A Collision of Worlds Pt. 17: A Night Out
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 17: A Night Out aot stories

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'god, how can one person make me feel so many different things? why does she confuse me? make me feel like a piece of shit, and want to kiss her at the same time????'

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 17: A Night Out

After a couple days in bed, I feel I'm ready to join the land of the living. Looking around I realize I should clean up after myself. Ugh, first thing first....a shower. I shower quickly, gasping at the cold water. Once I'm dressed I decide that his blankets and pillows need a good wash too. I've been lying sick on them for a couple days

now, and I certainly wouldn't appreciate my bed stuff left like this either. Coming back with fresh, clean linens, I feel even better. It's nice to be up and moving. I'll make his bed, and maybe do some more cleaning. 20 minutes later: *fooled around and fell in love, by Elvin bishop*

Levi hears singing coming from his quarters. Rolling his eyes he opens the door, and then just leans against the doorframe arms folded watching the scene before him. I'm up on a step ladder washing windows. He shuts the door and walks up behind me.

"Why are you out of bed?" I don't answer but continue to sing and clean. He repeats the question, then looks closer at me. He sees a metal rectangular object on my hip with long tendrils reaching up to my ears. 'her headset..I see...' He pulls one away and says my name again. I scream, jump and losing my balance, begin to fall.

"Oh shit!" he exclaims and catches me. After a moment I place my hands on his shoulders and burst out laughing. "Jesus Levi! You scared the crap out of me! What do you want?" "Why are you out of bed?"

"I feel better." "You don't sound better." "I know, but I do feel better and I have way too much energy to just lie in bed." "Well I feel that until you are 100% you should stay in bed."

"Is that the master plan, Levi? To bore me to death? I need to get outside. I can't just be cooped up here all the time." "Fine. How about a tour of the walls?"

I grin from ear to ear. "Absolutely." Blushing fiercely I add " Also as far as your master plan goes....if holding me is part of it okay, but if holding me is NOT part of the plan, maybe you could remove your arms from around me?"

He looks down and realizes that he's still holding me. Blushing madly, he let's go and stutters out an apology.

"All good, Levi. Just let me see if I have something warm to put on it's a bit chilly looking out there...oh and I took the liberty of washing your blankets and stuff, too." I toss casually over my shoulder as I grab my backpack.

"You know, if you would actually wear clothes that cover your whole body you probably wouldn't be so cold all the time...and thanks." "Gee Levi, I guess I should have planned this trip a little...wait. That's weird."

"What's weird?" "Everything in my backpack is like completely disorganized. I never leave my pack this much of a mess." He turns abruptly away so I can't see his very red, guilty face. "Here." he says, tossing me his cloak. "Just wear this."

Levi's Journal: Commander Erwin said to inform Heather of our upcoming expedition so I guess she will be part of the scout regiment as far as that asshole is concerned. I wonder if Erwin ever stops to think about the backlash this is going to cause.

Once the news gets out everyone is going to flip their shit and demand her and her car be locked up. Not to mention the military police up our ass again. It was fucking bad enough with Eren, but now all this? God!

I guess once she gets better and cleans up her own shit storm I can show her the walls. "treat her like a new recruit" he said. Yeah sure. A new recruit that sleeps in my bed and redecorates my shit with MY CREDIT. And seriously, why did she keep this awful couch??

God, why does she say such embarrassing things? Is she trying to get a rise out of me? She must be permanently brain damaged from that shitty medicine she drank. Another good question is why do I keep DOING such embarrassing things??!

Shit I forgot to put her crap back right. I hope she doesn't suspect me. I shouldn't have fucked with her shit. STUPID Levi.

"These walls are huge, Levi...how can they possibly be monitored for titan activity properly?" "That's why we have the districts. Titans gravitate to the more concentrated populations, so that makes it easier to focus our attention where it's needed."

"Interesting..." "You act like this is a new concept. Do you not have walls like this?" "No, our cities are not walled." "How do you keep titans out?"

"We have our mechanized anti-titan units, deployable to any location and several other warfare advancements that have been effective. Other humans, other countries...they're more of a threat than titans as of late."

"Countries?" "You don't think your's is the only civilization out there do you?" He shrugs. "It's what we've been told..." I shake my head. "Levi, I highly doubt it.."

'what the hell does she know?' Putting his hand on my back he guides me to a set of stairs leading back to the city proper. We walk in silence for a bit before he starts the conversation again. "What do you use besides cars?"

"Planes, helicopters, paratroopers...." "I'm sorry?" "Planes are like flying cars. They carry our troops inside them and can get them to drop points quickly..." "So they FLY??", he interrupts suddenly interested.

"Yes, but not exactly like birds. And we don't have ODM gear either. Paratroopers jump out of the plane and freefall. They wear a device called a parachute which when enacted, it slows the speed of descent and the soldier can then spear the titan, bringing themselves in close for a kill."

He shakes his head, finding all this hard to take in. "Sounds risky." "Isn't any of it? no matter what our techniques?...Hey, where does that lead?" He bars my way. "That's the underground. We will not be touring that

"Why not? What is it?" "It's where the city hides it's 'trash'." He says sarcastically. "I want to know."

He sighs, rolling his eyes. "It started as an overflow for people coming into this district, and became a place for crime, prostitution, sick, poor...homeless...you have to 'pay' to get out...therefore, no one ever does."

"THAT'S SHIT!!!" "What Heather, you don't have places for your poor?" "YES. Right out where we can see them everyday...not tucked away like a dirty secret!"

"I don't like it either, and I grew up in it. It is what it is." "No one tries to help these people?"

Frustrated with the conversation, he whirls on me prepared to argue. Instead he stops, shocked by...tears? Is she crying? Unsure what to do, he awkwardly pats my shoulder. 'god, you're smooth Levi...you're patting her shoulder? God you suck.' he thinks to himself wishing he would have taken a different route.

"Heather, do you think those pompous assholes in the capitol give a shit? Do you think they'll part with a single dime? No. It's useless." "Oh sure, and the magnificent Captain Levi made it out, don't look back right? Never even thought you could maybe use your influence to make a difference?"

"What could I possibly do?" "Anything! As long as you tried something!!!" "Heather, can we just go home please?" "Sure. At least we have a home, right?"

'god, how can one person make me feel so many different things? why does she confuse me? make me feel like a piece of shit, and want to kiss her at the same time????'

Levi's journal: Tonight was actually pretty enjoyable, if you forget the part where she got so upset hearing about the underground. She was crying! I could feel my heart shatter in a million pieces and I fucking hate it! I admire her compassion, but I just don't see anything anyone could possibly do about the situation down there.

AND I do NOT want to revisit that shit EITHER! I wanted to comfort her so bad, but how do I do that when I'm not sure how she would receive it? Yeah, I know what she wrote about me touching her, but that's a totally different thing.

I don't know if she wants this from me, and to be honest, I don't know if i ever want to tell her I'm there if she wants me in the first place!

Heather's journal: The underground. That just sounds awful on it's own, never mind the purpose of it. People seriously have to pay to get out and better their lives? I can't even begin to fathom how awful it must be to live there, and let's face it how could I possibly?

Spoiled rotten, family vacations all over...heck people here can't even leave the walls without the possibility of getting creamed by a titan. There has to be something that can be done, though. I mean, with enough pressure.....

And Levi grew up there? How awful, I don't think I'll ever be able to comprehend what it was like for him. I bet it has a lot to do with why he is the way he is though, AND his OCPD cleanliness obsession!

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