A Collision of Worlds Pt. 14: The Backpack Pt. 2
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 14: The Backpack Pt. 2 aot stories

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He runs his hands through his hair and sighs, glancing at the book. 'do i dare? who knows what's written in there'....

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 14: The Backpack Pt. 2

Three days Later: Levi comes out of his room, yawns and stretches. Going into the kitchen he reaches for the tea pot only to realize it's empty. Rolling his eyes, he turns to look at me. "Why is there no tea?"

Ignoring his question, I instead inform him in a dry raspy voice "Hanji wants to see you." COUGH! SNIFF. "What's wrong, you sound like shit." "I'm fine." "No, you're sick."

"Just let me sleep." Heaving a sigh, he walks over to the couch and starts to lean over. 'the fuck is he doing?' I shrink back into my pillow trying to avoid him. He reaches under me, grabs hold and picks me up.

Carrying me to his bedroom, he says "You will not leave this bed until you are better. I'll bring you some soup later." "But Levi, what if I have to go to the bathroom?"

"Don't be a smart-ass.", he says dropping me unceremoniously on the bed. He tosses the blanket over me, and walks out without another word. COUGH! SNIIIIFF. He rolls his eyes and heads out for the rest of the day. COUGH! SNIIIF! cough.

Several hours Later: "Hey Heather, I brought you some tasteless gruel!....Heather?? You're favorite kind....?" He hears a loud gasp come from the bathroom. "Hey are you okay in there?" "GLURK!"

"Good grief are you throwing up now, too?" He opens the door." I swear if you get me sick too I- GLURK!" He throws his hand over his mouth suppressing his own gag at the sight. I find myself giggling at his reaction, despite my own predicament.

"Please go GLURK! somewhere else Le-GLURK! Levi. GLUUURK!" Gasping, I wipe a shaky hand over my mouth. "Good grief woman, you're going to get it in your hair!" He walks over and sits next to me on the floor, taking my hair from my grasp and pulling it away from me.

"Thank goodness it's not diarrhea, Levi." "No shit." I start to giggle again. "No shit? That's funny Levi I-GLURK!"

Rolling his eyes he shifts my hair to his other hand and runs a washcloth in the sink. Squeezing it out as best as possible, he hands it to me. "Clean your disgusting self up." "Thanks Levi." "Yeah whatever."

I clean myself up and begin to walk out of the bathroom on shaky legs. I don't make it very far and Levi again scoops me up, carrying me to the bed. Exhausted, I lie my head on his shoulder. "Did I hear something about food?"

"Are you sure you're up for it after that? Kinda looks like what you just left in my toilet..." Placing me gently on the bed this time, he stands up and gives me a questioning look. "Ahhh gruel...magnificent."

"I'll bring it in, just lie down." I'm already asleep by the time he comes in. Rolling his eyes, he places the tray on the nightstand and hands in his pockets, watches me sleep for a couple minutes before turning and walking away.

Levi's Journal: She better help me clean up all the shit she leaves once she is fucking better. Disgusting. She snores like a fucking cow. Better go over the formation plans for the next expedition.

Heather's journal: Well, I'm coming down with something. This is just great. I'm not going to get anything done feeling like this. At least the environment around this place hasn't been as shitty. Still a jerk, though.

I have decided it is my mission to teach this troll how to act like a decent human being. Why do I care? Not sure, but if it will get me through the days with a little bit more sanity, then game on. A challenge. Entertaining notion to say the least.

"Levi?" "Yes?" He says with an audible sigh. "My backpack is by the couch. Will you bring it to me?"

"Your voice sounds worse." Getting up, he walks to the couch and grabs my backpack. "Just bring me the backpack will you?"

"Tch. I'm coming, hold on." He brings me the backpack and then starts to leave. "You actually let me touch your backpack. You really must feel like shit." "Hold up Levi." He stands there watching as I unpack my backpack.

"What's this?" He asks, holding up a leather bound journal. I grab it away. "Nothing you need to...ahhh! Here it is." I hand him a packet. "I honestly didn't think I had any of this left." "What is it?"

"Medicine. Just mix it up with hot water and bring it to me please" He leaves and then comes back a moment later with my drink, and the book I was currently reading. He tosses the book on the bed, and hands me the drink.

"Here", he says sarcastically,"I'd hate for you to get bored. Lord only knows what would happen next." As he turns away I chuckle. "You better be nice to me, I might decide to redecorate your bedroom next", while nudging him playfully with my foot.

"Tch." is all he says and walks out with a roll of his eyes carrying my re-packed backpack with him. Levi's Journal: Does this woman go crazy when she gets sick or is she actually not a complete asshole? Whatever she's been drinking must be killing off the rest of her brain

cells and fuck! It tastes like shit! Hanji said to meet in the mess hall with Erwin and Mike again. If it's another lecture on alternate realities and shit I'm going to have to down some of Moblit's private stock. Fuck me.

Later: Levi is at his desk doing paperwork. He keeps glancing at the couch, but then shakes his head and returns to work. He stops suddenly, puts his pen down and gets up.

Sitting on the couch, he pulls my backpack up next to him and starts looking through my stuff. Extra pants, shirts, blushing furiously he tosses my undergarments onto the couch along with the rest. "Dear God, how is that supposed to cover anything?" he mutters, feeling guilty for having seen them.

He glances anxiously at the closed bedroom door, worried I might awake at any moment and then continues his search. "What's this?", he says holding a glass bottle. He sniffs, eyebrow raised, then shrugs and tosses the perfume next to everything else. 'so that's the smell that's all over my couch...' he fishes around a bit more until...

"Ahh, here." He picks up the journal, and again glances at the bedroom door. He opens the journal, and then realizing the privacy of it he closes it just as quickly. He runs his hands through his hair and sighs, glancing at the book. 'do i dare? who knows what's written in there'....

'no. i should just put it back'..... 'it's personal and i don't hand her my journal and let her read that'..... 'why should it be okay for me to read hers?'....

'does she say anything about me?? I have to know'.....feeling excited and also a little sick to his stomach, he grabs the cover..... 'ah heck.'... now also feeling like an absolute jerk....

'what's a hobbit?'...his heart feels like it's plummeting to his feet.... 'she didn't mind???'...his heart soars back into his chest, beating frantically.

Levi's Journal: How am I supposed to focus when all her shit is sitting right there? For all I know there could be some sort of assassination contract from pastor Nick or some spacey as shit weapon that could change the course of tactics for the scouting legion! What her high as fuck ass doesn't know won't kill her, besides all the trouble I went

through to look in this stupid pack...I might as well take advantage of the situation. Just clothes and some weird smelling shit. This girl has some freakish fetishes. I didn't know I could feel this disgusted. Her journal is in all this stuff though. Am I an asshole to read it? I won't. I'm not a fucking

barbarian! (says the guy who can't stop looking at her underthings!!!) 20 minutes later..... Levi's Journal: Fuck.

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