A Collision of Worlds Pt 10: Nightmare
A Collision of Worlds Pt 10: Nightmare aot stories

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He awakens in his bed, with Heather lying snuggled against him. She opens her eyes and looks at him.

A Collision of Worlds Pt 10: Nightmare

Later that night: (He's in a cage, and unsure how he got there. Exploring his surroundings, he can't seem to find a door out and he appears to be alone. He hears Hanji's voice, but cannot see her, or anything past his immediate surroundings.

"Let's see how he reacts when we add this." She says, and Heather appears in the cage with him, looking scared and confused. "No! Not this bitch! I hate her!", he yells grabbing the bars of his cage. Suddenly another Levi appears outside his cage. Holding a clipboard and wearing a lab coat, he gazes steadily into the cage.

This other Levi just rolls his eyes at him and says "Tch. Whatever dumbass." "He's avoidant dismissive, what did you expect?" Another Heather, in a similar coat and also carrying a clipboard appears next to the other him. 'Levi' wraps his arm around 'Heather', who is writing on her clipboard as they continue to observe.

'what is going on?' he thinks looking from one to the other. Hanji approaches with a long needle and is heading straight for his version of Heather and starts to reach into the cage... "Don't hurt her! I still need to see what's in her backpack!" Hanji ignores him, and the other Levi speaks up. "What's in her backpack isn't

important...what's in yours??" He asks, tapping his forehead meaningfully with his finger. "I don't know what you mean! Explain!"

The 'other' Levi rolls his eyes again and holds up a finger as if to silence him. "Pay attention dumbass, this is going to be important." As Levi watches, the other him grabs his own version of Heather and kisses her. They continue to kiss, and with hands exploring each other passionately they slowly sink from view. The sight of them is replaced by darkness

and the sound of his heart beating. He awakens in his bed, with Heather lying snuggled against him. She opens her eyes and looks at him. "You need to get laid, Levi."

He looks at her in surprise then notices that Levi, Hanji and Heather are all standing at the foot of his bed watching them. His version of Heather is either unaffected by their presence or doesn't notice they are there.

"Do we all understand what the problem is?" Hanji says. "This experiment is getting nowhere." The other Levi says with a disappointed sigh. "Maybe we should pull the plug." The other Heather says, and they all start reaching towards the sleeping Heather, trying to grab her away.

Panicking, he tries to slap their hands away, but it's no use. "Give her back! Give her back! Give her ba-")

He sits up in bed, heart pounding and sweating. Taking a deep shuddering breath, he covers his face in his hands. "What the hell was that shit?!!!!?"

Levi's journal: What in the everlasting hell was that dream?? Now she's invading my depressingly small window of sleep too? FUCK! I need to avoid her as much as possible. Maybe I'll have her stay here in the quarters and clean everyday instead of come with me during training. The less I have to see her the better, right? "Give her back"? No! Take her please! This is a nightmare, it has to be.

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