A Collision of Worlds Pt. 27: Dennis
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 27: Dennis aot stories

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'And why did that piss me off so badly? Dennis? Seriously? He couldn't have her if he was the last man on earth.'

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 27: Dennis

(Ridiculous fancy voices greet him as he enters) "Now you must mince the garlic finely." "Fiiiinely you say??" "Yes, quite good lady." Hysterical giggling follows.

He rolls his eyes. 'what the fuck? smells good, whatever is going on...' he stops around the corner to listen. "Do you think he's coming?" "I hope so...I don't want to deal with a drunk depressed Heather."

"Hey!" "If he doesn't, we'll just bring our drunk obnoxious asses to him!" "I still wish I knew what I did to garner all this mood swingy behavior...."

"You didn't do shit. Levi is a mood ALL the time. I'd think you'd be used to it by now." "Well yeah...the moodiness makes sense I get, this doesn't." "i tried to give you my 10 cents on this at earlier. Now, what do I do next?"

"Just throw the cheese we shredded over the top of it all...there. It can go in the oven now." "This looks like it's going to be delicious." "Damn straight! I only wish we had more toppings! This is nothing like a real pizza, but it is going to be good!" Our voices

so he enters the room. "Heather, look. Levi decided to grace us with his presence!" "Oh?" I turn to look at him, face red and feeling slightly awkward. By the look he's giving me, the awkwardness is very mutual.

"Hey, I'm glad you're here." I take a step closer. Trying not to be nervous at the very neutral expression on his face. He stares at me a moment longer, before his eyes soften, and he gives a small smile. He reaches out and takes my fingers gently in his hand.

"I'm sorry about earlier, I made you uncomfortable." I giggle. "Maybe a little...but for the record Levi, not bad" I wink, and go to sit at the table where Hanji was waiting and eyeing us with curiosity.

Heart swelling up impossibly, Levi makes his way to join us. Blushing, he takes the chair beside me. Hanji passes us each a cup and pours out. "To Heather", she says raising her glass, "For bringing the fun!" Levi smiles. "To Heather." We drink...

"Holy shit!", I choke and gasp out the words, "I think he pissed in this!" Giggling like mad, Hanji adds "Moblit piss." Both of us dying with laughter, Hanji pours out more. Levi just rolls his eyes. I raise my glass. "To Levi, for being my favorite pain in the ass!" He rolls his eyes, but grins

nonetheless. "To Levi!" Hanji says and we all drink again. COUGH! "Whooo. That shit could kill a titan!" I say.

"Maybe we should bring some on our next expedition", Levi says and we all laugh. Levi presents the next toast. "To Hanji. For helping get Heather's car up and moving again." "HANJI!!!!!", I shout tossing back another round....

TWO HOURS LATER: "Ahh...pizza", Hanji says, head on table and staring at the piece she was currently holding. Levi rolls his eyes. "You're drunk." "Not yet, but I'm working on it."

"Alright, everytime Levi rolls his damn eyes, EVERYONE has to drink." "Oh god,", Hanji groans, "We are going to die." We burst into laughter, and Levi rolls his eyes.. "DRINK!" I yell, laughing my ass off.

"So where did you get all the stuff to make this?" "We went to the market.", Hanji says. I shoot her an alarmed glance. He looks at both of us, his irritation apparent in the set of his jaw.

"You WHAT?", he asks through gritting teeth. "Oh relax Levi, everything was fine. We bumped into Nile and Dennis, but Heather handled it amazingly!"

"It's NOT okay. Tell me what happened." Hanji happily obliges, detailing our adventure to Levi, while I'm sitting back thinking of creative ways to kill her.

'dammit, look at his face. I knew it, he's furious. He's just pissed because I'm not hiding away like a good little girl. Nothing personal, so quit feeling like you betrayed his trust by wanting a little freedom'. Looking over at him, I can see I'm wrong in my assessment.

He's furious, all right. But it's not directed at me at all. As soon as Hanji gets to Dennis' involvement, I'm starting to feel a bit scared, and slightly sorry for the sad pathetic ass that was dumb enough to hit on me.

Should this display of emotion make me happy? Special? All I feel right now is uncomfortable. He glances over at me and seeing my expression, his gaze softens. He sighs, reaches out and takes my hand.

