180 Hours, Part Two: Court Ordered Bullshit
180 Hours, Part Two: Court Ordered Bullshit aot stories

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"You're going to have to talk."
"To a fucking stranger? No!"

180 Hours, Part Two: Court Ordered Bullshit

Then: "This is fucking bullshit, Erwin!" Levi storms out the doors leading to the steps outside the capitol. Absolutely furious, he takes the steps two at a time, wanting to get as much distance between himself and this place as possible.

"Levi, slow down! Honestly." Catching up to the man, Erwin places a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You put a kid in the infirmary. His parents reported it to the MP's, it's as simple as that. You should not have done what you did."

He's still mad, but beginning to calm down by the barest of margins.

"Erwin, I don't know why I did what I did. At all. You know me. I'm blunt, I'm rude and a bit of a dick but one thing I do not do is beat the shit out of my soldiers."

"No. You don't, and though people seem to have this PERCEPTION of you and quite frankly blow it out of proportion to suit THEIR needs, I've never seen evidence of this myself. You are a good leader."

He gives his shoulder a quick squeeze before letting go, and then sighing, sits on the steps. "Where is that damn carriage?"

"Do I really have to do this?" Levi sits next to him and looks out at the bustle around him, not really expecting an answer.

"I'm afraid so. And who knows, maybe this Psychologist can help you out with other aspects you could work on."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?" Erwin laughs. "Only that, considering the shit we scouts see, and what we've been through, we could all benefit from a psych eval I'm guessing."

(Especially you, Erwin thinks. Especially considering the awful childhood you had...)

"What is this psychology shit, anyway?" He asks with a bit of disgust.

"My understanding is this is a relatively new field. The doctor will ascertain whether you have any mental, behavioral or emotional disorders and then construct a therapy plan to help you resolve said conflicts."

"What a crock of shit! How the hell are they going to figure that shit out?" "You're going to have to talk." "To a fucking stranger? No!"

"Levi, yes. Court ordered psych eval. The capitol is taking this new field very seriously. You should, too. The other option is to go back to being a civilian. You know what they said. They meant it." He stands up. "Our carriage is here."

**Levi gets such a bad rap in the fanfic community, he's written overboard violent, and kind of mean. Though some of these traits are common with his diagnosis, it's not by all means accurate. We never see him assaulting his squad mates. Yes, he beat up Eren initially, and yes

he fucked up Eren and Jean's shit that ONE time. In the anime and manga, he's calm and doesn't make his emotions apparent. He's sarcastic and blunt, sure but never like the way he's portrayed in a lot of fanfic.

This is a trait of Avoidant Dismissive Behavior types, and addressed in the story. I'm trying to stick to his personality in the show. Not make some real life interpretation of the guy. I am NOT a psychiatrist! (Just a student :) )

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