A Collision of Worlds Pt. 18: "Levi"
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 18: "Levi" aot stories

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A cat. A fucking cat. She wants to keep the stupid thing. absolutely not.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 18: "Levi"

One Week Later: "I have to leave on a mission, so I guess that means you're being left to your own devices for the time being." Levi says upon entering. "I heard. Why am I staying behind.?" I glance back from my dusting, curious as to his answer.

"Until your car is running, I'm not risking you on a mission. Period." He's not risking me?? What does he mean, not risking me? "Isn't that Erwin or Hanji's decision, technically?"

"No." He leaves the room abruptly not showing himself for another 10 minutes. In the meantime, I continue the cleaning I was doing and lightly hum to myself. "How was training today?", I call out. "Tch. Annoying."

"Huh?" Levi re-enters the room. "My cloak smells like your perfume. Miche wouldn't stop sniffing me. Not to mention the cadets all whispering and giggling about it. Thanks a lot." "Oh, my pleasure CAPTAIN."

Levi gives a "Tch", rolls his eyes and sits behind his desk, doing paperwork. Everytime I look up at him, he's looking at me, but glances hurriedly back down at his work. "I'm going down to see Hanji now."

"Good", is all he says so I walk out without another word. I can't help but giggle at his description of his day. 'poor Levi...' (Approaching car bay) "But did you see him? He thinks no one saw, but he was CONSTANTLY sneaking sniffs of his cloak! Ahhahahaa! Priceless!"

"How long do you give it Hanji?" "Ahem...give what, exactly?" "Oh hi Heather!" Hanje exclaims as both her and Moblit jump up from their chairs. "Do you want to test out this new fuel mixture?"

"Noooo, I want to know what you were talking about." An awkward silence ensues, with Moblit finally blurting out "What's the deal with you and the captain?" Hanje kicks him and says "Hey, the local blacksmith should be done with those lifter replicas..."

"The bearings as well??" "Yeah, those too." "They can't be created out of just any metal. Please tell me you gave him my diagram and explicit instructions?" "Of course!.....So are you going to answer the question?"

"Bye Hanji." I turn and leave, feeling relieved to be away from those two. 'oh gods, this is kind of funny.....'

Levi's Journal: Her damn perfume. Why does it smell so fucking good? Everyone noticed it didn't smell like my cleaning supplies and now Miche is all up my ass about Heather. I swear, if he keeps saying Heather and I are "sex buddies" I'm going to kick his nose in so hard he won't be able to smell anymore.

I already get enough crap from the recruits. I don't need it from him too. And HANJI. Her and her ridiculous wicked smile is so fucking annoying. She knows I can't kick her ass after the last time she got under my skin so now she does this stupid giggle that sounds more like some gargling constipated cow. So fucking stupid!!

I'm not risking her?? Did she catch that little slip?? Fuck.

Heather's journal: Okay, first..what did he mean 'I'm not risking you on a mission'? Second.. yes, that actually IS Hanji and Erwin's call. I do feel bad that he's getting all this shit over my perfume though. If I would have thought of it, I would have refused his cloak and got out a sweatshirt. Still want to know why my backpack was such a mess...

The Next Day: "What are you doing?!" Entering his quarters, Levi finds me hanging half out of his window. Startled, I jump and bang my head on the sash. "OW! Dammit, Levi!"

"Well answer the question. What are you...is that a fucking cat?" "He's only a kit, I named him Levi." "What the fuck Heather? Why?" I giggle. "Because the first time I met him he hissed at me....AND he's adorable!"

Levi rolls his eyes. "You're NOT bringing that thing in here." "Why not? Look at the little guy...he's starving!" "He'll piss and shit all over the place!" "Not if I give him a box to go in..."

" And who's going to clean up after it?" "I will, of course. Come on, Levi. He's cute and hungry...I'm bored and lonely." "Absolutely not! And what the hell do you mean, lonely?" "You're not always here, and Hanj isn't always down in the

bay...I'm by myself all the freaking time!" "No. Stop arguing. I don't want that thing in here." "Well can I at least feed him?"

'Damn it Heather, don't look at me like that', he thinks watching me interact with the kitten. 'If you keep giving me that look I'm going to cave, and since when did you take charge of MY quarters?'. He's sighs. 'Ages ago...'

"What are you going to feed it?" "I can go buy-" "No.", he interrupts. "Stay here, I'll be back. And DON'T let it inside."

Feeling irritated, Levi heads down to market. Ignoring the occasional greeting, he instead avoids everyone head down, and walks briskly with his hands clenched in his pockets. 'what am I even doing here? Levi...I want the kitty...Levi it needs food...Levi....be a good slave and say yes to my every request', he thinks sarcastically, paying for the

stupid fish and heading back home. 30 Minutes Later: "Heather, could you name that stupid thing something else? How am I supposed to know if you're talking to me or the annoying ball of fur?"

"If i'm using a sweet baby voice, I'm definitely NOT talking to you." Rolling his eyes, he goes back to work. A few minutes go by, and he glances up seeing me holding the kitten and walking around the living room.

"I said keep it outside!" "He's not roaming around, and my back is killing me from having to lean out the window all the time!" "You POOR thing. Do you want a 'massage'?" He says sarcastically. I walk over to the window, putting my kitten outside.

"Bye Levi...you sweet little cinnamon bun." I scratch his ears, give him a kiss on the head and shut the window. 'did she just kiss that thing? Does she have any idea how fricken unsanitary that is?'