"Should we go back to our place now?", he asks. OUR PLACE???...OUR PLACE??? Blushing and unable to respond, I just nod. "Goodnight you two", Hanji calls with a wave. "Night", is all I can manage to squeak out.

He says nothing until we are inside. Closing the door, he turns to me, and gives me a sad look. I look at him confused, not understanding what he's expecting from me. He sighs, walks over to my radio and turns it on. He then walks back to me, and leads me over to sit on the couch.

He reaches out stroking the hair from my face and tucking it behind my ear, then pulls back immediately as if unsure of his own actions. "Look, if you want to go somewhere, please tell me. I will escort you."

"Explain to me why this is such a big deal." "These are my orders. You and your car would be both locked up, and I can't guarantee your safety. The whole military garrison smells of short-sighted fear. We are only trying to keep you safe."

"Why? Why is that so important to you?" "Erwin said..." "No. I said you. Why is this so important to you. I don't give a flying fuck about your orders right now, Levi.", my voice softens. "Why."

He looks away for a moment, as if gathering his thoughts. When he looks back, his gaze is sad. Cupping my face in his hands he leans closer. He rests his forehead on mine for a moment, then releases me. Standing up and walking to his bedroom, he looks over his shoulder. "Come to bed, Heather."

LATER THAT NIGHT: 'We have to figure something out', he thinks to himself. 'some way she can be here, and her car as well without raising suspicion. How? I don't want to see her miserable, but I can't let her just wander either.' He chuckles softly.

'don't want to see her miserable? it was only a couple of months ago i couldn't stand her. But is that even really true? Fuck, I think she had me from day one. Hanji was right all along.'

'And why did that piss me off so badly? Dennis? Seriously? He couldn't have her if he was the last man on earth.' Thinking about it is causing the rage to resurface, and he gets up fists clenched, walking into the living room.

I'm asleep, curled in a little ball on my side. He grins, and sits on the edge of the couch. Watching me, he feels the calm slowly overtake him, and he sits that way for awhile; afraid if he lies back down, the thoughts will come crowding back into his mind.

Knowing he definitely doesn't want me to catch him sitting there, he reluctantly gets up and heads back to his room. 'why did she come out here to sleep? Did I upset her?'

He gets dressed, and quietly leaves. Heading through the city, he approaches the garrison. 'I'm getting angry again. Shit, let's get this over with.' Entering, the first person he meets is Nile. Startled by the late night visit, Nile jumps to his feet.

"Captain Levi, how can I help you?" "Dennis.", Levi says without breaking stride. "Captain?" "Dennis. Where is he?"

"Up on the wall." Continuing on, he follows three flights of stairs, and exits out the door that leads to the walls. He finds Dennis easily enough. Hell, just follow the drunken laughter. Dennis turns around and spotting Levi coming towards him, he stands up and grins.

"Captain, care for a dri..." His words are choked off as Levi grabs him by the throat and continues walking; dragging a stumbling, gagging Dennis behind him. At the edge of the wall, Levi stops and hauls Dennis over the side, and holding him over the precipice, back against the wall he speaks directly into Dennis' ear.

"Heard you met my lady friend today." Dennis tries to choke out an answer. "No, don't speak. Listen. I will fucking kill you. I will make sure there is nothing left to return to your family, if you so much as utter her name again. Do..you..understand?"

Dennis tries ineffectively to speak, and Levi hauls him back onto the ledge. "I'm glad we understand each other." He says, shoving Dennis onto his ass and then turning to walk away. 'that was stupid Levi. Now that the whole garrison witnessed this, people WILL be talking. I need to think of something fast....why did I let

my emotions get the better of me?' Sneaking in quietly, so as not to wake me Levi tiptoes over to the couch. 'Did she go back to bed?' Opening the bedroom door as quietly as possible, he peeks in. I'm sprawled out sound asleep.

Going back to the living room, he sits on the couch and buries his face in his hands. 'how am I going to fix this? god Levi, think!' Hearing scratching at the window, he looks up. Sighing, he opens the window and carries the annoying furball to the couch. "Well? Do you have any bright ideas, kitty? No? Thought as much."

