A Collision of Worlds Pt. 19: Photograph
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 19: Photograph aot stories

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He takes the photo from me and studies it closely. What he sees is astounding. There he is, eyes closed. Next to him, cheek almost touching his...her. Smiling. "This moment has been captured forever?"

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 19: Photograph

(Crimson and Clover, Joan Jett) I'm down in the bay by myself, listening to my mix and tinkering with my car. Dancing and singing I spin around towards my toolbox and bump right into Levi. "What ARE you doing, dumbass?"

"Ritual dancing to appease the Car Gods." "The....car gods?" He asks cautiously. I sneakily push the panic button on my key fob causing the alarm to blare. Grabbing his arms I yell "Oh no Levi, the car gods are angry and demand a sacrifice!"

He jumps and his eyes widen. and I bust out laughing and shut the alarm off; showing him my key fob. "Just kidding. Here, look. This button locks the doors, this one as you just discovered scares the shit out of people, and this one unlocks it. I open the driver's side, get in and lay my seat back.

Levi comes around to the other side. "May I?" "Yup. Bout time you make your way down here." He gets in and starts to look around. "Sorry, I didn't care......What are all these buttons for?"

"That just warms my heart Levi. Radio, temperature, mostly just conveniences. The real meat of the car is under the hood. That button there is how I fire missiles..." "Missiles?" "Titan go boom. And these are for my spear hooks."

"It's kind of cold down here, is it always like this?" "Yeah, it's because of the big doors we need to get my car out. Hold on." I get out and go to my trunk, digging around until I find a blanket. "Here" I say and hand the blanket to him. "Don't be a hog though, It's big enough to cover my side too. I'm going to have to go

through my trunk more thoroughly, there's stuff back there I forgot I even had!" He hands over a part of the blanket to me and we sit in silence for a few moments. "I also found this" I pull out a black box with a thick strap attached to it.

"What is it?" He says looking closely. "A polaroid camera." "Well what does it do?" "It catches an image called a photograph." "How?"

"By directing light to a single point and focusing an image onto the film inside. Here, watch." I lean over towards him causing him to lean away confused. "Dude, hold still." I snap the picture and he blinks rapidly. "That was bright!"

"Yeah, hold on." I start waving the photo around and then present it to him. "Your eyes are closed!" "Well it was bri....what is this? How?" He takes the photo from me and studies it closely. What he sees is astounding. There he is, eyes closed. Next to him, cheek almost touching his...

her. Smiling. "This moment has been captured forever?" "Yeah, that's the point of it." "What can you take pictures of?"

"Anything you want. Word of advice though...please don't ever take a picture of your manhood and try to give it to a girl. Guys think it's sexy, but it's just creepy." "Why would I want to?!" He exclaims, horrified. I just laugh. "Nevermind Levi."

"So is this what you do when you come down here late? Just sit in your car and listen to your music?" "No, not just that but it is a big part. I like the solitude." " You like the solitude, but you're so lonely you need a cat?" "Yes, exactly."

"You are so confusing." "Thanks!" "What is this we are listening to now?" "Stabbing Westward."

"That's a weird name for a song.." "No, that's the band. The song is called Save Yourself." "Oh. I actually think I kinda like it." He states, kind of amused 'i've been around her too long. Her noise is actually becoming a bit appealing. gods.'

Gazing at the picture, Levi sits lost in thought. 'this has got to be the most amazing thing I've ever seen...what is her world like that they can create such powerful weapons of destruction, and yet such beautiful creations such as this? It's like we're frozen in time...and that smile....'

Realizing his thoughts, he shuts down and sits looking out the window. 'i have to admit this car is more intriguing than i care to confess. What's it like when it's awake i wonder?' "Does everyone have these cars where you're from?" "Pretty much, but not all are equipped to deal with titans."

"So where did you get yours?", he asks nervously having guessed the answer already based on the journal he should never have read. "My father. He designed the equipment for it." "Where is he now?" "He passed away..cancer."

"I'm sorry." I smile sadly. "Thank you. What about you? How did you end up in the survey corps?" He takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before responding. "You were right..." "Huh?"

"What you said to Sasha in the mess hall." "Oh! You heard that. Levi, I'm sorry..." "No. Don't. You were right....I was on my own except for Kenny." "Kenny?"

"Just someone who didn't care to stick around....I was a criminal for a long time, even took a contract on Commander Erwin's life. My comrades and I were caught with stolen ODM gear. Erwin actually forced me into the corps as atonement."

"And he's still here sooo..." "Things didn't go as planned and I don't regret any of it." "And your comrades?" "Killed by titans, and I wasn't around to save them."

"Oh Levi...I'm so sorry." I reach out an place my hand on his. A moment later I notice movement by the lab entrance. "Hey, someone is there but I can't tell who." "Tch. It's probably Miche. No big deal. He can probably smell us in here." He states comfortably, pulling the

blanket up over him more. "Sniffy boy is something else. You think if I threw a stick he would retrieve it?" Levi bursts out laughing. "Sniffy boy? Heather, stop!" "When Erwin says good boy, does he roll over for tummy rubs?"

"Heather!" Laughing even harder, Levi sits up and turns to face me. "He better not pee on my tires or hump my leg...." "Alright Heather, that's enough!" Still chuckling but getting himself under control little by little he adds, "You wait until you're in the field with us

someday and you hear him call 'titans, a dozen 500 yards to the east'. You'll be grateful for that nose." "Oh no doubt, and I meant no disrespect, just....he's a little bit intrusive sometimes you know?" Thinking about his cloak, and Miche's comments he rolls his

eyes. "Oh yes, believe me I know." We sit quietly for a moment, and then he excuses himself; taking the picture with him.

Levi's journal: I kept wondering what she was doing in that dark, cold car closet so I went down there. No big deal, right? Turns out her machine does some really interesting stuff. I'll need to look up what missiles are and how they work. Maybe Hanji can replicate them into our 3dm gear. But the weirdest thing was this...Fotograf. Why

can't I stop staring at it? Why do I even care? I do love that smile....

Heather's journal: My car is coming along nicely, and I got the opportunity to explain some of this to Levi. THAT was long overdue. I feel like he was that person that just had no imagination, and blew off the potential of what me and my car could offer as bullshit. Stubborn and close minded. I'm glad that I could at the very least lower that barrier, it was

so irritating! But I admit, I enjoyed his company tonight.....maybe he's not as much of an asshole as I thought

Later: Immediately upon entering Hanji's work space, he is bombarded with a barrage of questions. "So Levi, how was your date with Heather the other night?" "Date?"

"You know what I'm talking about. Everybody saw you two on the walls together and EVERYBODY could smell her perfume on your cloak!" "Shitty Glasses, you are about to get your face punched in." "What, if two people don't deserve each other more it's definitely you two."

"I hope you're joking Hanji. You had better be fucking joking." "God, you two are so alike! I couldn't get any information out of her either! You definitely found your ultimate secret keeper, Levi!"

Levi storms out of Hanji's office and heads down the hall glaring at anyone dumb enough to try to interact with him. "I was so mad. So sure that she was spreading stories. She didn't say a word. Way to go Levi, you asshole."

Levi's journal: Ok so I show Heather the walls for one FUCKING SECOND and everyone thinks we're a thing? The perfume was one thing but this is just getting stupid. Hanji is the one spreading these shitty rumors so I have to think of a way to get back at her without breaking her bird nose.

I was just showing her the walls. That's what I was supposed to do right?? Erwin said to treat her like a new recruit so why am I getting all this shit? It's not my fault she's the ONLY new recruit around here right now!

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