He goes back to his work until he hears me very pointedly clearing my throat. Looking up, he sees me lying on the couch looking at him expectantly. 'what is she waiting for?...I...oh no...Levi you moron' Clearing his throat he gives me an irritated look. "What the hell do you want?"

"You don't get to back out of this, you offered. Get over here and give me a massage." " I have way too much to do to be fucking around with you right now, Heather." I sigh, get up and open the window back up. "Heeere kitty kitty!"

"Shut that damn window and lie down! Damn you Heather!" Shutting the window, i head back to the couch and lie down; grinning in triumph. 'you are a spoiled brat', he thinks sitting on the edge of the couch.

15 minutes later: 'Is she asleep? Thank god, my hands were about to fall off'.' Getting up from the couch, Levi looks out the window. "Levi" is scratching at the glass. 'what do you want, stupid furball...I'm not letting you in.' Annoyed, Levi grabs a book and sits on the end of the couch reading.

A few moments later, a knock sounds on the door. He nudges me. "Wake up. We have company." Yawning and stretching, I sit up. "That was nice, Levi. Thank you." "Tch." Levi walks over to the door. 'nice for me too...tempting little brat.'

"Hi Hanj! And Commander Erwin, what a pleasant surprise!" I exclaim, watching them enter. With a grin and a wave, Hanji comes and joins me on the couch. Erwin gives a polite nod. As we settle in, Hanji looks up and exclaims, "Is that a cat?!"

'dear god, no...' Levi thinks bracing himself for the inevitable. "He's my cat. I named him Levi." 'oh no....', Levi thinks closing his eyes.

"LEVI????", Hanji exclaims. "You named him LEVI?!" Bursting into hysterical laughter, Hanji runs over and whips the window open. "Hanji don't DO that!" Levi yells. Too late, she's already bringing "Levi" to the couch. "Awww he's too cute! Look at him, with his glossy black fur,

and those big grey eyes...you...are...too...CUTE!" "Heather, could you go down to your car and let us discuss whatever we need to discuss?" "Sure, Levi." I get up and leave. Surveying the room, Erwin takes in the curtains, rug, paintings and now the kitten that has decided to curl up in his lap. Raising an eyebrow, he

absently strokes the kit while turning his attention to Levi. "She's definitely livened the place up." "She's a pain in the butt.", Levi grumbles.

"Well, a pain you definitely needed apparently." "Like a hole in my head!" "No, Levi you already had that.", Hanji says reaching over to tickle the kit under his chin. "Heather just so happens to be the only thing plugging said hole, and stopping all the annoying shit from coming out."

"Very funny you two, what exactly did you need? Or did you stop by to make me miserable." Erwin chuckles. "Honestly, I just wanted to see for myself what she's done to you, and your place. Consider me impressed. If I'd have known what having a woman around would do for you, I would have

made this happen a lot sooner." He stands up, places the kit in Levi's lap and heads for the door. Yawning and curling up, the annoying furball falls asleep purring. A moment later, Hanji pokes her head back in. "Shall I send your lady back up?" She asks with a wicked grin.

"Tch. Whatever." Putting the kit back outside, he heads for his room. He's not really tired, he just doesn't want to deal with any shit. 'that woman is taking over my entire life...damn her.'

Levi rolls over, and slaps at his face. That tickles...annoyed, he rolls over again and pulls the blanket up around him. Sharp little claws dig into his back. 'OW!' Sitting up, he looks down to find that somehow that annoying little furball got into his room.

'what the hell?....' His door is shut, but his window is open. "ugh....stupid little kit." The kit just looks at him, wide eyed and head tilted. "Alright, but don't tell Heather." He whispers, scooping the purring bundle up and going back to sleep.

Levi's Journal: A cat. A fucking cat. She wants to keep the stupid thing. absolutely not. i don't need another annoying shit around here, I already have one spoiled brat and that's about all I can tolerate. Yeah she's spoiled. I just have such a hard time saying no to her! So I'll feed it, but that stupid thing isn't coming in EVER!

And she named it Levi!!! Seriously?? Well, on the plus side, she called me adorable (by association) and I can deal with that. But then she ignores me and let's the stupid furball inside anyways. I had to give her a massage because my mouth is stupid and I am not going to complain about an opportunity like that, but once

again I just about feel like I've distanced myself and she reels me back in like a fish on a hook. Fuck! He is kind of cute though. He got in my bedroom window. I guess I can let him sleep with me. Just this once though.....

Heathers journal: I've got a little buddy now, and I named him Levi. To clarify, he's a little black kitten I found roaming around outside of the living room window. Maybe naming him Levi wasn't the best of ideas, but it suits him and it's funny! Levi, (the grumpy one) doesn't seem to think so, and THAT became another heated debate between the two of us.

I want to keep little Levi and he's dead set against it. At least I got him to agree to feed the poor little guy. I swear sometimes the way we argue makes me think of an old married couple, and it's downright hilarious. That is, until I think about my luck and how I probably WILL be here forever....sharing these quarters with a grumpy old fart

named Levi. The way things are going I'm sure I'll probably be buried in the same damn coffin as him, too! But haha I can see him now, crusty old Levi tottering around his quarters complaining that he can't find his dentures and bitching about why I leave mine just laying on the counter and how disgusting that is.

Then in my little old lady voice I tell him that I'm wearing mine and those are HIS on the counter.....as adorable as that little imagining is, it's also quite depressing.

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