A Collision of Worlds Pt. 22: Test Drive
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 22: Test Drive aot stories

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"One fucking pass. You took all eight of them out in one pass. That..was...fucking...HOT."

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 22: Test Drive

He's dreaming. He is in a field and he is walking behind me. I am wearing a blue dress that flutters in the wind. He reaches out to grab me, but I turn to water and trickle through his fingers. I materialize in front of him and again he tries to grab me, but I turn into a swarm of butterflies and disperse around his head.

Swatting his hands annoyingly he says "you just have to make everything difficult" and the ground falls away underneath him. He feels like he's falling.....

Wait. What?

He opens his eyes to find me sitting on top of him, straddling his chest. 'what the fuck?' he wonders. I have a huge giddy smile on my face and seeing he's awake, I drum an excited beat on his chest.

"It's running, Levi!" "What. What's running?" I roll my eyes and blow a stray lock of hair from my forehead. "My car, you ninny!" "Yeah?" I just nod excitedly, unable to speak.

Enjoying the wake up, yet feeling simultaneously annoyed by it, Levi sighs and rubs the sleep from his eyes. "While I share your enthusiasm, I don't feel I can properly express the raging joy inside me while pinned to my bed."

"Huh?" "Get the fuck off of me Heather."

"Oh! Right!" I jump up off of him, give an excited bounce and skip out closing the door behind me. He throws his legs over the side of his bed and sits for a minute collecting himself. He gets up, starts to get dressed, but stops momentarily getting caught off guard by a flash of the dream he was having prior to being woke.

Smiling, he brushes the thought off, and begins dressing again. After a few moments he exits the bedroom to find me pacing around anxiously. "Ready?"

"Ready?" "Yeah. You didn't have to wait for me you know." "I know. Come on."

"Jesus, let me grab some tea." "Ugh. That will take forever. There's tea downstairs, come on!" "Yeah" he mumbles, heading for the door "But not good tea."

"Where's the car?" "Already outside. Hanji and I had to test run it." "You went without me?"

"Just around the wall. You and I are going much farther. Come on!" I skip over to my car, with a ridiculously huge grin on my face. "Get in!"

"Have fun Levi" Hanji says and steps back. Levi hesitates, feeling slightly unsure. 'It's one thing to sit in her car when we are in the bay, but moving?' He thinks to himself. I roll down his window. "Hey! Get in already! My car doesn't bite, but I might if you don't hurry up!" He rolls his eyes and gets in.

"Put your belt on. Like this." I demonstrate and he follows suit. "Okay, before we go let me give you a run down. My missiles are heat seeking. Once I lock on a target, it doesn't matter where it goes the missile will follow. so even if you have troops around they won't be endangered by it.

The target will be vaporized. There's no regenerating from that!" I laugh. "Okay. Next. My hooks will pierce a titan and I can drag it down and even maneuver it into a more viable position. Your seat is designed so that I can eject you out of the car and you can then enact odm and finish it off."

"But what if a titan catches up to you?" "Do they catch up to your horses?" "Well no...I mean not often..." "Your horses go..what, about 45 miles an hour?"

"I guess..." "A titan definitely will not chase my car down." "I'll have you know Nugget is a pretty fast horse."

"Oh I'm sure she? he?" "she" "Is. But...hmm. How long would it take Nugget to get to those mountains in the distance?" He looks off into the distance,

"We could be there by late tomorrow morning." "Oh? Well imagine 426 Nuggets combined." "I call bullshit."

"I call hold the fuck on Levi, you're about to shit your pants." I turn the key, and the engine roars into life. "Jesus! What is that sound?" "426 horses, that's what. You ready?" He nods, a little wide-eyed and says "Let's go"

I mash the pedal down, burning the tires for a moment before we take off. Levi is thrown back wide-eyed. He slowly starts to grin. "Like that?" I ask and he nods. "That button on the door controls the window. You can roll it back up if you prefer."

He shakes his head, enjoying the wind whipping in at him. He sticks him arm out the window, and is surprised at the force of the wind pushing his arm back. "How fast are we going?" "Not even top speed. We're going 80 right now." "80?"

"if we maintain this speed, we can go 80 miles in one hour." "Damn, that seems impossible! Can we go top speed?" "Maybe when I'm more familiar with the terrain, and only short distances. Last thing I need is to blow my engine."

"Bad?" "There's no way I could fix it here." "Shit...hey. What are those red dots?"

"Titans. Shall we?" He nods in agreement. "Then let's go." I veer hard right, leaving a trail of dust in my wake. Levi grabs the dash, leaning far to the left from the force of my turn. My car fishtails and then rights itself, continuing forward.

"Alright, it's a 20 meter. There appears to be a swarm of 10 meters behind it about a mile." "You can tell that? How?" "Bottom of the screen." "But where does the information come from?"

"From my car's computing system. Basically this is how we communicate." "How can you talk to a car?"

I bust out laughing at the shock on his face, give him and exaggerated air kiss, wink then continue driving. "How does this work, but the radio to signal home doesn't?"

"I don't know, Levi. My cell phone doesn't work either but yet I can use my headset, and other electronics. It really doesn't make any sense." The titans are looming closer, and we can now see them in the distance. Still tiny, but growing as we eatup the distance between us.

"Alright, we're close enough. Use that stick to your left with...no, not that one...yes, that one....Use that stick to move the X on the screen until it is centered on the titan. When you've got it, press the green button"

!BOOM! We drive through a wall of ash where the titan used to be. "Titan go boom." He shudders. "That was impressive, I'll admit. I mean I saw it when you first arrived, but that was amazing."

"Thanks. Alright, that button will retract the roof. Go ahead and push it. When this group is downed I'll send you out. Ready?"

"Yes." I fire out my spears, catching the titans by the hamstrings in two tight groups. Putting on a burst of speed, the lines pull taut yanking the titans off their feet. I hit the brakes and turn my car to swing the captured titans away from my car and flipping them neatly onto their stomachs, napes exposed.

"Go!" I push the button ejecting Levi into the air above the us and he enacts his gear. It's my turn to be astonished. One pass. One pass and he got every single one of their napes! 'it has to be that spinning technique', I think to myself, but on the heels of that 'why the hell do I find this so hot?'

I giggle at my own ridiculousness and Levi comes back to the car, giving me a questioning look. For a few moments he's silently sitting in his seat, body angled towards me and staring very intently into my eyes.

"You win, Heather. I'm convinced." He turns away and replaces his seatbelt. Noticing I haven't started my car back up, he turns to me. "Heather?...Heather what is it?" "One fucking pass. You took all eight of them out in one pass. That..was...fucking...HOT."

"C-can we go please?" He blushes, and turns back around in his seat. I start my car, and we continue towards the mountains.

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