A Collision of Worlds Pt. 11: Losing Control
A Collision of Worlds Pt. 11: Losing Control aot stories

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'Damn it, she's taken control of EVERYTHING! my quarters, my routine, my dreams, ME.... I can't TAKE this shit any longer!'

A Collision of Worlds Pt. 11: Losing Control

Two days later: "No", Levi says exiting his room and walking past me. "You can stay here and clean" I sit down pissed. Not giving him the satisfaction of an answer, I lie down and grab my book instead. He walks over, grabs the book, and pulls it down to look me in the eyes.

" You can do whatever you want, as long as you clean first." "This is the most boring place I've ever been. And this place is fucking spotless already. I clean twice a day because that's literally all I CAN do."

"It's clean when I say it's clean, not before. Stop being a bitch and do what is asked of you." "If you quit being a little prick, maybe I would." After several moments of a stare down neither of us win, he rolls his eyes and heads out the door. Looking back just before the door closes, he sees me lie back

down on the couch; of course, with my damn book. I'm too pissed to read now. Standing up, I begin pacing the room. 'he is SUCH an ASSHOLE! Does it even occur to him that it's his own behavior that sets me off? Fuck! I don't care what he says. I'm getting out of this god forsaken hole NOW."

I storm out, and look down the hall, making sure no one is around. Finding the hall deserted, I head for the staircase. I make it out of the barracks without incident, and head down the street actually kind of excited for the adventure. The shops and vendors are all so interesting, and not something

I'm used to. Stopping at each one, I wish I was able to make at least a purchase or two. The people are friendly and I enjoy the conversation. The last shop I enter is full of paintings, furniture and other odds and ends. Browsing contentedly, I fail to notice a short, portly man approach.

"Do you have credit with us, dear lady? Most the scouts do; INCLUDING Captain Levi!", he states proudly.

'oh, does he? well i'm glad I grabbed his cloak before I left, or this wonderful opportunity would never have fallen in my lap' I turn, and smile sweetly at the gentleman. "That's actually why I'm here good sir. The good captain has requested that I come and purchase some new decor for his quarters. He is terribly busy and extends his

regrets in being unable to enjoy your fine establishment himself." "W-w-well, I have t-to say this is most unprecedented.", he stammers. "Usually I only apply credit on purchases face-to-face." I sigh. "I understand, good sir, I only hope the Captain is in a

very good mood upon his return...he was SO looking forward to me having this all taken care of..." I turn to walk away. "W-wait! Just what are you looking to purchase for our good captain?"

Smiling, I point out the items that interest me the most and the shop owner proceeds to call his assistants over to begin preparing it for transfer to the barracks. 'I can't believe that was so easy! Oh he is going to be furious!' Grinning to myself, I thank the shopkeeper and head back to the barracks, thankful that my sense of

direction serves me well enough to get back quickly. Decorating is relaxing, and after I'm done I do a quick clean before settling into my new ottoman to continue reading my book.

About a half an hour later I hear the door snick open, and Levi enters. Keeping my eyes on my book, yet with him in my peripheral vision, I act like nothing is amiss. He stands in the center of the room, taking in the curtains, soft throws adorning his couch, plants, paintings. Red faced and fists clenched he whirls in my direction.

"What the fuck did you do? What is all this shit?" "I cleaned like you asked, what's the problem?", I state as sweetly as I can. He storms towards his bedroom without saying a word. Finding nothing amiss in his room, he heads to the bathroom. Burgundy lace shower curtain, thick luxurious

bath rug, more plants and paintings....storming back into the living room he shouts, "What the fuck did you do?" "Anything I wanted. That's what you said. AND I cleaned, like you ALSO said."

He snarls in frustration and leaves, slamming the door behind him. I smirk and go back to my book. I can hear him downstairs screaming in Erwin's office but cannot make out what he's saying. 'oh, I'm sure i'm going to find out...'

Levi's Journal: Erwin wants me to get supplies for the upcoming expedition and bird nose wants some more shit for all her pet projects. Since when did I become a fucking errand runner? Do they not see I'm already up to my eyeballs in shit? Including the fucking thorn in my side?

