A Collision of Worlds Pt. 12: Aftermath
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 12: Aftermath aot stories

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I can't stop thinking about this. I can't look at the stupid bitch without thinking about last night.

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 12: Aftermath

'She's got some very pretty legs...I wonder...no! Dammit Levi, you have work to do.....but look at her, having them wrapped around me last night was like...' Frustrated, Levi turns his attention back to the report in front of him. 'standard formation....let's keep Ness' squad in reserve...god, does she have to lay there looking so seductive?

why don't she just go play with her stupid car instead of toying with me??? (kissing her flashes through his mind)...focus. Ness' squad in reserve...(she kisses him back)...three up front with me...why did I kiss her? why the hell did she kiss me back? All I needed was that one kiss to throw her off, then she HAD to go and kiss me back, and that

only made ME want to kiss her MORE! And look at her damn neck...what the hell was I thinking? If she didn't hate me before, she definitely does now....and everyone is going to see that, too. At the time, I wanted her to walk around humiliated. Now, I just wish it didn't happen.' Sighing, he goes back to the report in front of him. 'why does she fuck with

my mind like this? i can't focus on my damn job with her lying there looking like she's begging for something....'

Lying on the couch, one leg thrown over the back I have my nose buried in a book. Desperately clinging to the words on the pages before me, I flip to the next page furiously reading in order to keep my mind off the night before.

'is he staring at me? i feel like i'm being watched.' I peek quickly over the top of the book, and meeting his eyes, look back down feeling my cheeks turn flaming red. 'can't he go yell at some cadets and leave me the hell alone? I wish he'd stop looking at me like that. I don't exactly dislike it, but I certainly don't want it either.'

Getting up, I give him a cold look before walking out the door. 'hm. judging from the look on his face, I think he's more focused on last night than his work. Good. Let him dwell on it. Little troll....'

He sighs. 'thank god she's gone now. Now maybe i can (throwing her up against the wall, he kisses her)...no, apparently I can't catch a break. maybe I should just go work out. Maybe that will ease some of this tension.'

Entering the training room, Levi is greeted by several cadets sparring. They stop, staring at him with knowing smirks on their faces. 'great.' "You, cadets...leave." They turn and rush out whispering to each other. Focusing on the punching bag in front of him, he lets himself vent.

'shouldn't of done that.' PUNCH! 'shouldn't of kissed her.' PUNCH!

(image of her ripping his shirt open) KICK! 'laid, Levi. screwed.' PUNCH!

'what a bitch!' KICK! 'Erwin needs to find somewhere else for her. I can't do this much longer, can't look at her without thinking about her damn lips...' KICK KICK PUNCH!

'are you offering? geez, did I have to go and say that?' PUNCH! 'if it means i'll get some sleep tonight..stupid bitch' KICK PUNCH PUNCH!

'fricken ruined my shirt...that was HOT...no it wasn't! it was annoying' KICK KICK PUNCH! 'oh, levi! we can mate! Almost fucking did you bitch!' Grabbing the bag, Levi takes a few steadying breaths. 'why can't I stop thinking about this?'

Levi's Journal: I can't stop thinking about this. I can't look at the stupid bitch without thinking about last night. Kissing her, touching her...her hands on me.... How far would've last night went if neither of us were able to back down?

And just what the hell is she wearing? Look at her! I can see her legs all the way up to her thighs! What kind of place does she live that it's perfectly okay to walk around half naked? Inappropriate!

I guess after last night I really don't have any right to talk about what's appropriate and what's not though, do I? That really was a stupid move. Those legs.... This behavior isn't like me at all!! What has she done to my life?? Fuck!

Heathers Journal: WHY WON'T HE STOP STARING AT ME????? And last night!!!! Why can't I stop thinking about this? What on earth was he thinking? What was I thinking? Why would I let him touch me like that?! Why did I let him?? Why???

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