny your petition, we'll think of something. We can always have you stay permanently at the old scouting garrison. Don't worry, Erwin is in there defending our case." He looks kind of depressed at the prospect of moving me, but before I can question him, Hanji comes over.

"They're calling us back already." I give Levi a panicked look, and he gives my hand a reassuring squeeze before leading me back into the throne room. "Upon discussing the matter presented, we will be granting the lady Heather full citizenship aboveground.

Welcome." I breathe a sigh of relief. "Captain Levi, though your intentions were undoubtedly good, you still showed poor judgement in not presenting the lady's case sooner. 1,000 coin will be your fine."

"Levi, that's so much!", I whisper. "Don't worry, Heather...it's covered." '1000 coin is a small price to pay', he thinks. 'look how happy she is right now'. He glances sideways, taking in my smile and wide eyed gaze as if I was just actually looking at my surroundings for the first time.

"Let's do something special tonight....you know, to celebrate." Excited at the prospect, I ask, "Like what? Hey, I've got an idea! Maybe we can go to the military police garrison and heave Dennis over the wall!" Looking alarmed, Levi starts to stammer out a response before seeing the mischief in my eyes.

"You heard about that?" He stops walking. "I did. I only wish I saw it.", I say, giving him a peck on the cheek before continuing to walk home. Blushing, and realizing he's being left behind he hurries to catch up.

10 minutes later: "Hanji! Oi!" "Yes?" Comes her distracted response from the back of the lab.

"I want to do something special for Heather tonight...any ideas?" Poking her head up from behind a large stack of supplies, Hanji grins. "How 'special' are we talking?" Rolling his eyes, levi walks over to where she is, and grabs hold of one end of the crate she is trying to move.

"Funny. Seriously, though..." "Well...oof, that was heavy. How about maybe going on a night expedition? Just the two of you....the moonlight....a cozy blanket for two....titans....ah romance!"

Glaring, Levi sighs and walks back over to the pile, grabbing another box. "Why did I bother asking you?" "Because I give you amazing advice, and you know it." "Not this time, apparently."

"Look, maybe you should ask yourself exactly why it is so important to you to do this, and maybe you can figure it out for yourself, seeing my advice is SO lame." He sighs, sets down the last box and plops into the chair next to the stack. "I suppose we could go to the cave..."

"Break her other ankle?", Hanji giggles. "No! Don't be an ass! Gods, forget it Hanji." He walks out with a wave and heads to his own quarters. 'our quarters', he thinks blushing madly. 'gods, what's wrong with me'? Entering 'our' quarters, he sees me sound asleep on the couch.

Chuckling to himself, he goes for a shower, and changes clothes. Coming into the living room, he sits on the couch and gives me a light shake,

"Heather...hey, wake up." I yawn, roll over onto my back, stretch then proceed to roll right back over flopping my arm over his lap. 'Oh for heavens sake.', he thinks shaking me again. "Heather." A little louder this time. "Huh?"

"About time. Come on get up." "Move your ass and I will", I mutter shoving at him with the heel of my hand. He stands up, waiting for me to follow suit. "All right, Levi what's this about?"

"Just come on." Guiding me to the walls, we stop at the stalls and he saddles Nugget. "Levi, where are we going?" "Just get on." I climb up behind him, and as the gates open we head out into the night. We ride in silence, and I begin to recognize some landmarks.

'are we going back to the mountains?', I think to myself. 'I wonder what this is all about." It's almost dawn before we arrive, and I'm exhausted. Arriving at the cave, Levi pulls out the bedroll, and guides me over.

"We should catch a nap." He says, pulling me down next to him. A little shocked and unsure about what the hell is going on, I freeze up poker-stiff. "Heather." he says, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me close. "Come here, please." I relax, allowing my head to rest on his chest.

I go to sleep with the feeling of his hands gently stroking my hair.... I open my eyes to see him lying over the top of me, propped on his elbow watching me. "Hey.", he says reaching out and stroking my face.

"Hey", I respond back, smiling. "Levi, what are we doing here?" "Getting away from everyone." he says, gently kissing my lips. "How did you get Erwin to agree to this, anyway?"

"Wasn't too hard, I just told him how I feel about you...." Before I can respond, he kisses me deeply. As he rolls over on top of me, I wrap my arms around him, kissing him back.

A couple hours Later: I wake to the smell of food cooking. A fire has been started towards the back of the cave with a pot hanging over the top of it. Realizing how hungry I am, I sit up looking for any sign of my clothes.

"Pants...pants...pants, everyone needs pants...." "You don't need pants."

I look up at the sound of his voice. Standing at the cave entrance, he's naked, his back to me. "I want you to be happy, Heather. Whatever that means for you. Do you understand?" The set of his shoulders contradicting the casualness of his tone.

I get up, wrapping a blanket around me and join him. "I am, and I hope the same for you."...... He glances at me, smiling and takes my hand. "More than you know, Heather." He sighs, and it seems as if a big burden has been lifted.

Heather's Journal: I love that this cave has become our little getaway. No clothes...no rules. Perfect. I honestly love this man so much it hurts.

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