'maybe if I distract my mind with something else...' Reaching over to my backpack, he pulls out my journal from the inside pocket.......'crusty old Levi??' shocked by the burst of laughter this particular journal evokes, Levi claps his hand over his mouth guiltily and looks to the bedroom door.

After a moment he relaxes and continues his reading, chuckling quietly at random from time to time. 'where's my dentures......oh Heather.....' 15 minutes later, he hears a yawn, and the bedsprings creak. 'shit! she's up!' Leaping up to put the journal away, his foot tangles into something soft and he goes flying forward

banging his nose on the arm of the couch. The annoying furball screeches, and Levi sees stars. "Levi?" Heather calls from the bedroom. Hurriedly, Levi places the book back where it belongs and tries to zip the backpack closed before I come out. 'fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck!' Standing up just as I come out, he breathes a sigh of relief.

"Levi, what happened? And you're bleeding..." Going into the kitchen, I grab a rag and start running it under cold water. "Heather, I'm fine...I tripped over kitty and hit my face is all...." "I thought Levi wasn't supposed to be inside?"

"I know, I let him in." "So can he stay?" Levi sighs. "Tomorrow. After you get a box for it to shit in. BUT... if he shits anywhere else, he's gone."

I smile, delighted. "Come sit down and let me get you cleaned up." "I can take care of myself, Heather." "Levi, shut up." I say dabbing at his swelling nose. "I think it might be sprained Levi."

'great. thanks a lot you annoying furball....at least one good thing came of tonight I might have an idea to keep her here with me...and I would LOVE to know what the sexy dream was about....' Grinning at the thought, Levi turns his attention to me.

"I might have an idea, to get you citizenship..." "Really? No more hiding from the MP's?" "No more hiding." I give him a hug, and he pulls me down onto the couch. "Let me talk to Erwin first, and if it sounds like it will hold up...i'll let you in on it."

Levi's Journal: Fucking Dennis. It's alarming how infuriating it was to hear that piece of shit was coming on to (my) Heather. What stake do I really have on her anyway? I'm too chickenshit to seal the deal. Because she has feelings for me too, THAT'S my stake and why can't she just make the first move???

Why does it have to be me??!! I WILL fucking wreck that man if he EVER tries anything again. I know it's stupid, what chance would he ever have with her? Then again, I thought the same thing about myself once!

To further make the tension unbearable, she saw me naked and like a dumbass I just stood there letting her look. Why didn't I cover up? Instead I kept trying to get closer to her like....what? Maybe something would have finally happened between us?

Like my nakedness would have served as some kind of magic charm? Dumb Levi. "Abracadabra, i'm naked! For my next amazing trick you will helplessly throw yourself at me!...Ta-Da!" Can I just die in a hole?

I've got an idea to keep her here and all it took was me spraining my nose trying to put away her journal to come up with it. What sexy dream, I wonder.......GOD I WANT TO KNOW SO FUCKING BAD!

Heathers Journal: I gave Hanji a cooking lesson today, but first a trip to the market which was super fun, and only marred by the disgusting MP that we bumped into. Ew! Dude made my skin crawl! Remember how I felt about Levi in the beginning? Multiply that by 100 and you've got Dennis. EW!

So I go up to invite him to join us, and never mind Levi in a towel....try Levi WITHOUT a towel! Oh my, I think my ovaries exploded. But he was (as usual lately) acting weird. Like he wanted to be an irritable fuck, but also didn't and why was he walking around like that anyway????!!!

At any rate, he just stood there and didn't bother to cover himself. I wish he would have done something other than stare at me. Cover up maybe? Jump on me? There I said it. I would not have minded a bit.....help!

And then! Hanj goes ahead and tells him all about our adventure in the marketplace, and I'm glad I'm not a certain MP named Dennis!! I honestly thought he was going to rip into me too, but he was actually pretty calm. Whatever the hell he's feeling lately, I just wish he'd come out with it, am I supposed to guess everything?

But Kitty Levi gets to stay, so he must give somewhat of a crap for me right? What guy would bust his nose open thanks to a small ball of fur and be all "it's cool, he can stay". Yeah, it's definitely not just me. I just wish he'd do something about it already!!

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