A Collision of Worlds Pt. 26: Awkward Moment
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 26: Awkward Moment aot stories

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"Actually Heather, if Levi did hear about this I think the fact that Dennis put his hands on you would be what would bother him the most."

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 26: Awkward Moment

(down in Hanji's lab) "We need to be able to cook down here." "You think?" Hanji looks up from her tinkering with a curious expression. "Yeah! That way we can be hogs without having to go to the mess hall!" "Nice! We can fashion a makeshift oven/stove out of this old kiln!"

"I like the way you think! Alright, let's do this!" A few hours later... "Hanje, I do believe we did it!" "Do you want to test it out?"

"Yes! I'm going to teach you how to make what may or may not pass for pizza, but we need to jet to the market. If we don't have enough ingredients there, we'll think of something else to make. It's going to be great!"

"Well, let's go then." Heading out to the market, Hanji turns to me with a mischievous glint in her eye. "Heather, I think a bottle of Moblit's private stock should conveniently find it's way into our possession."

"Hmmmm...I do believe you're right." "Should we invite Levi?", Hanji asks inspecting eggs and putting them in a basket. I sigh. "He's been really moody since we got back." "All the more reason to invite him."

"Yeah, but I can't help to think I did something wrong..." I grab some flour adding it to the basket. Wishing she could say more, she just gives me a sad look and says, "I'm sure that's not true, he has a tendency to get kinda dark sometimes. It'll pass." "Are you sure?"

"Yeah", Hanji says with a glint in her eye, "Give him a kiss, he'll brighten right up!" My eyes widen at her audacity, and my jaw drops. "Hanji!" Lightly slapping her arm, I laugh and start grabbing tomatoes. "honestly, if I wanted his foot in my face, PAINFULLY, I might just try that. I'd like to keep my teeth in my mouth, thank you."

She laughs, and we continue our shopping. "Yeah, don't tell me you two never kissed....or did he just go straight for your throat?" "The HICKIES!" I burst out laughing. "Attack of the giant sucker fish! How funny! And yes, we have...but it was always so weird and awkward after that I don't think I could just go

and kiss him like that. With his mood the way it is, I'd never know which Levi I'm getting." Feeling a little bummed, I continue inspecting the produce. "Gosh, there's not much selection."

"You have to remember Heather, our farming is very limited." "I guess...hey, what if we were to grow our own stuff? We could do it right on the roof." "Really?"

"Back home, we had rooftop gardens in bigger cities. A lot of the food we grew there was used to feed the poor and the homeless, but we could do this here too." "I'd be willing to do it. Get it planned out, we'll go from there."

"Alright, in the meantime...ah yes, garlic and onions." Putting both in the basket, I look around and spot the meat vendor. We pay for what we have and head over. Just before we reach the stall, A voice sounds behind us.

"Nile, I'm thinking this would look very nice on my arm tonight." I feel a hand brushing lightly up my arm, and the distinct scent of booze wafts over me. Turning, I see two of the Military Police standing there.

"I've never seen the likes of you before", the leering gentleman says moving in closer. "What's your name?" Hanji pushes her way in between us. "Dennis, don't be ridiculous. Heather's been here since Wall Rose fell, she's a good friend of mine, and I know you've seen her around before.", she lies.

"I don't believe...ah wait. Wasn't she out strolling the walls with Captain Levi?" "Yes, so I suggest you turn your attention elsewhere." We turn to go, but he grabs my arm again. "Are you sure we've seen each other before that?" I yank my arm from his grip and turn to

face him. "I was rather shy when I first got here. And uninterested in meeting anyone new." "Oh really?" I move closer. "I'm not shy anymore", I tell him with a sweet smile, "But I'm still uninterested."

Hanji laughs, and with that I turn and walk away. "He's going to die on one of his stupid missions to kill titans, and then what? You could have the easy life in the inner walls."

"If I wanted the easy life, I would have found better than you already." He takes a step forward, angry at the insult. "Let it go" I hear Nile say, and they walk away. "My god Hanji, that was revolting!"

"Well you handled it perfectly." "Levi will be angry if he hears about this, him and Erwin are determined that the military police not know about me at all."

"Actually Heather, if Levi did hear about this I think the fact that Dennis put his hands on you would be what would bother him the most." "I doubt it Hanji. He'd yell at me for being out in public."

"He'd toss Dennis over the wall and not look back. He's very protective of you, everyone knows this." "Only because he has to be." "Oh Heather..." She starts, but doesn't say anymore. We conclude our shopping and head back.

"Why don't you tell Levi, offer an invite. What should i do with all of this." "Go down to the mess hall. We need salt, basil, oregano and pepper. Oh! We forgot cheese! Grab some!"

"On it!" She gives a little wave and heads in the other direction. I head up the stairs, a knot of worry growing in my stomach. 'why has he been so cold lately? am i wasting my time coming up right now? what if he's in a bad mood?' Well, there's nothing for it now, I've arrived at his door.

I walk in and call his name. No answer. I turn to walk up to his room, and at that moment he comes out of the bathroom. Drying the back of his head with a towel, he turns towards me and 'Oh god, heather, look away'. Poor advice to myself, as this is the exact opposite of what I do. "Uh...uh..Levi..."

"What are you doing back so early? I thought you were with Hanji." Red faced, I stand there unable to speak. Sarcastically, Levi comments "I wouldn't have expected my 'tiny dick' to garner this much attention", and takes a step forward, but his confidence is betrayed by a slight tremor in his hands and voice.

I finally find my voice. "Hey you deserved those words. But let me take this moment to take them back.", I say looking pointedly down. "Oh?" another step closer,smiling slightly. 'jesus Levi, cover yourself what the hell are you doing?' he thinks to himself, not bothering to listen to his own advice.

'I feel like he's trying to make me uncomfortable on purpose. ugh, are you kidding? fine, two can play this.' "Yes, Levi. Impressive..." He stops, eyes wide and face red. 'there. that aught to do it.' "Anyway, Hanji and I are downstairs in the lab. Food...Moblits private stock...you should join us."

I turn quickly and make my way to the door. "How'd you get a hold of the drink?" "We have our ways..." I state mysteriously, and hurry out the door.

'Holy shit, that was embarrassing!' Heading back down to meet up with Hanji, I try my damndest to collect myself so she doesn't notice anything amiss. "Is he coming?" Hanji asks as I walk in.

"I don't know, I didn't wait around for an answer. What about the drink? How are we going to get a hold of it?" Hanji grins, and says "Follow me." We sneak up the stairs at the back of the research area. "Right here.", she whispers and proceeds to unlock the door. Sneaking in as quietly as

possible, we try to find our way to the kitchen. "It's pitch fucking dark!", I whisper "Do you know where we're going?"

"Shhh, we're almost there." She trips, "oof!" and I bump into her. "shhh!" We both start giggling like trolls, trying very hard to keep silent as we make our way to the cupboard. "Here we..ahh! Got it!"

"Let's get out of here!" We make our way quickly to the door, and immediately upon exiting burst into hysterics. Dashing madly, we enter the lab area and collapse panting, small bursts of laughter erupting from time to time.

"Alright, let's start cooking."

MEANWHILE: Levi sits, now fully dressed; working on paperwork. He can't focus on it however, all he really wants to think about is what happened about a half an hour ago. "You handled that poorly, Levi." He speaks into the empty room.

"You should have covered yourself. Hell, you don't live alone anymore. You shouldn't have been walking around naked in the first place." He can't suppress a small sense of satisfaction, though. "The look on her face was priceless, though. Didn't mind that one bit. " he smiles to himself, and

stands up. 'I guess I can head down and see what those two crazies are up to'.

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