A Collision of Worlds Part 3: The Backpack
A Collision of Worlds Part 3: The Backpack aot stories

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"LEVI! What ARE you doing to that poor girl?!!" Hanji eyes us both with amusement.

A Collision of Worlds Part 3: The Backpack

The next evening: I was having a surprisingly pleasant evening until the troll came home. "Give me your backpack." He reaches his hand out expectantly, clearly used to being obeyed. "Excuse me?" "Your backpack. Give it here, now."

"No! It's got personal stuff!" I grab my backpack and pull it tightly to my chest. "It might have other stuff, and I don't trust you so hand it over." "I don't trust you, hand it over", I mock him, "God, Levi your brain must be smaller than your dick. Like why would I 'hand it over' to someone who doesn't 'trust' me?"

Reaching out he grabs the backpack and tries to pull it from my grasp. "Stop saying shit like...OW! Did you just kick me??!" "Let go, Levi!" Yanking back, I turn and pull the backpack with me keeping my back to him. He wraps me in a bear hug and kicks the back of my knee, causing me to drop to the floor and he's still trying to get the stupid backpack.

"Mmph! Let...go!" I gasp trying to keep it out of reach. Shoving the backpack forward, I throw my head back and connect with his chin. "Damn it woman!" The hit to his face allows me to scoot forward after my backpack and I almost have it when he tackles me from behind. Getting up on all fours with him still clinging to me, I scoot forward another inch. 'Got it! yes!' Except he's also got me too. Grabbing me around the waist, he pulls me back against him. Panting, and wide eyed we both stop our struggle when the door bursts open.

around the waist, he pulls me back against him. Panting, and wide eyed we both stop our struggle when the door bursts open. "LEVI! What ARE you doing to that poor girl?!!" Hanji eyes us both with amusement. "YES...LEVI, what ARE you trying to do to me?" I say, bumping his groin away from me with my hip and standing up. "Maybe I'd be safer staying somewhere else!" "You little bitch!"

somewhere else!" "You little bitch!" Trying desperately not to laugh, Hanji grabs the backpack. "All I hear is a bunch of grunting and panting, then walk in to THIS lovely sight...Is this what this was about?" "I need to see what's in there Hanji."

"I SAID it's personal, so NO!!" Hanji sighs. "She said it's personal, Levi. Did you forget how to adult? Heather, may I look in your backpack?" "Yes Hanji, you may." Hanji walks over to the other side of the room and I follow. Glancing back at Levi; I blow him a kiss, wink and then

flip him the bird before turning around and joining Hanji. Fists clenched in anger, Levi just glares and wishes Hanji would leave so he can punch me square in the face. 'what the hell was that supposed to mean? How does she manage to get under my skin so badly?' "Levi, there's nothing bad in here. I would however

like to know more about this headset if you don't mind, Heather it's amazing!" "Sure thing Hanji!" Heading for the door, Hanji stops and looks back at Levi, smiling mischievously. "You need to work on your game Levi. What it looked like you were trying to do...you SHOULD at least buy her dinner first."

"She's not wrong, dickhead." I say, lying down with my backpack for a pillow. Hanji laughs uproariously and shuts the door. Levi storms over and leaning close states "Fuck...you" through gritted teeth. "Fuck me? Did you miss the whole advice part about dinner Levi?" Rolling my eyes I turn my

back. Extremely frustrated, Levi storms out slamming the door behind him. Levi's Journal: Hanji is a bitch. Siding with HER! And why the fuck does everything have to turn into some disgusting sexual joke? "You need to work on your game Levi". Fuck you Hanji. And the damn dick jokes need to stop too, I swear I'm going to lose my shit on this girl!

Stupid backpack. All because she doesn't want to listen. I don't care what Hanji says, I'm going to see what's in there, and if she would've just handed the stupid thing to me in the first place, I wouldn't have to deal with Hanji's stupid bullshit. If I catch any flack for this, I'm going to crack them both in their stupid faces.

Heathers Journal: Ew the feel of this man's hands on me is NAUSEATING! And seriously? He orders me to give him my backpack like I'm some cadet? I'm NOT one of his soldiers, and quite frankly I don't want to be stuck with him at all. He's rude, he thinks intimidating me is going to get him somewhere, and I can't stand him! Thankfully Hanji showed up when she did, I hope he felt like

an ass especially considering the rather compromising position she discovered us in. Haha you little troll. The next evening I'm startled by the clattering of silverware and a tray. Levi stands in front of me, staring at me coldly. "Dinner is served Princess." He says sarcastically.

I eye the bowl of stew and bread suspiciously. Looking up, I find him still standing there watching me. "What do you want?...Oh, riiiight...you got me dinner...following Hanji's advice? Expecting your reward?...Ew." Feeling slightly insulted, and unsure why he even cares he walks away muttering under his breath about 'the bitch'. Sitting at his desk, he looks at me for a moment, mutters "Eat.", and starts reviewing the paperwork on his desk.

"Eat.", and starts reviewing the paperwork on his desk. I take a mouthful of the stew, and let it fall out of my mouth back into the bowl. Levi gets up from his work and walks over. "I'm sorry princess, is that not to your liking? Forgive me." "Don't call me that."

"Well then quit making comments about my dick all the time." "Insecure? Am I right?" "Do you want to find out? Is that it?" "God, you are so disgusting! Why would I be interested in...whatever the hell you're hiding in your pants?" I say,

waving my hand dismissively at it with a disgusted look on my face. "Well, 'princess', you're the one that keeps commenting on it." "What? You're shameful secret?" Looking like he's about to go on a murderous rampage, Levi throws his hands up and walks back to his desk. "Eat...your damn...dinner. I don't care if you like it or not you stupid ass bi-" He's hit in the face with the bread.

you like it or not you stupid ass bi-" He's hit in the face with the bread. Levi's Journal: I don't know why I feel so insulted, or why I even care what this woman thinks. I need to stop letting her get to me or this is going to get ugly real fast. I know I keep making the threats and then I don't deliver on them. I'm sure that has a lot to do with why she continues to goad me. She KNOWS I can't touch her.

This pisses me off more than anything. She knows I can't really do a damn thing about her behavior except bitch to my superiors, and she loves it. I just know she does. One of these days though, I'm going to crack and ain't nothing going to hold me back. She'll be in the infirmary for a month, and I'll have my fucking solitude back. Fuckin little princess.

Heathers Journal: I found that if I make fun of Levi's 'manhood' he gets so angry his left eye twitches! How funny! It must be true. And what the hell has possessed him to start calling me Princess? Ew, save the pet names for someone else no matter how sarcastic you mean it. Not that anyone would want the cranky little shit. Maybe that's why he's such a jerk. He's lonely. Well, I'm certainly not surprised

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