According to the Commander, this expedition is finally going to turn things around. I call bullshit. He's said the same thing for the last four missions.

gun powder meal tickets black tEa Shitty glasSes forMula

WHAT THE FUCK DID SHE FUCKING DO TO MY ROOM? How did she get all that stupid ass girly shit in here? What the fuck? That's it. I've had enough of that shit. Erwin better have shitty glasses look after this fucking bitch. Not even extra black tea is worth the shit I'm dealing with having this asshole follow me around. I'm done. FUCKING DONE.

Working with Hanji? I'm not fucking stupid Erwin. This tick is still going to be buried in my fucking side. Whatever. She thinks she's calling the fucking shots but I'll show her who's calling the fucking shots. Bitch.

Heather's Journal: So apparently this is what following Levi around entails. I just sit here. Doing nothing. Staring at his blank ass white walls, his boring white curtains, plain ass lumpy couch...I could vomit better atmosphere than this. Does this guy have absolutely no personality? I wonder if I can sneak out while he's gone and find something to

brighten my day at least a little. At least until the soul sucking little troll comes back.

He storms back into his quarters and stops about a foot away from me. "You are a fucking bitch." "And you are an insufferable asshole", I respond calmly.

He is furious, and I can see him shaking. 'Damn it, she's taken control of EVERYTHING! my quarters, my routine, my dreams, ME.... I can't TAKE this shit any longer!' He thinks as he steps forward, and I think he's about to hit me, but instead he grabs me by the shirt and slams me into the walI.

Sharp pain and stars follow as I try to get my bearings. There's a moment of shock, and then his lips are on mine. I shove him off of me, and stare at him for a moment or two unable to process the situation, then I shove him, grabbing him by the shirt and kiss him back.

I'm pushed up against the wall again, as the kiss continues. His hands sliding down my hips, he grabs me and pulls me tightly against him, wrapping my leg around his waist. 'Who does he think he is? and why can't I say no?'

Running my hands up his chest, I pull him even tighter, and feel the buttons on his shirt go flying. Disengaging the kiss, his mouth is now seeking my throat, sucking and nipping at the soft, yielding flesh. It seems like an eternity passes before we shove each other away. We are both panting and glaring daggers at each other.

'I need to get away from him. I need to think!' I lock myself in the bathroom, and I can hear him slamming stuff around in the kitchen. After a bit I can discern the sound of tea being made. Realizing eventually that I can't avoid this creep forever, I come out of the bathroom and he brushes quickly past me towards his room.

He doesn't look at me, but stops and says "You will be working with Hanji from now on. Erwin wants to see your car up and running by the next mission. You will however stay here until other living arrangements can be made." Without another word, he goes into his room and shuts the door.

I lie down, trying to slow down my racing mind. 'I'd have rather he punched me', I think angrily.

Levi's Journal: Probably stupid move, but it was entertaining to see her shitty face after. It was like I said. She's a fucking bitch because she doesn't know what the fuck is going on. What a joke. She locked herself in the bathroom and now I can't shit, so I guess I'll make tea. My extra rations are starting to build up.

I'll tear some of this ridiculous shit down too. Except for the blankets. I hate to admit it, but they're pretty soft. Softer than any blanket I've had. Seriously, where did she get this shit? Why did she have to kiss me back?

Heather's Journal: If anything good came from all this, at least I'm being allowed to spend my days working with Hanji. She has some interesting ideas, and I feel she will be able to grasp the concept of the mechanical side of my vehicle with no trouble. Downside is I'm still tethered to the old ball and chain in the evening.

I have to laugh at the new meaning that old phrase has been given. Shit. I didn't ask for this. And I certainly didn't ask for what came next. In the future, that putrid little shit better keep his tongue, hands and tiny penis out of my personal space. He fucking kissed me! What the fuck was he thinking?!

Was this his pathetic attempt to win some power struggle? Oh but then my brilliant ass kisses him back. Fucking smart blondie, fucking smart. What point was proven? Neither of us gave any fucking ground, nobody won, and now shit is going to be even worse around here.

I admit though, as always I got some measure of satisfaction watching him lose his precious self control. I hope it was as disgusting for him as it was for me. We are both too damn stubborn for our own good.

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