A Collision of Worlds Pt. 15: Feeling Guilty
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 15: Feeling Guilty aot stories

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If that's all it took for him to be nice (ish) to me maybe I should have kissed him a long time ago.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 15: Feeling Guilty

'I'm a jerk. I know i can tell myself i had every justification to read her journal, but that still didn't give me the right. So now i'm even more confused and unsure what to make of this woman.' Sighing to himself he throws his pen down in disgust.

'What's worse, is I still want to continue reading the damn thing. Why do i care what she thinks of me? Why do i care that she has such an obvious low opinion of me? And yet, she's nice to me...well, what passes for nice to her I guess and she admitted she didn't mind my hands on her! How does that make me feel?

Kind of sick to my stomach, but in a good way. And our behavior towards each other.... it's better than it started anyway...god i wanted her dead! and now....'

He looks up from his work, which he hasn't even touched. I'm on the couch with my back to him, legs up and crossed on the back of the couch. Tapping my foot to the music he was finally, 'thank god' able to convince me to keep under an ear shattering decibel.

He let me come out of the bedroom, as long as I'm lying down, and resting. As soon as I start coughing, I'm usually shooed back into the bedroom, door shut.

'Germaphobe...' I giggle to myself and stretch, arching back until I'm looking at him upside down. 'why does she always catch me looking...' "Are you done with that paperwork? This book isn't going to read itself you know..."

"No, I'm not done. This is going to take all night." 'especially considering how hard of a time i'm having focusing...I claim your stupid undergarments made me feel disgusted, but would you like to know what I'm imagining you WEARING right now? Stupid bitch.' Shaking his head at the thought, he continues working.

"Well, what all do you have to do?" "Match these invoices with Hanji's count, and approve some scouting details." "Give me the mathy stuff." "What?"

"Just give it here, Levi." He gets up and hands me a sizeable amount of papers, and I lean over to grab my backpack. Rooting around, I fish out my calculator and get to work. "Are you just going to stand there?" Transfixed by this new device, he gives a start and goes back to work. In a half an hour, he's done signing, and

looks up to see me waving paperwork at him. "All done. This last invoice doesn't match though..." He comes around his desk to sit next to me. "You're going to get cooties Levi...." I say teasingly. He just rolls his eyes. "Doesn't match how?"

"Four boxes of 32 canisters, should be 4x32. Which is 128. Hanji has it down as 120. Did she count wrong? Did the supplies stop somewhere else first and someone helped themselves?"

"Hmmm. I'm going to find out." He gets up, and heads for the door. "You didn't happen to order yourself some more shit to decorate my quarters with did you?" He gives me an accusatory look and I laugh. "I didn't think of that! Good idea, Levi thank you!"

"Don't you dare!" Coming back a half hour later, he finds me asleep and the invoices on his desk. Giving them a quick look for 'extras', and not finding any he signs off on them quickly. Finding a cadet in the hallway, he gives instructions to send his work to Erwin, and shuts the door.

Making his way quietly to the couch, he picks up the book and sits down moving my legs from the back of the couch to his lap. Part 4: Eddie Kasbrack takes his medicine...... COUGH COUGH COUGH...wheeeze....! Startled, Levi throws the book up but catches it before it hits the

floor. 'shit, my page!' "Hey!" POKE "HEY!" "Uhhh?" I reply groggily. "Go to bed. You're getting your 'cooties' everywhere, dumbass." I get up, and make my way slowly to the bedroom.

"Germ warfare." "What Heather?" "Keep calling me dumbass and one of these days I'm going to chase your ass and sneeze at you. Repeatedly."

Before he can give an irritated response, an image of himself being chased down the hall by a sneezing Heather flashes through his mind and he has to duck his head so I can't see him on the brink of hysterics.

"Sh-shut the d-door behind you!" Finding his page, he snorts laughter and begins reading. 'I don't know what's funnier about this image...the look on my own damn face running from the 'cooties', or the look on her face as she's sneezing..." Chuckling outright this time, he turns his attention to the book.

Levi's Journal: I should have let her keep that extra chair she purchased, then there would be more room for both of us to be comfortable while we're reading. I like how this story jumps around from adulthood and childhood as the "losers" get their memories back!

I have to say things are getting more easy around here, with neither of us tip-toeing around the other. The pile of paperwork on my desk is finally gone, and that's all thanks to her, and I'm glad she's getting better because if I get sick I'm ramming my foot up her ass. And honestly, I need to stop

thinking about her in her underthings. She's driving me nuts!

Heather's Journal: I'm feeling somewhat better, but the moment I so much as sneeze it's "Be GONE!!!! To quarantine with you!" Oh for heaven's sake. Things have been a lot more comfortable around here, now that I've managed to get him to comprehend the concept of taking time out to relax.

He seems a lot less edgy anyways. And I honestly don't think we've gotten in a serious argument since THE DREADED KISS. Even when I wanted to move out, we didn't really argue about it like normal, it just felt like a mild debate.

Geez, is that it? If that's all it took for him to be nice (ish) to me maybe I should have kissed him a long time ago. Wait...no.

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