A Collision of Worlds Pt. 23: Psych 101 and the Joys of Spelunking
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 23: Psych 101 and the Joys of Spelunking aot stories

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"Damn it woman you are so beautiful." he says out loud, not thinking.

"Did you say something Levi?", I call down.

"Nothing. I was just thinking how defensible this position would be." Embarrassed, he continues to climb.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 23: Psych 101 and the Joys of Spelunking

"Hey, can I ask you something?" The caution in his voice catches my attention, as this is not like him. I give him a questioning look, and continue driving. "Sure, go for it." "Does psychology say anything about dreams?" "Yes, why?"

"Well, suppose you tried to touch somebody, but they turned to water and slipped through your fingers? What does that mean?...Anything?"

"Well, water usually signifies healing, love, emotions...so who were you trying to touch, and how do you feel about that person?" Embarrassed, and not wanting to admit to having dreamed of me specifically; he stutters out a quick lie.

"It was Nile! He told me over lunch, I was just curious is all...." I give him a slightly suspicious look, and turn my focus back to driving. "Anything else?"

"Well he tried again, but then the person turned into a bunch of butterflies and were all around his head." "Well, that could mean something in his life that's important and he's afraid of losing, or someone he cares a lot about and is afraid of scaring away..."

"He tried to swat them away...and asked why the person had to always make things so difficult" "Having a hard time processing the emotions this other person has him feeling..." "The ground caved in underneath him and he fell."

"Overwhelmed by the situation, or nothing at all....maybe one of the kids jumped on the bed at that moment and gave the impression to his sleeping mind that he was falling." Levi blushes, thinking about waking up to find me straddling him that morning. "I see how it

all fits together, thanks." "Yeah, sure. Weird dream to have about someone you're already committed to though...OH GOD! Is he cheating on Marie?" "No!" 'shit, Levi you might of created a big mess for the poor man...I hope she doesn't say anything to either of them!'

"Nothing like that at all. And I was just curious, no big deal alright?" "Well alright, but I feel if anyone needs some dream analysis it's you. I know you have some pretty bad dreams Levi." "I'm good."

"Like hell, man. I'll help out any way I can Levi, just say the word. " We continue on in silence for the rest of our drive. Levi looks out the window and thinks about the dream he had.

'That was scary accurate...oh jeez, how would i ever tell her any of this?....I can think of a few ways I'd like you to 'help me out' Heather, although I'm not sure if you'd be inclined....' Grinning to himself, he looks out the window. Soon I screech to a halt at the base of the mountain.

"Holy Shit! That was fast!" It had only taken a couple hours to get there, and the drive was peaceful for the most part. "Would have been even quicker if not for the titans." "Amazing! It's occurring to me how something like this could improve the range of our

expeditions....I've been a bit of an idiot, haven't I?" "Yep! Definitely idiotic." "Ha..Ha. Hey look, there's a cave just up there. Up for a climb?"

"Shouldn't we be getting back?" "NOW who's the boring one?" "Still you, Levi. Let's go." The climb was nice. Not too strenuous, but at a steady incline. As we neared the top, the ground got a little bit gravelly and uneven.

"Oh!" I exclaim as I begin sliding steadily back down. I feel strong arms wrap around me, and help me to stand up again. "Are you alright??" Worry apparent in his voice, he eyes me anxiously.

"Yes. I'm fine." I wrap my arms around his, lean my head on his chest for a moment and look up at him. "Thank you.", I say while disengaging from his grasp and continuing to climb. He stands immobile for a moment, trying to process what just happened. He shakes his head, and continues upward following behind me. After

about another ten minutes of climbing, I had reached the top. "Hey Levi, hurry up! The view is amazing!"

He looks up and stops climbing. 'Fuck.....it certainly is.' I had reached a plateau, head thrown back and drinking from my canteen. The sun created a nimbus of light, almost halo-like around my head. "Damn it woman you are so beautiful." he says out loud, not thinking.

"Did you say something Levi?", I call down. "Nothing. I was just thinking how defensible this position would be." Embarrassed, he continues to climb. "Is that all you ever think about, Levi? Work?" I call down.

'Sometimes I WISH it was that simple again...' He thinks to himself, catching up to me. We explored the cave in awkward silence; me on one side and him on the other. We keep snatching glances at each other, unfortunately always at the exact same time; with

neither of us really getting away with the looks as a result. 'I wish I could stop thinking about his arms around me. God, how distracting...'

'Shit. We're alone. Actually physically alone. No one around to knock on the door at the wrong time, no noisy brats...just the two of us. I don't know if i can do this.', He thinks to himself, stealing another quick glance.

Noticing an opening at the far back of the cave, he goes to investigate. "Hey Heather, it looks like the cave drops to a lower level." I come up beside him to see for myself. "We'd need sufficient light...actual spelunking gear..." "Spelunking?"

"Yeah. Also, this cave is damp, so the farther down we go it's going to get cold." "So are you saying it would be a bad idea to go down there?" "I mean, we might be okay, but we stand more of a risk getting into a bad situation without the gear I've mentioned."

"We have rope, and the lantern...." I sigh, and turn to look at him. "Rope isn't the proper gear.", I give him a questioning look, "Are you sure you want to do this, Levi?" He nods. "I should be able to tie the rope here. This place would

be very defensible from titans, I would like to see more." "Well light the lantern first. I need to see how far it goes down before we go any further." He walks over with the lantern, and shines it down into a small cavern below.

"Yeah, we have enough rope. I'm still not sure about this though. How much gas do you have left in your canister?" "Enough to get us back up there if necessary." I blow out a huge breath, then clap my hands. "Alright let's do this."

He secures the rope, then stands back. "Ladies first." I give a slight nod, then begin my descent. After 5 minutes, I call up "Your turn!" Levi descends more slowly, as he is also holding on to the lantern. Once he reaches the bottom, we begin exploring

again. I find a small pool of water, and test it. "It's fresh!" I call out, refilling my canteen. He comes over and does the same. "We should probably head back before..oh!" The ground gives way under my feet, and I disappear from view.

The next thing Levi hears is a loud crack, and a shriek.

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