A Collision of Worlds Pt. 21: Time Apart
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 21: Time Apart aot stories

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Damn woman 'missed' me. What the hell is that supposed to mean?? ?

?! ?! ?

? I missed her too.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 21: Time Apart

Levi is packing for the expedition. "Do you want to take my camera?" "Why?" "You can take big game trophy hunter photos of the titans you kill before they disappear. Trust me, it's a thing."

"Levi smirks and lightly chuckles. "I'll pass. How about you take some good photos while I'm gone?" "Okay. You're not leaving all ready are you?" "Didn't you see the time? We're leaving soon."

"Alright then...good luck." I glance at him awkwardly, kinda hoping he would kiss me. Something.

He stands there for a moment feeling awkward as well, then leaves. 'well Levi, you could have at least said something especially after last night...', he thinks to himself walking down the hall. They reach their first campsite with no incident, and Levi is unpacking in his tent.

He pauses, realizing that I stuffed my headset into his backpack without him noticing. There is a piece of paper wrapped around a cassette, which he unfolds and reads. He smiles at the list of songs, noting every one is a personal favorite.

He smiles, places the cassette into the player, grabs one more thing from his pack; the photo, and lies down for some much needed rest.

Levi's journal: I don't know when or how, but she managed to sneak Her headset in my pack. I know it plays music, and she wrote all the songs down, but how the hell am I supposed to work it? Ok I got the thing in but how do I start it? Damn it Heather why did you not include instructions?

It's so much nicer listening to this than everyone else snoring like freakish animals. Maybe I'll actually get some sleep tonight. And the songs we danced to are on here as well.

It's around 3 and I can't stop staring at this picture. It's better than anything I've seen drawn. Maybe I should have taken up Heather's offer, but I know if it was with me I'd break it on the mission. Plus the extra weight would be nauseating. Why does she look so happy here though? After all the shit she's been through and all the

shit I've been giving her....why is she smiling?

Heather's journal: It's been awhile since I've written. Levi left three days ago and I'm so stinking BORED. I think I've read almost all my books, and I've cleaned so much I have a permanent odor of cleaning supplies fuuuuuck. That stupid tick in my engine is still there, but I'm pretty sure it won't be long and she'll be good to go again.

Something occurred to me. When I was sick, Levi expressed unwanted curiosity in my journal... dear lord did he read it?? I hope not! I should probably keep this near me from now on just in case. Especially considering what I'm about to tell you, my dear secret keeper.

Do I actually miss the guy? I have to wonder, considering the ridiculously SEXY dream I had about him last night!! Why?? Not cool! I'm not going into details, and it wasn't like it was something so dang dirty I should be embarrassed about it or anything...but shit.

It's enough that it happened at all! Why?!! I'm sure it had plenty to do with that kissing session we had the other night but.... I hope he liked the tape...not really sure why I made it for him, just got it in my head that it would be a good idea I guess.

A Week Later: Back from the expedition...it's 1 am and Levi is exhausted. He enters his quarters, locks the door immediately behind him and heads straight for the couch. He stops, confused and a little disappointed. 'Where is she?' He wonders, a slight frown playing on his lips. "Tch, she's probably downstairs.

Why are you so disappointed? She didn't seem sorry when you left anyway." Then he shakes his head and thinks, 'Idiot, what kind of goodbye were you expecting. You didn't make much of an issue about it yourself.' He places his photo on his desk and then pulls his gear out of his pack, giving it a good cleaning and inspecting it thoroughly.

After an hour he puts his gear away, looks at the clock and thinks, "Maybe I can get a couple hours of sleep." He goes in to his room and is just about to lie down when he notices a tuft of blonde hair peeking out from under his blanket. "Why is she in my bed?", he wonders. Rolling his eyes, he taps me on the shoulder.

I open one eye sleepily, stretch, give a tiny squeak of a yawn and reach out to put a hand on his arm. "You're back...I missed you." I yawn again and roll over, my eyes drifting shut. "WHAT?", he thinks to himself. Outloud he says, " What did you say?" "Huh?"

"Did you just say you missed me?" "Hey, it was pretty boring here without you to annoy." "But why are you in my bed?" "Oh come on Levi, do you think I enjoy sleeping on that lumpy ass couch? If you're not here i'm gonna steal your bed."

"Well you can go back to the couch now." "Heck no. I'm comfortable." I roll over and put the blankets over my head. He sighs, rolls his eyes and goes to lie down on the couch. He's tossing and turning and thinking about the last three weeks on the mission and what he came home to.

"Did you really miss me, or was that just half sleep talk?" Getting up to grab the picture off his desk, he notices a pile of similar photos sitting off to the side. Going through them he grins. Here's a picture of kitty mid-yawn, what appears to be Hanji's eyeball, and several of Heather.

Blowing a kiss from over her shoulder, holding kitty, laughing, and for some reason, now his absolute favorite of all: staring out the window with a mug of tea. The sunlight is streaming through the window causing her hair to glow. She let Hanji get a hold of her camera? It's a wonder it's still in one piece.

Levi's journal: Damn woman 'missed' me. What the hell is that supposed to mean?? ? ?! ?! ? I missed her too.

Heather's journal: Levi is finally home. Got in at a ridiculous hour, and woke me up but he's in one piece, so I guess that's all that matters. I feel kinda awkward this morning though. Every time he says something to me, my brain flashes back to the 'dream'. I hope he hasn't noticed how damn red-faced I

am. He seems a little awkward too for some reason. Hmmmm...

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